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Hello!! Well after doing a page for everyone in the house I decided it was my turn to make one for myself!!

I think I was born to late as I love the psychadelic stuff from the 60's with all the trimmings and our Native American Heritage.

My joy, our four kids. They keep me very busy. Did I say VERY busy? I work part-time at Pepin County Senior Services. I love my job & the people I work. Our kids are 11, 9, 8 & 6 so a person doesn't have to worry about finding something to!! From the time I was a litle all I ever wanted was to be a MOM!! It has it's trying times but, it also has all of its wonderful rewards and I wouldn't give it up for anything!!

There's nothing like that hug, smile & I love you from your child. Also the fact that after you tuck them in at night & you check on that angelic looking child asleep you wonder, is it the same child that earlier that day you thought may be possessed!!!!!!

Our 11 year old son is in basketball & in his first year at middle school. He is also going through the process if braces with his expander and bands in!

Our 9 yrear old is in her third year of Brownie Girl Scouts with me as the Leader for the third year in a row. Next year she will be bridging up to Juniors and is really looking forward to it. It keeps me really busy thinking up things for them to do to earn their Try-its & just to have fun for a few hours together.

My husband and I are also Cub Scout Leader's for our 8 yr old sons group of 6 little boys and they are a blast to work with!

Our 6 yr old is in kindergarden this year, so when I seen the job opening for the Senior Center I applied! It has been hard on her trying to adjust to not being home with mom all day & me working! But we are doing OK! We rock & spend time together when she gets home and on weekends. She is also in her first year of Daisy Girl Scout's and I am her co-leader.

I am also the Secretary of the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of Newborns In Need. Our Chapter makes all kinds of things for premature and newborn babies who need help! I have a work group of wonderful internet ladies and I also have a workgroup in our town now.

My HOBBIES! I very much enjoy digging & learning about my ancestors, how they lived, what their lives were like. I also Co-Sponsor the USGenWeb site's for Pepin County Wisconsin with my Partner in Crime Mr. Chuck Miller from Alaska (aka NANOOK)(Chuck loves working with the census and doing look-ups for people in Wisconsin and for Wabasha, Minnesota).

I love staying busy as you can see from the list below...

I also suffer from called Fibromyalgia & would enjoy hearing from others who have been cursed with it.

Well make sure you stop at the other pages and you MUST sign the Guestbook & if you'd like to chat you can always stop into my Corner chat room!!

Ya'll stop back now and enjoy the rest of your tour!! Oh if we are resarching any of the same names make sure you drop me an e-mail!!


My hobbies when I find time are:

    Pretty Punching Quilts
    Painting Sweatshirts
    Listening to music
    Making Dream Catchers
    Making Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Making Webpages
    Long walks with my family
    Chatting with my cyberpals
    Boy Scout's
    Girl Scout's
   sewing clothes for the kids & my love of QUILTING. I made the kids and my parents each a quilt for Christmas & it took alot of work but they are beautiful.


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Memories of Bryan




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