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HOT TIPS for November-December-r-r,2018 2018 Sept-Oct TIPS!
Domestics:CENTRAL LW,PanAM/World:GMT
1270 KIML WY Cheyenne 12/25 1800 P end of song, LID-local nx. - XXX-WY
7 DAYS of DX, LAST 9 NEW! & the HOT 73!
DEC AV:221.18 HI:601('01),LO:37('87) LO:64('87) DEC'17:302 NOW:421<- ABOVE AVG:65TH MONTH IN A ROW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

MOST reported frequency: 1400<--14 reports
540 CBK SK Watrous 12/24 1745 P Discussion of internet smart devices. Nnx abt SUV rear end wreck near Regina "CBC Radio One" NEW! Jeff-MO
550 WGR NY Buffalo 12/26 2200 P tried hard to null WSAU and got this. LID AM/WKSE-HD2. Sports. JJR-MI
550 KFYR ND Bismarck 12/13 0814 P K-Fire cafe w/shows on stn thru WSAU. JJR-MI
570 WWNC NC Ashville 12/6 0538 P w/calls into commercials. WNAX, others weak, leaving this. NEW!JJR-WI
570 WKBN OH Youngstown 12/17 0755EDT "Newsradio 570 WKBN" by OM. Good. GH-IL
570 WNAX SD Yankton 12/16 2159EDT "570 WNAX" by OM. Fair no QRM. GH-IL
580 WIBW KS Topeka 12/29 0746 P chasing UNID w/mx. 7 MINS of ads, no calls! Alpha Media rules. JJR-MI
580 WIBW KS Topeka 12/4 0555 P Farm&Alpha Media network news, "KS" references. Moved on. Alone.JJR-WI
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580 WYHM TN Rockwood 12/23 0557 P - alone. "Radio 580, 5000 watts- WYHM Rockwood,Tennessee" JJR-WI
580 WYHM TN Rockwood 12/18 0558 P two songs, into LID, USA news. Basically alone. "the Holler" JJR-WI
580 WYHM TN Rockwood 12/5 0550 P Radio 580 the Holler into mx. WILL would kill this mins later. JJR-WI
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 12/27 1641 P KXSP null ID WJNS Alabama song 16:45 "This is real country" ment Grand Ole Opry then gone. NEW! Jeff-MO
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 12/5 0530 P "?? Toyota studios -Winston..." Calls, traffic. No WMT! JJR-WI
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 12/2 1659 "AM 600/AM920 Sportshub" ID's and local ads. Fair strength no WMT. NEW! GH-IL
600 CKAT ON North Bay 12/10 0738 P if it's Country, it's Country 600. Calls, Canadian postal....JJR-MI
610 WTVN OH Columbus 12/23 0622 P NewsRadio 610 WTVN in passing. 610 wipe open today. JJR-WI
620 KMNS IA Sioux City 12/30 0850 P Fox Sports Radio, FS1, Bumper Music & NO CALLS (Idiots) JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 12/28 0727 P WREY stong but nulled for "in Denver" -630K-How. No CHED today.JJR-MI
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630 CHED AB Edmonton 12/31 0700 P WREY nulled. -17, 6 o clock, CHED Edmonton. In better later!JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 12/30 0731 P 630 Ched sports w/Patricia ???. WREY nulled. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 12/29 0738 P "in Alberta" said 3x in long form weekend talk show. WREY MIA!JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 12/27 0722 P long, detailed wx. Cloudy -14(c) 630 Ched morning news. JJR-MI
630 CFCO ON Chatham 12/27 1723 G Country mx id @ 17:30 "CFCO Chatham-Kent's Country" NEW! Jeff-MO
630 CFCO ON Chatham 12/9 0723 P K&D auto 359-63XX.Gospel Greats on CFCO(sun morn show) No WREY! JJR-MI
640 CFMJ ON Richmond Hill 12/29 0712 P no WOI. NewsRadio 640 Toronto, Boxing Day ments. JJR-MI
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 12/30 0725 P solid, alone. Sask ments in a few ads. JJR-MI
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 12/9 0707 P tho alone. AK temps (all -) Calls. JJR-MI
660 KCRO NE Omaha 12/9 0706 P SRN nx, wx "on 660 KCRO" Jennifer Luckhinski,Weatherology. Alone.JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 12/31 0737 P 660News. YL doing nx. Light fades. Well-produced! JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 12/28 0724 P .....ca, extended wx, 660News. Alone. JJR-MI
680 KNBR CA San Francisco 12/18 0658 Poor KFEQ still on night pattern and not heard. Briefly above noise with home water system ad. id toh faded into noise within two minutes. Jeff-MO
680 WPTF NC Raleigh 12/4 0553 P tho able to null WSBC IBOC a bit. Bohannon at 10pm on 680-WPTR. JJR-WI
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680 CJOB MB Winnipeg 12/29 0735 P -18 feels like -25 at 680-CJOB. WDBC in back. JJR-MI
680 CJOB MB Winnipeg 12/20 0650 VG o/KFEQ which was still on night pattern. Local ads, wx report id "680 CJOB" Jeff-MO
680 CJOB MB Winnipeg 12/11 0755 P 680-CJOB talk of area, clothing drive. WDBC in back. JJR-MI
690 WJOX AL Birmingham 12/23 0648 P promo for Jock 94-5. Alabama vs Oklahoma. Alone. JJR-WI
690 KGGF KS Coffeyville 12/19 0638 P while chasing others. KS, KC, Coffeyville ments. JJR-WI
690 WZAP VA Bristol 12/20 0632 P Your all Christmas stn- 93-3 WZAP. Basically alone. JJR-WI
