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Dugong Ė Extra Information

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

The Key words surround our Dugong is Sacred Gifts, Provider, Peace, Gentle, Slow Down, Beware of hunter. Dugong is also known as Sea Cow or Manatee.

Dugong is card number 10 in our deck and has the vibration energy of 1 in numerology. The Number One conceives ideas and presents them for Form and use.

One is considered to be a primordial unity. The beginning. The Creator. It the First Cause or as some cultures refer, the First Mover. One is the sum of all possibilities. It is essence, the Centre. One is referred to isolation. One springs forth, upsurges. It is seen as the number that gives cause to duality as multiplicity and back to final unity.

If your PERSONAL YEAR is one then this is a year of NEW BEGINNINGS! What you set in motion in this year creates the foundation for the rest of this 9-year cycle. Decide what is best for you and go for it. Look for new opportunities all year. Keep busy. Take classes. Plan a career. Work alone, for only you can decide what is best for you. How hard you work, and the kind of foundation you build, will follow you throughout the cycle.

One as meaning Spirit - God, from which all things come. It is the very essence, the Monad. The Science of Numbers deals with the Living force of Universal capabilities in activities of people and in the Universes. Number One is the number of Action. It has the knowledge of what is to be manifested, made possible by courage and daring supported by the will and intelligence to actuate within the dark and void. The Number One is fearless in overcoming obstacles, undertaking new adventures, and its creative energy is dynamic and energising. It is the number of Leadership and Beginnings. One is the Initiator... Colours being: Flame, Copper, Lilac and Apricot

Our Dugong is depicted floating gently along very contented with herself past a huge full moon.
The full moon represents a time of maturity. By working with the Full Moon Energy you can begin by banishing unwanted influences in your life. Creating protection magick and performing divination. Setting up plans and releasing old patterns or issues are all. Full Moon magick can be worked during the 3 days prior to the rise of the Full Moon, the night of the Full Moon and during the 3 days after. These are the sacred gifts of Dugong.

She is surrounded by soft pink. The pink is representative of our transpersonal heart and compassion. Being centred and being at peace is the main message that dugong brings to you now. The Crystal celestite is the stone of Dugong Ė Celestite and Dugong are working together to bring harmony to the oceans, rivers and waterways globally. Dugong brings cleansing your way. The rune depicted on Dugong is the Rune Nauthiz for constraint and balance. This rune will help us identify our negative energies and the negative energy of the planet so we can heal them and ourselves and the oceans to regain balance and progress in life.

The Medicine

The medicine of Dugong is the bringer of sacred gifts from the Gods seen as the Angels of the deep (Angels are Spiritís messengers). This magical creature brings the medicine of sharing and provides itís ancient knowledge of the way for all life to share in the abundance of the Universe. Hunted in past and present life times for food, oil and other things, the Dugong provides her own life for the nourishment of others. Itís gentle, graceful progress through life often left sailors from the past, feeling sure they had witnessed the passing of a beautiful ĎMermaidí . So goodwill and good luck became legendary and synonymous with the arrival of the Dugong. So if you see a Dugong feeding in the sea grasses, Know that she is there because the feeding grounds are healthy and she trusts in the Universe and its willingness to share.

The Shadow Side

Donít be too caught up in the fast pace of modern society. Allow yourself to stop and swim in tranquil waters.

The Crystal - Celestite

Celestite will stabilize the yin and yang in your energy field. It brings gifts from the Divine. It will enable you to receive inner peace.

The Message

It Dugong has moved your way ĎSpirití is asking you to call on and share the ancient knowledge within. Be gentle with those around you and with yourself. Donít allow the fast pace of life to infringe on your own sense of balance. Be peaceful as this will bring peace to those around you. The hunters will always appear in your life but you are protected by Spirit, so fear not. Trust the Universe to provide and remember to share with those around you today.


I am gentleness.

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