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DINGO – Extra Information

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

The key words around our Dingo card are: Calculating, Truth, Group work, Shadows, deception and Intention.

Dingo is card number 28 in the deck which vibrates in numerology to number One. The solo number. The Number One conceives ideas and presents them for Form and use. The Science of Numbers deals with the Living force of Universal capabilities in activities of people and in the Universes. Number One is the number of Action. It has the knowledge of what is to be manifested, made possible by courage and daring supported by the will and intelligence to actuate within the dark and void. The Number One is fearless in overcoming obstacles, undertaking new adventures, and it's creative energy is dynamic and energizing. It is the number of Leadership and Beginnings.

One is The Initiator... Colours vibrating to one are:- Flame, Copper, Lilac and Apricot. One is considered to be a primordial unity. The beginning. The Creator. It the First Cause or as some cultures refer, the First Mover. One is the sum of all possibilities. It is essence, the Center. One is referred to isolation. One springs forth, upsurges. It is seen as the number that gives cause to duality as multiplicity and back to final unity.

Cultural References to One:

Chinese: refer to one as Yang, masculine; celestial. It is seen as an auspicious number. One is The Monad.
Christian : God the Father; the Godhead.
Hebrew: Adonai, the Lord, the Most High, the I am, hidden intelligence.
Islamic: One refers to one as God as unity; the Absolute; self sufficient.
Pathagorean: One as meaning Spirit; God, from which all things come. It is the very essence, the Monad.
Taoism "Tao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three and Three begets all things."

Our dingo is depicted as stepping out of the shadows and making his INTENTIONS known. He is stepping into a blue rectangle with light blue surrounding it. Blue being the colour of communication. Dingo communicates to us and urges us to journey to the centre of our inner knowing and to discover who we truly are.

This is our journey of discovery – discovery of self! Dingo reminds us not to distance ourselves from that which will nourish us. We need to look at our qualities, our weaknesses and strengths, our fears and beliefs as well as our knowledge and intuition – this is where we will find our ‘Inner Knowing’ or as I call it ‘The Way’.

Dingo is the first of the THREE I’s hidden within this book & card set. Being the ‘I’ of INTENTION.

The Medicine

The medicine of Dingo is Shadows and Deception. Dingo doesn’t wish to expose himself but his presence is always felt if not seen. Dingo observes from the shadows planning and calculating his every move. Dingo leaves only the evidence of his passing behind and vanishes quietly into his hiding place to remain unseen until opportunities once again draws him out. Don’t be deluded into thinking that you will catch him, for dingo cannot be deceived because he himself is the ‘master ‘of Deception.

The Shadow Side

You are being deceitful and not being honest with your dealings.

The Crystal - Sodalite

Sodalite is excellent for group work and for coming out of the shadows. It encourages you to trust in yourself and in others.

The Message

If Dingo has silently moved passed you ‘Spirit’ is asking you to clearly check your intentions because by having Dingo with you, you are acknowledging that the element of deception is around. The first place to look is within, if it is not there look without at those around you, but remember step out of the shadows and make your intentions known to all.


I am truthful in all things

Dingo has a message for you

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