690 WZAP VA Bristol 12/19 0641 P "93.3 WZAP w/Christmas Favorites" out of nowhere. JJR-WI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 12/15 0739 P but alone w/FF. JJR-MI
700 KALL UT N. Salt Lake 12/27 2300 F-G ID, ESPN Radio coverage of Baylor/Vandy FB Game 438mi AJ-AZ
710 WTPR TN Paris 12/23 0645 P but alone, Satellite fed oldies, calls. 710 wide open. JJR-WI
710 WTPR TN Paris 12/19 0634 P "greatest hits...WTPR" while 710 was wide open this morning! JJR-WI
730 WJMT WI Merrill 12/13 0741 P WJMT news@sunrise...., local nx chatter, Blue Jay Mornings.JJR-MI
730 CKAC QC Montreal 12/31 0823 P w/FF "Circular" ments. Replacing usual CKDM. JJR-MI
740 WVLN IL Olney 12/21 0643 P -CFZM (not strong) nulled. CBS SportsRadio, w/others. JJR-WI
740 WNOP KY Newport 12/19 0539 P talking of various versions of Bible. CFZM nulled. EWTN. JJR-WI
740 WDGY WI Hudson 12/12 0751 F FSSB.com, Mpls traffic, sleet,accidents. Fog/30. Alone,NO CALLS!JJR-MI
740 CFZM ON Toronto 12/24 1815 G Christmas music. Nice change of pace from the usual Zoomer programming with some great XMAS songs. Jeff-MO
760 KCCV KS Overland Park 12/12 0830 F! Bott, In-Touch, Dr Chas Stanley, no WJR to be found! JJR-MI
770 WVNN AL Athens 12/15 1550 ID followed by Limbaugh weekend. Very strong and clear. WEW St. Louis not heard. Jeff-MO
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis 12/15 1607 ID and website reference radiok.org followed by alternative rock music then gone. Jeff-MO
770 KATL MT Miles City 12/15 1630 Adult contemporary music. Fading in and out with band noise but two consecutive songs were easily confirmed via the station webstream at tunein.com. New state for me! NEW! Jeff-MO
770 WABC NY New York 12/15 1705 Booming in, then fading in and out. Four stations on same frequency in a little over an hour. Jeff-MO
780 WJAG NE Norfolk 12/13 0740 P calls, ments of Norfolk, Columbus. w/BBM nulled. JJR-MI
800 CJAD QC Montreal 12/29 0820 P RedTag.ca, "Montrealer's" in a few ads. Atop. JJR-MI
800 CJAD QC Montreal 12/13 0809 P News Talk Radio 800 CJAD, Montral Police Chief... atop.JJR-MI
800 WVAL MN Sauk Rapids 12/5 0635 Vp 800-WVAL ---rarely in this early. OLD C&W JJR-WI
810 KSWV NM Santa Fe 12/28 0714 P 2 OLDies, clips of songs/mx that makes u feel good/ 810-99.9 KSWV Santa Fe! Alone! NEW! JJR-MI
810 WGY NY Schenectady. 12/20 1743 id "WGY traffic center" with traffic news followed by "News Radio 810 WGY", local and national ads then back to Michael Berry show. NEW! Jeff-MO
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 12/29 0917 P obits"Bl Hills cemetery, Age 5, Spearfish, Murdock. Calls. JJR-MI
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 12/28 0831 P t/c, calls into Oil futures, farm nx, alone. JJR-MI
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 12/21 1630 P mixing with WHB in WHB null. Continuous Christmas songs matched with tunein.com webstream. "Thank you for listening to a Prairie Christmas" Local ad mentioning Rapid City at 16:47 NEW! Jeff-MO
820 WBKK MN Wilton 12/13 0805 F Ave Maria, Cross Catholic, Real Presence chatter, not WBAP, hi. JJR-MI
830 WCRN MA Worcester 12/13 2244 mixing with WCCO playing oldies. ID at 2300. Also matched with web stream. CR-IL
830 WKTX OH Cortland 12/13 2215 fading in and out mixing with WCCO and WCRN an playing black gospel music. CR-IL
880 KRVN NE Lexington 12/13 0836 F! "...of Kearney" 880 KRVN & 106.9 Kearney. Way atop! JJR-MI
880 KJOZ TX Conroe 12/18 1720 Latin music confirmed via webstream Jeff-MO
890 KQLX ND Lisbon 12/30 0834 P I Wanna Go Home,BobbyBare, AgNews890, Chronicles of West.Calls. JJR-MI
890 KQLX ND Lisbon 12/8 0931 P OLD C&W, WLS nulled, weak. Farm Talk, Ag News 890. JJR-MI
900 KFAL MO Fulton 12/21 0637 Vp w/a few others. "Big 900." Been a while for this. JJR-WI
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 12/25 1955 F-P mixing w/CHML, ID as "esta es, Radio Luz nova ciento, WKDA" NEW! TL-IN
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 12/18 1810 Poor but on top. CHML in null. Deep voiced male SS anncr mentioning Nashville and zip code 37211 ( tres siete dos uno uno ) in an ad. “Esta es Radio Luz”, “Radio Luz”, and several “mas musica” also hrd. TPK-WI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 12/31 0735 F-P NorthernLightsCasino.ca, Pr.Albert ments in sports. JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 12/17 0737 P Saskatchewan Country CKBI. -13 in Pr. Albert JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 12/270711 Vp w/others "... Country KCJB..." OLD C&W song. JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 12/8 1013 P no 1320,1390 in today. OLD C&W, solid, calls. JJR-MI
910 WJCW TN Johnson City 12/19 0610 P Birthdays, sports w/Carl ??, fading at appropriate times (hi) and a contest. Told winner to call stn for directions a gave stn ph# @:23. Never heard calls, but "News-Talk" slogan used a bit. No WFDF. JJR-WI
