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The Key of Wisdom Crystal

'The Key of Wisdom'

[©1998 Photos by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Generator Specimen from the Julio Mottola Collection]

The 'Key of Wisdom' Crystal Generator

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD
Crystal Therapist & Author

An Introduction
To understand the healing powers of Crystals, you must know that all crystals are alive. By 'alive' I mean that they contain life force. This force is the divine energy that sustains, nourishes, and enlivens all living things. Sometimes known as the healing force, the life force is actually a current of light and sound which springs from the source of life itself.

Each type of crystal performs a different function for the planet.

People have always been powerfully drawn to crystals. Indeed, crystals are among the most beloved treasures of Earth. Gems are beautiful. Yet it is more than just their beauty that attracts people so profoundly. It is the radiance of life force contained in crystals to which people are instinctively drawn.

Back during the time of Atlantis, people were much more physically orientated than they are now. The crystals were in harmony with people, because crystals and crystal in rock form are in harmony with the Earth. They give life and vitality and perform functions for the Earth.

Within the earth there are concentrations of light. These concentrations are the Earth's crystals. It's about using the light of the crystals to bring light to areas of darkness within us.

Crystals are natural amplifiers, and will amplify any field of energy they are in. You can set a crystal down next to a plant, and the plant will grow faster and be very healthy. You can put one in your pocket and your entire electromagnetic field will be enlarged, your aura will increase as well. When you hold a crystal in your hand, point out first, you will be running your energy through the crystal, like a beam of light into whatever you are aiming it at. The crystal will increase your energy between 10 and 50 times depending on the size of the crystal and the clarity of the crystal. If your intent is to heal, then you will heal, it is that simple! The key here is INTENT.

We are working with fields of energy, everything is energy or fields of energy connected to every other field of energy. Actually, everything is made of light, high vibrations, and low vibrations, and with every thought we have, we either lower or raise the vibrations of everything... nothing is solid …every thing is a vibration.

The Key of Wisdom

I came into contact with The Key of Wisdom back in the early 90's when the 'crystal' first selected Julio to be its current Guardian. [I am of the belief that we are only guardians of our crystals, as HOW can we own a crystal when it can be millions of years old and we can only live for around a hundred years]

I have had the privilege of working with the 'The Key of Wisdom' on numerous occasions over the years and feel honored to be asked by Julio to create this website for this powerful Crystal - so it may share its light with others globally. I have photographed The Key of Wisdom over the years – and I can see physical changes taking place within the crystalline structure deep within its soul.

In 2000 at the 'International Healing Summit' on South Molle Island on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Crystal took part in several spiritual ceremonies. It was part of a large Medicine Wheel for a Full moon ceremony. It was the central crystal on the Madonna Ministry Altar during the ordination of Ministers and Priest in the Madonna Ministry [A Church without Walls].

Messages I have received from 'The Key of Wisdom'

The Key of Wisdom facilitates the inner body meridians correlate to the astral body meridians and mental body meridians - then there's 'inter body' meridians. The crystal balances the centers and meridians of the physical body to provide alignment of the physical and etheric body. This is a true stone of acceptance and teaching you acceptance of all things. Assists you to bring in non-judgmental attitudes towards self & others.

The Key of Wisdom is the Guardian of The West Gate, the Female energy, and is protected by Bear. It is the completion of the old and the beginning of the new.......

First and most important for the now is moving the loving communication out to reach the many who are in fear, threat and denial of the many changes that are here presently and coming everyday for the earth and the physical body.

Now as the THYMUS CENTER is installed, we are asked to pull in energy from both the heart and the throat and feel for the first time, in such high energy, the combination of these two centers as one. We will be in a state of pure loving communication as we do this, so we will be able to talk with a person one to one in a very feeling way, so that the trust and understanding between us becomes the most important thing. Now is the time to gather up the ones who do not know and tell them of the changes and have them begin to discover the wonders within themselves.