910 WJCW TN Johnson City 12/5 0517 P tho steady, alone. Tri Cities Talk Radio t/c, traffic. JJR-WI
910 WDOR WI Sturgeon Bay 12/4 0727 Poor. WSUI-IA QRM and WOKY-920 splatter. A hard WI stn to copy. Male anncr w/ call letters and wx. TPK-WI
920 KKGX CA Palm Springs 12/18 2255 P Good ID 246mi. AJ-AZ
920 KQBU TX El Paso 12/18 2235 P CBS Sports Radio. 392mi @ 360W AJ-AZ
920 KVEL UT Vernal 12/18 2220 F-G Catholic radio 436mi. Not sure it was on night power AJ-AZ
920 CFRY MB Portage la Prairie 12/21 0536. Poor in the background of the partially nulled local WOKY-WI. Call letters and C&W mx. TPK-WI
920 CFRY MB Portage La Prairie 12/16 1657 P calls, C&W. Hoping for CKMX not hrd in long time!JJR-MI
920 CKNX ON Wingham 12/7 1738 local weather, ID and into country music. Not heard since 1984. CR-IL
930 KHJ CA Los Angeles 12/18 2305 G Relevant Radio 343mi. AJ-AZ
930 KSEI ID Pocatello 12/19 2232 P-F Oldies, ID’s KHJ nulled out 580mi. AJ-AZ
930 KOGA NE Ogallala 12/31 0718 P AM 9-3-Oh KOGA if fade up w/others. C&W. JJR-MI
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 12/28 0710 P wx, calls in/out w/KKIN w/promo for co-owned Cash 95. JJR-MI
930 KROE WY Sheridan 12/31 0718 P "in Sheridan" the WYO Theater, no KKIN for a change! JJR-MI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 12/28 0708 P blood drive in Valentine --alone. JJR-MI
940 KIXZ TX AMarillo 12/1 0654 7701 S. Coulter(?) "in all of Texas" NO CALLS-DUH! Glenn Beck. JJR-WI
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940 WXNK WI Shell Lake 12/31 0810 P Hard Rock "Ink 92-7" replaced anything else. JJR-MI
940 WXNK WI Shell Lake 12/27 0855 F! Loud even splashing on 930! Hard Rock. Ink 92.7//FM. Atop. JJR-MI
940 WXNK WI Shell Lake 12/8 0834 P Ink 92.7 FM noted tween ROCK songs. Kinda stood out, hi. JJR-MI
950 WERL WI Eagle River 12/28 1130 P Rush, Animal control officers/Vilas County WRJO-WERL psa. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 12/15 0734 P calls, temps w/others, no WWJ. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 12/8 0912 P Christmas Music Stn CFAM Radio 950. Way o/anything. JJR-MI
960 WHAK MI Rogers City 12/30 0829 P hunting & fishing here in MI. Calls, lost to KLTF. Rare. JJR-MI
960 KLTF MN Little Falls 12/5 0651 P Red Line Grill in Randall(MN) KLTF said a few times. Alone.JJR-WI
970 WGTK KY Louisville 12/20 1600 Poor. WHA-WI in null. Call letters and location. More of the Michael Medved Show after the nx. TPK-WI
970 WZAM MI Ishpeming 12/20 0702 P in/out w/WHA,others. ESPN U.P. (Upper Peninsula) JJR-WI
970 WFUN OH Ashtabula 12/4 0546 P psa:OH Nat'l Guard, ESPN 970 WFUN Ashtabula after ESPN promo. JJR-WI
970 WWRK SC Florence 12/23 0615 P Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters, "Rock 94.1...," lost to others. JJR-WI
980 WPFP WI Park Falls 12/20 0706 P Heartbreaker,Pat Bentar, "Jack FM" thru others. Rare! JJR-WI
980 WPFP WI Park Falls 12/13 0802 P nice LID as AM,FM Xlator...JackFM, now over CFPL. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 12/13 0800 P w/many others. Calls, Global News Radio. JJR-MI
980 CFPL ON London 12/4 0544 P "in DT London, 1709 N. ??? Street. Global News 980 CFPL, -2(c) JJR-WI
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980 CJME SK Regina 12/31 0732 P ride bus free tonite after 7, 980 CJME... alone. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 12/30 0738 Vp - insurance.ca, 980-CJME, radio Canada player. w/others. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 12/17 0805 P Canada nx stories, CJME newstime 8:05, CJME.com atop. JJR-MI
1000 KSOO SD Sioux Falls 12/11 0849 P solid, steady, alone. L Ingram, Information 1000 KSOO. JJR-MI
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1010 KSIR CO Brush 12/29 0911 P Culligan 867-94XX, Broncos ments, Cowboy Corner. Alone, no CFRB.JJR-MI
1010 KSIR CO Brush 12/28 0827 P "of Greeley" Cattleman Corner, ..locations in Colorado. NoCFRB.JJR-MI
1010 KSIR CO Brush 12/12 0828 P 4H, Grain futures, Colorado Soil..... No CFRB. (cx now West) JJR-MI
1010 KSIR CO Brush 12/11 0845 P "right here in Brush, CO"(on tuning in!)AMA Auctions #970-...JJR-MI
1010 KRNI IA Mason City 12/12 0746 P IA Pub Radio --begathon in w/a few others. JJR-MI
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 12/4 0615 P "100.7 FM & 1010 WHIN" said a few times. Others nulled. JJR-WI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 12/21 0500 Poor. Stn was going into CBC Radio One News upon tuning in. Disappeared into the background after a few nx items. Presumed. TPK-WI
1030 KFAY AR Farmington 12/6 2120 to 2130 Poor to fair. WBZ in null. End of a Sean Hannity program segment. Ad for Rhonda’s restaurant in Fayetteville. “ NewsTalk 10-30 KFAY “. TPK-WI
1030 WEBS GA Calhoun 12/5 2005 country music and mixing with WQSE. matched to web stream. CR-IL
1030 WWGB MD Indian Head 12/7 1545. Poor in the background. WBZ in null. Female SS anncr w/ MoR SS mx. // to a webcast. Mx was actually SS Christian. TPK-WI
1030 WUFL MI Sterling Heights 12/8 0658 to 0710. Inaudible to fair. Family Life Radio programming. Presumed. Came on air around 0658. TPK-WI
1030 WGSF TN Memphis 12/7 1550 to 1644. Inaudible to poor. WBZ in null. Some Polish WNVR-IL QRM. Energetic male SS anncr and contemporary SS mx. // to their webcast. At 1644 the signal fell from 1030.0095 to 1029.9913 after their day to nite power drop. TPK-WI
1030 WQSE TN White Bluff 12/6 2100 Poor. WBZ in null. LID, 106.3 FM, and wx. TPK-WI
1030 WQSE TN White Bluff 12/5 1955, weak with religious music and WQSE ID at 2000. WBZ nulled.CR-IL
1030 KCTA TX Corpus Christi 12/8 0555 to 0610. Poor to almost good. Male preaching in EE before TOH, male preaching in SS after TOH. // to a webcast. TPK-WI
1040 WPBS GA Conyers 12/5 1635 mixing with WHO. Vietnamese language programming. CR-IL
1040 WCHR NJ Flemington 12/20 0629 P w/WHO nulled. REL:RadioBible.org and calls. unn. JJR-WI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 12/1 0650 Vp but still in there way u/WHO. ESPN Sports. JJR-WI
1040 CJMS QC Saint-Constant 12/23 0611 Vp w/WHO nulled. Solid FF chatter by woman. JJR-WI
1060 WKNG GA Tallapoosa 12/20 1750 to 1800 Very poor to fair. On late. C&W mx. At 1756 a male anncr w/ “WKNG, King Country, FM 93.7 and AM 10-60”. TPK-WI
1060 WQOM MA Boston 12/13 2145 fair with religious talk and equal strength with KYW. Most likely on day power. CR-IL
1060 WILB OH Canton 12/10 0615 P s/on, Living Bread Radio -KYW in back JJR-MI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 12/11 0839 P tho atop. Moved on after 7 mins of SD HS sports scores, talk.JJR-MI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 12/10 1630 P 1060 KGFX, it's 4:32 (a live jock!!!) No KYW, others. JJR-MI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 12/13 0734 P "on the Can. Best Network..." CFFR CBR not in. JJR-MI
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1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 12/30 0722 P -WTSO phased. ...league of W voters in CA,in Ontario,calls.JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 12/28 0707 P LAX,405,Orange Co, 45 Long Beach,46 Culver City. Calls. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 12/9 0655 Vp but a nice "traffic & wx on the 5's" by YL & gone.Assumed. JJR-MI
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 12/19 0532 Vp Classic Country 1070 cut thru. Chasing someone w/SSB. JJR-WI
1070 WDIA TN Memphis 12/26 0657 F id "The heart and soul of Memphis 1070 WDIA" NEW! Jeff-MO
1070 CHOK ON Sarnia 12/29 0814 P News Sports Wx-24/7 at CHOK.com. Alone. P.Simon song. JJR-MI
1070 CHOK ON Sarnia 12/1 0649 P -F w/Swap Shop, 519 area codes. Alone, no WTSO. JJR-WI
1080 KOAK IA Red Oak 12/12 P "this is Radio Iowa" news and lost to KYMN. Rare! JJR-MI
1080 KNDK ND Langdon 12/8 0928 P but no KYMN. KNDK-1080 jingle. OLD C&W. Always nice hearing! JJR-MI
1090 KMXA CO Aurora 12/28 0820 P but o/others w/EE psa, SS chatter. JJR-MI
1090 KXMA CO Aurora 12/10 P SS chatter into EE ads:testosterone. into SS ads. Local phone #.JJR-MI
1090 WFCV IN Fort Wayne 12/21 0600 P-no KAAY. LID "100.1 & 1090 and now 93.7 WKCV Ft Wayne." JJR-WI
1090 WFCV IN Fort Wayne 12/19 0600 P -Bott radio ment. No KAAY, WBAL nulled. Only fit. JJR-WI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Center 12/31 0728 P Classic Hits 101-5, Blue on Blue, Bobby Vinton. alone. JJR-MI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Center 12/12 0742 P on tuning in, Classic Hits 101-5, no others! JJR-MI
1090 KNWS IA Waterloo 12/14 0741 P MyFaithRadio.com. Alone, no WAQE. JJR-MI
1090 KNWS IA Waterloo 12/12 0743 P Faith Radio $ begathon. MyFaithRadio.com JJR-MI
1090 WKBZ MI Muskegon 12/10 0746 P NewsTalk 1090 WKBZ, local chatter, stn promo. No WAQE JJR-MI
1100 WZFG MN Dillworth 12/12 0824 P UND Hockey ments. Alone. JJR-MI
1110 WTOF AL Bay Minette 12/19 0529 P end of REL programming. Calls in KFAB null. JJR-WI
1110 WSLV TN Ardmore 12/5 0620 P Luchenbach,TX by Waylon Jennings, Calls, req line(!)no KFAB.JJR-WI
1130 WDFN MI Detroit 12/21 0703 F! local-like w/local WISN not powered up yet. Det sports talk. JJR-WI
1130 KBMR ND Bismarck 12/8 0923 P "your ND questions on Medicare" in/out w/others. JJR-MI
1140 WBXR AL Hazel Green 12/18 0628 P alone. REL prog, Wilkins Radio, wx, calls, into REL.JJR-WI
1140 WVEL IL Pekin 12/6 0637 P "...Gospel...musical soul food...WVEL.." Logged as WSIV in '68. JJR-WI
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1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 12/30 0820 P 100.1 1140 KXRB wx, a song by Alabama.Alone. JJR-MI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 12/27 0848 P 11.1 & 1140 KXRB, chatter, others nulled. JJR-MI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 12/8 0923 P Sioux Empire Fair, Sawyer Brown show. JJR-MI