CHAKRA: The New Thymus Chakra

The Thymus Chakra has been placed in us at the thymus point half way between the heart and throat centers, over the thymus gland. It can be measured by placing the thumb in the notch of bones at the collarbone, and the little finger stretched as far as it will go to the heart. At the point at the center of the palm is the thyroid center, and its colour is turquoise blue - the reflection of the green of the heart and the blue of the throat.

Those who see clairvoyantly will already see beginnings of this bright center and those who have been working to strengthen this center will show a clear and bright turquoise in the aura.

The old system of seven chakras and numbering 144 in total, altogether totaled 9 in numerology and the nine represents completion.

As such, it was correct for the times and spirituality, but now the total is 145 which totals 10 and the ten reduced is one and 1 is the number of new beginnings. How appropriate as we move into the new millenium. The Thymus Chakra has also been called the 'Christ chakra' or the 'Seat of the Soul'. It is the 4 1/2th chakra and is placed between the heart and the throat chakras. Gentle tapping on the chakra point every morning can help to activate this chakra.

Loving communication is the basis of this patterning in the body and is a powerful force for these hard times on earth. If only all could understand that the need is to 'come from the heart' at this time, there would be so little pain and so much love! This is also a high level source of communication between Spirit and the human element.

The Thymus Chakra will open in a stage of rings. The first ring will bring in the loving communication, the second ring will act as a filter and converter, the third rings will connect the 3rd and 6th chakra and the last ring the fourth will act as a transfer station.

This transfer station is a specialized point, and not every person in this life experience will experience this.

© Photo taken in 1998 by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]

This crystal is a rare geological specimen because of the 90° inclusion of a full 'double terminator' through the side of the main generator.

Images below from all angles of the crystal

[© 2002 Photos by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Generator Specimen from the Julio Mottola Collection]


Dear Julio
Thanks for sending us such a beautiful crystal to experience. It affected many people in a very positive way. We have enclosed a few comments:-
For me, it has been around at a very cathartic time – is it the crystal? I think so.
It takes things to the heart of the matter – no deviations allowed. In that sense, it is a Yang stone and it's all about movement and no stagnation. Things have to shift, our 'protected' aspects must be exposed to the LIGHT, for us to progress in our life's journey.

Dear Julio
Thank you so, so much for sending my friend back to me. I was so over whelmed when I unwrapped him, I cried. I felt it was the male compliment to the rose quartz I have. I didn't want it to leave my side the entire time it was with me. I held both crystals in each hand and the energy was fantastic. I felt the figure 8 whirl through me as the crystal balanced and re-seated my cells. I know we have been together before and that was confirmed by one of the reader/healers. We both feel it will come again, either this lifetime or another. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for recognizing my need at this time to re-connect with my friend. I am going through directional changes and this crystal is very much about that.

Inner Child ~ Cloudy parts – memories
Isis Face
Sword in the Stone
Heart piercing
Piercing of the Heart! Om

Crystal provides an energy that stimulates connection between primitive brain and right hemisphere. It allows for conscious connection with the highest level of guidance available to person working with the crystal. This guidance may otherwise not be available to person for their current level of understanding and awareness at themselves. By facilitation this connection it allows for rapid growth and fast tracking of issues that my be blocking the person/soul from achieving desired goals or understanding that at present may have been posing a problem or stumbling in forward direction. It is very attuned to minimum of 40 souls who world wide are part of a connected soul group who can only be healed by themselves, not by others. It allows completion.

Dear Julio
Thank you for sharing the 'Healing Crystal' with me, it is a beautiful stone with wonderful energy. Unfortunately I have little time to spend using it – as my workload is very full. However I did get a message from the stone and here it is:- I saw an Indian sage [Eastern Indian]. This part still leaves a query in my mind as the turban he wore was not the common type but like a coarse rough cloth wrapped around is head – he wore a white coarse robe.
He pointed to the ground and a trail of fire started to run along a track coming quickly from the back of the scene to the foreground. I thought perhaps this was purifying fire but on a 2nd viewing it appeared to be caused by the fuse that had been lit. My interoperation is: - India will light the fuse?. Why this was given to me when I was healing I cannot work out. Maybe it’s a warning of what is to come or maybe it has another metaphysical meaning.

Email direct to: Julio Mottola

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