1150 KWKY IA Des Moines 12/10 0828 P IA Catholic Radio atop 2 Sports Talkers. JJR-MI
1150 KASM MN Albany 12/28 0915 P St Cloud, Cold Springs ments. Obits atop. WHBY nowhere. JJR-MI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 12/28 0947 P Cj1150 SK's superstation. C&W. Alone, not strong. JJR-MI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 12/27 0845 P SK's superstation-CJ 1150, WHBY nulled. Local website ments. JJR-MI
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1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 12/28 0914 P M-F chatter in SS replacing WYLL, in earlier. JJR-MI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 12/12 0823 P but SS easily replacing WYLL. Assumed. Solid. JJR-MI
1160 KCTO MO Cleveland 12/10 1628 P YL SS chatter killing an WYLL. No KSL. JJR-MI
1170 KFAQ OK Tulsa 12/10 1705 P though alone. TalkRadio 1170, OK Tulsa ments, Joe Paige show. JJR-MI
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 12/21 0620 P w/SS chatter. Not in earlier. Assumed. No 1180 TIS today. JJR-WI
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 12/19 0600 P -WHAM nulled. LID into SS music. Solid, no fades. JJR-WI
1180 WPTJ872 WI Milwaukee 12/20 0655 P Milw Brewers TIS info:Home opener Mar 28 1:10pm. (Old joke time: Did you hear there's no beer sales this year at the stadium? The Brewers lost the opener! Ugh!) JJR-WI
1190 WOWO IN Fort Wayne 12/26 1515 G id @ 15:30 WOWO 1190. In early today with big signal. Jeff-MO
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City 12/1 1824 Vp tho steady -KQQZ WOWO nulled. EWTN/Fr.Larry. Only fit. JJR-WI
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City 12/1 0557 P wx/Angels Attic Thrift store,6970 B'Way,KC. LIDs for many. JJR-WI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 12/11 0835 P wx: DiscoverWeyburn.com. No WOWO, others. JJR-MI
1210 WMPS TN Bartlett 12/21 1400 P Nostalgia music, deep long fades and peaks, unique oldies songs including @14:21 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! Sunny 103 slogan @14:27 followed by request number 901-483-7000 and live on air requests! Interesting station. NEW! Jeff-MO
1220 WLPO IL Lasalle 12/26 1537 F id "Greatest hits WLPO" followed by Small Town by John Mellencamp. Jeff-MO
1220 WLPO IL LaSalle 12/16 2037 P Classic Hits 103.9 WLPO, Christmas songs thru WHKW. JJR-MI
1220 KLPW MO Union 12/7 1802 P- heard clear KLPW ID then weather, talk about upcoming HSBB games, third ATNO today. TL-IN
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1220 KDDR ND Oakes 12/29 0810 P Viking football on the Tornado. (KDDR slogan. OK) Alone. C&W. JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 12/28 0911 P ABC nx, Home Depot, AgCentral, wx:Eastern Dakotas JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 12/27 0958 P Ag Central on AM 1220-95-9FM KDDR into C&W, alone. JJR-MI
1220 WHKW OH Cleveland 12/13 0756 P weather, 1220 the Word. Ch 5 references. CHRB gone. JJR-MI
1220 WHKW OH Cleveland 12/8 0818 P Cleveland parade on 1220 the Word. Usually others here. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 12/28 0743 P this is CJRB 1220, Community Service Radio. Alone. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MN Boissevain 12/13 0727 F! high -1(C) pocal area happenings. Alone. JJR-MI
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1230 WFER MI Iron River 12/19 0710 P songs by Bachman-Turner& Toto. psa"Iron River Broadcasting"JJR-WI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 12/12 0821 P Int'l Falls references 3x in local sports ments. JJR-MI
1230 KFSP MN Mankato 12/26 2023 Vp Sportsradio--the Fan hyping upcoming games in mess. JJR-MI
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1230 KMRS MN Morris 12/28 1135 P 1230-107-7 KMRS, right now snowing in Morris... alone. JJR-MI
1230 KMRS MN Morris 12/17 0730 P calls into newscast in mess. Many others. JJR-MI
1230 KMRS MN Morris 12/10 0929 P Jet Airliner/S.Miller 1230-KMRS & 107.7FM into nx @:30, others.JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 12/30 0847 Vp KTRF.com. Not hrd a NEW GY'er since Oct'16. Ouch! JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 12/27 0956 P Thief River Falls youth center ments. Many others.JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 12/8 1010 P KTRF Thief River Falls popped thru mess on freq. JJR-MI
1230 KWNO MN Winona 12/17 0730 P clear calls & 98.7 FM ment in mess. JJR-MI
1230 KWNO MN Winona 12/10 1100 P coming up thru mess. LID ABC news. JJR-MI
1240 WSBC IL Chicago 12/13 0922 P tightly nulled. ETHnic "Cgo" ments. Nice hearing! JJR-MI
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 12/19 0559 P alone w/ solid, non fading signal. Ottumwa,Keokuk ments.JJR-WI
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 12/1 0704 P -steady,alone. Radio Iowa news bit, Obits, Calls AM/Xlator. JJR-WI
1240 WJON MN St Cloud 12/28 1107 P steady, YL nx:3.8" of snow in St Cloud. alone. JJR-MI
1240 WJON MN St.Cloud 12/15 0800 #320-345-XXXX Crimestoppers, LID, ABC news.JJR-MI
1240 KNEM MO Nevada 12/21 1015 P o/usual KLIK. Country music id above background jumble id @ 10:23 "KNEM KNEO" NEW! Jeff-MO
1240 KDLR ND Devils Lake 12/27 0831 P end of C&W songs, News sounder, ND news, Lakes Area nx. JJR-MI
1240 KDLR ND Devils Lake 12/11 0828 P alone! Brad Paisley on KDLR.... (Good to Dakotas!) JJR-MI
1240 KCCR SD Pierre 12/13 0852 P end of song "... Pierre Mall ..." w/many others. Lost. JJR-MI
1240 WHFA WI Poynette 12/10 0742 P to fade out. Catholic Talk atop, steady. Not usual mess. JJR-MI
1240 WHFA WI Poynette 12/7 1955 Fair signals fading up in a mess with Relevant Radio programming. Not common here so it was a good catch even if not new. SMA-MB
1250 WGL IN Fort Wayne 12/23 0618 Poor but alone. Local WSSP-WI in null. Fox Sports Radio. Home of IU sports. “The Ticket”. TPK-WI
1250 KYYS KS Kansas City 12/12 0932 P but fading in o/others. uptempo SS mx into ad/K C ments JJR-MI
1250 KYYS KS Kansas City 12/10 1623 P S La X -others nulled. Been a while. JJR-MI
1250 WPGP PA Pittsburgh 12/10 1702 P Town Hall nx, 1250 the Answer. alone, been a while. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1250 CHRB MB Steinbach 12/12 0822 P alone "on CHRB" moved on JJR-MI
1250 CHSM MB Steinbach 12/11 0825 P MB, Canadian Province ments. Not WSSP, hi. JJR-MI
1250 CHSM MB Steinbach 12/8 0943 Vp til lost. Christmas Mx Station, Steinbach online. JJR-MI
1250 CJYE ON Oakville 12/26 1700 F This is CJYE, Joy 1250, Dr Chas Stanley-In Touch. Atop! JJR-MI
1260 KDUZ MN Hutchinson 12/28 1137 P 11:37 at KDUZ, ABC Sports then Brownfield coming up.Alone. JJR-MI
1260 KSGF MO Springfield 12/21 1250 P o/20kw WSDZ Dana Loesch show, local ads and seasons greetings from "All About Trees Springfield" ID @ 12:55 KSGF 104.1 NEW! Jeff-MO
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1260 KWYR SD Winner 12/28 0816 P this is KWYR news, t/c, Country 1260 "main St in Gregory" JJR-MI
1260 KWYR SD Winner 12/27 0826 P #605 a/c, on Main Street in DT(Downtown) Winner. Alone. JJR-MI
1260 KWYR SD Winner 12/17 0828 P NE SD Temps, Alone, atop. Miss hearing them daily, hi! JJR-MI
1260 WXCE WI AMery 12/26 1726 P but atop, "1260 WXCE" lost to WNDE. OLDies. JJR-MI
1270 WCMR IN Elkart 12/6 0702 P USA news, "WCMR weather forecast..." not heard in years. JJR-WI
1270 WWCA IN Gary 12/23 1710 to 1725 Inaudible to poor. Local RFI QRM. The Catholic Rosary being prayed. // to the Streema web stream. TPK-WI
1270 WMKT MI Charlevoix 12/26 1554 id P "Your Fox News Station 1270 WMKT" NEW! Jeff-MO
1270 WXYT MI Detroit 12/28 0942 P CBS SportsRadio 1270 after nat'l ad. After elusive KLXX. JJR-MI
1270 WXYT MI Detroit 12/10 1700 P CBS SportsRadio 1270, LID, a Radio.com station. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/26 1705 P "KLKS Talk 100" promo, after Fox nx. LID@TOH. Trying for KLXX. JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/21 Vp w/LID "locally owned" BUT vp SS w/M-F chatter in weeds. JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/20 0652 F! 40/9 Cub foods in Brainerd & Baxter. Moved on. Alone. JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/19 0552 P "right here in MN" various psa's, NBC SportsRadio, NO CALLS! JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/18 0649 P ?? pharmacy in New Brainerd..." "3WI weather forecast" alone. JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 12/10 1053 P "News-Talk & Sports 3WI-AM 1270" hoping for needed KLXX. JJR-MI
1270 KFAN MN Rochester 12/10 1054 P theFan, K-Fan "3 locations in Rochester" overtook freq. JJR-MI
1270 KGNM MO St.Joseph 12/1 0716 P tight null. Classic Hits 102-5, Honky Cat/Elton John. JJR-WI
1270 KNWC SD Sioux Falls 12/10 1700 P LID, Faith Radio, SRN nx. WXYT nulled. JJR-MI
1270 WLIK TN Newport 12/17 1819 P Christmas Songs, 2 old(pre-Beatles) WLIR jingles. Alone. JJR-WI
1280 KBNO CO Denver 12/28 0900 P w/YY in SS "Bye bye" LID thru WWTC. No WNAM. unn. JJR-MI
1280 WGBF IN Evansville 12/26 1619 F Hannity guest host id@16:24 The voice of Evansville 1280 WGBF NEW! Jeff-MO
1280 KVXR MN Moorehead 12/11 0921 P Real Presence Radio network on tuning in. No WNAM. JJR-WI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 12/1 0552 P but atop, FF song into ads w/"Montreal" said. JJR-WI
1290 WKLJ WI Sparta 12/21 1915 Poor. Under a partially nulled local WZTI-WI w/ an ad for the Subway Sandwich Restaurant @ 801 West Wisconsin St. in Sparta. Tomah Wisconsin mentioned. On day power? TPK-WI
1300 WLXG KY Lexington 12/21 0616 P w/1 other stn and no WOOD, which is a regular, or was, hi. JJR-WI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 12/27 1006 P Fox nx, BEmidji ment in ad. Alone. No WOOD. JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 12/11 0918 P AM 1300, FM 94.3 the Christmas Legend. KOLY way in back. JJR-MI
1300 WMVO OH Mount Vernon 12/18 0618 P in fade up. Calls after 1960's oldie. No WOOD. NEW! JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 12/27 0820 P solid, alone w/1320 KOLY Mobridge SD on tuning in. JJR-MI
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 12/10 1622 P alone, Book sale:Mobridge library, AM 1300 KOLY, no WOOD! JJR-MI
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 12/10 0843 P farm commodities, stock sales:MT SD ND, Mobridge Livestock. JJR-MI
1300 WNQM TN Nashville 12/19 0700 P alone. No fading. LID, Dr. Adrian Roders. Again, WOOD MIA! JJR-WI
1310 KGLB MN Glencoe 12/8 0857 Vp polka show promo, U of MN ad, no WIBA/others. 1310theLegends. JJR-MI
1310 KZRG MO Joplin 12/4 0633 P for for details see the KZRG.app a few times. Alone. JJR-WI
1310 CIWW ON Ottawa 12/6 P alone. -6 at 1310 News. Sports from Sportsnet. No WIBA. JJR-WI
1320 KOZY MN Grand Rapids 12/27 0819 P "I'm Kathy Lynn KOZY news..." replacing KHRT. JJR-MI
1320 KHRT ND Minot 12/27 0817 P thru a weak WILS. Calls, SoGOS cut thru/stood out. JJR-MI
1330 WZCT AL Scottsboro 12/29 1640 to 1647 Poor and fading in and out of other poor stations. C&W style gospel mx. Station location given as on East Willow St. Heavily southern accented female anncr w/ events for various local churches. Running // to their webcast. TPK-WI
1330 WKTA IL Evanston 12/29 1610 to 1616 Very poor to fair. WHBL-WI in null. Sounded like a recording of a comedy skit in Russian with audience laughter. Presumed. TPK-WI
1330 WNTA IL Rockford 12/28 2058 P "on I-90 in Belvedire" "3301 American Way" KPTY KNSS in. JJR-MI
1330 KPTY IA Waterloo-Cedar Falls 12/29 0802 P 55min party playlist, LID (as such) w/xlator. JJR-MI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 12/15 0830 P right here on K N S S no WHBL, others. JJR-MI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 12/5 0539 P 98-7 & 1330 KNSS into feature. Alone. JJR-WI
1330 WKDP KY Corbin 12/29 1702. Very poor. Could copy only “. . . KD Country, WKDP FM, Corbin. . .” upon playing back several times what was recorded . TPK-WI
1330 CJYM MB Rosetown 12/14 0737 P cold temps, province wide, time. alone, but not for long. JJR-MI
1340 KDLM MN Detroit Lakes 12/28 1112 P Take on Me/A-Ha 93.1 KDLM alone! JJR-MI
1350 KDIO MN Ortonville 12/31 0710 P YL:thank you for listening to KDIO. No usual WCMP. JJR-MI
1360 KBKB IA Ft Madison 12/4 0645 P Columbia Hyundai,Montgomery Rd/I-275,Fox Sports 104.5&1360. JJR-WI
1360 KKBJ MN Bemidji 12/14 0831 P First ??? in Bemidji, #218-368-XXXX no WTAQ. JJR-MI
1360 KKBJ MN Bemidji 12/8 0856 P Americas First news, mornings on AM 1360 KKBJ. WTAQ gone. JJR-MI
1360 KRWC MN Buffalo 12/10 1036 P "local news coming up on KRWC...." Alone. No WTAQ today! NEW! JJR-MI
1360 WSAI OH Cincinnati 12/18 0643 P nat'l ads, but "Genesis Diamonds, Montgomery Rd" clinched!JJR-WI
1360 WWOW OH Conneaut 12/20 0645 P -fades, OLDies. ? plumbing. "1360 Wow" slogan, live. no bird.JJR-WI
1370 WLLM IL Lincoln 12/29 2112 F-P heard several clear WLLM Radio IDs behind WSPD, logging for call change from WPRC. TL-IN
1370 KSUM MN Fairmont 12/11 0742 F! Atop, loud to eventual fade. 1370-KSUM, YL, live,not bird. JJR-MI
1370 KWRT MO Boonville 12/18 0604 P nx, "MissouriNet.com" calls at :07. No usual WSPD. JJR-WI
1370 KWRT MO Boonville 12/5 1920 fair with local ads, frequent IDs and country music. CR-IL
1370 KWTL ND Grand Forks 12/8 1005 P Real Presence Radio, RPR mentioned. Nice MN,ND,SD wxcast JJR-MI
1370 WVMR WV Frost 12/20 1645 F- Asia's (Heat of the Moment), promo for local event mentioning Allegheny Mountain Radio stations, weather (lots of rain). TL-IN
1380 KCNW KS Fairview 12/12 0923 P REL preaching//web. No usual WOTE. JJR-MI
1380 WMJR KY Nicholasville 12/19 0658 P "Relevant Radio app...." LID. Newscast. w/others NEW! JJR-WI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 12/28 0857 P WPHM & the Pt Huron police.... no usual WOTE. JJR-MI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 12/13 0905 P noWOTE, WPHM.net, Port Huron police dept. JJR-MI
1380 KLIZ MN Brainerd 12/10 1035 P Ram1500 ad, followed by Ford dealer ad. Yikes! KFAN.com/rulesJJR-MI
1380 KAGE MN Winona 12/20 0728 P Real Country "Ka-Gee" 1380 & 101.5FM after Charlie Rich song. No usual WOTE. JJR-WI
1380 KAGE MN Winona 12/14 0830 P KG Country & 101.5FM into OLD C&W. Way o/others. Unusual. JJR-MI
1380 WKJV NC Ashville 12/18 0641 P -calls w/REL songs. In/out, not steady. JJR-WI
1380 KOTA SD Rapid City 12/12 0924 P OM w/K O T A cut thru. Always nice hearing! JJR-MI
1380 KOTA SD Rapid City 12/11 0812 P "in S Dakota" (got my attention" YL NewsRadio K O T A. JJR-MI
1380 CKPC ON Brantford 12/27 0814 P w/others nulled. Atop a while. Calls, C&W. JJR-MI
1380 CKPC ON Brantford 12/15 0846 P C&W countdown, "on 5th in Brampton" o/others, no WOTE. JJR-MI
1390 KCLN IA Clinton 12/17 2059 Poor but on top. WGRB-IL in null. End of a OT HS basketball game between the Easton Valley Riverhawks and the Fulton Steamers. TPK-WI
1390 KRRZ ND Minot 12/11 0929 Vp -alone, Calls, Rock'N Me,Steve Miller no KXSS WRIG to be found!JJR-MI
1390 KJAM SD Madison 12/16 0800 Poor. WGRB-IL in null. Briefly in w/ “ KJAM Madison “ then into CBS nx. TPK-WI
1390 WLLI TN Jackson 12/17 1905 Poor but in the clear. WGRB-IL in null. “ on Willie 94.1 FM and 1390 AM “. Christmas songs. TPK-WI
MOST reported frequency: 1400<--14 reports
1400 WDWS IL Champaign 12/2 1745 Poor but on top. Illinois/Nebraska men’s BB on the Illini Sports radio network. Presumed. TPK-WI
1400 WGIL IL Galesburg 12/2 0715 P M-F talking in/out some of session. Finally "at WGIL.com" JJR-WI
1400 KADR IA Elkader 12/1 0724 Very poor. Popped above the din to hear “ KADR AM 1400 “. TPK-WI
1400 WLJN MI Elmwood Township 12/2 0716 Vp REL talk. Better copy @:28 send $. Was WTCM in '70. JJR-WI
1400 WQXO MI Munising 12/27 0800 P -LID, Morning Talk Show which threw me off. WCCY nulled. JJR-MI
1400 KEYL MN Long Prairie 12/2 1740 Very poor. Male anncr buried in backround faded in with “ Real Country KEYL “. TPK-WI
1400 WMAN OH Mansfield 12/2 0605 P "from the WMAN news center..." WRJN o/c. Logged in 1982. JJR-WI
1400 KBJM SD Lemmon 12/31 0800 Full ID on the top of the hour then back into Oldies music. Fair signals rising above the usual KQDJ and KMHL pests. NEW! SMA-MB
1400 WATW WI Ashland 12/2 1941 Very poor. Heard only “. . . WATW . . . Heartland Communications . . .” TPK-WI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 12/2 1804 Very poor. Heard only “ translator W254CN “ and “ 98-7 The Brew “ . TPK-WI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 12/2 0559 P "98-7 the Brew, Eau Claire's..."noted in 90 mins later too. JJR-WI
1400 WDUZ WI Green Bay 12/3 0720 Very poor. Male anncr with “. . . 107.5 The Fan . . . “. TPK-WI
1400 WRJN WI Racine 12/2 0515-0743 Running o/c. Nice automation screw up. Many noted: none new. JJR-WI
1400 WRDB WI Reedsburg 12/2 0616 P "1400 WRDB" thru WRJN o/c. Satellite OLDies. Logged in '79. JJR-WI

1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 12/28 1117 P 1410 & 95.9 KLFD After Midnight, Eric Clapton. Alone. JJR-MI
1410 KOOQ NE North PLatte 12/29 0904 P 70s 80s 90s-98-1 1410. No WIZM. Still in 30min later. JJR-MI
1410 KOOQ NE North Platte 12/28 0853 F til lost. 70s 80s 90s -98.1 & 1410. Lost to WIZM. JJR-MI
1420 WOC IA Davenport 12/28 0959 P NewsMakers, US EPA, Texting psa, NewsTalk 1420 WOC. JJR-MI
1420 WHK OH Cleveland 12/28 1000 P AM 1420 the Answer, Cleveland Hts, Traffic on I-77. No KTOE.JJR-MI
1430 KRGI NE Grand Island 12/12 0920 P Trading Post on KRGI 1430 & 105.5FM thru others. JJR-MI
1430 KBRK SD Brookings 12/8 0942 P calls out of nowhere, mx was weak. Few others here. JJR-MI
1440 WMAX MI Bay City 12/30 0838 P 1440 Ava Maria Radio lost to others. WKPR way more common. JJR-MI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 12/18 0613 P -2 request lines given, WZYX the Eagle 1440 94.5 & 95.3. Atop. JJR-WI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 12/5 0610 P tho o/others. WZYX the Eagle. Still in on later rechecks. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 12/28 1120 P AM1450-FM94.3 KBMW The voice of the Valley.JJR-MI
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 12/27 0930 P Wapheton-Fargo-Breckenridge nonstop area closings. JJR-MI
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 12/11 0911 P "KBMW" popped out "It's Cold Outside" Christmas Hits. JJR-MI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 12/13 0933 P but easily readable. No KXNO,CJOY etc. LaRaza SS. JJR-MI
1460 WKAM IN Goshen 12/2 0552 Vp w/KXNO. SS LaRaza in most of session. WJTI o/c, FM xlator OK. JJR-WI
1460 KXNO IA Des Moines 12/2 0550 P possible as semi local WJTI running o/c all morning/day! JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1460 KDMA MN Montevideo 12/27 0921 P Cornerstone Chiropractic in Montevideo -talk/interview. JJR-MI
1460 KDMA MN Montevideo 0851 12/17 P AM 1460/93-9FM KDMA and sportscast. Alone, no usual KXNO. JJR-MI
1460 KDMA MN Montevideo 12/14 0851 P K D M A on tune in to freq w/others. No KXNO.JJR-MI
1460 KKAQ MN Thief River Falls 12/27 0927 P Real Country-KKAQ tween songs. No KXNO at all. JJR-MI
1460 KXPN NE Kearney 12/8 0957 P ESPN, ESPNapp, ESPN2....many nat'l ads. LID for this/1550. JJR-MI
1460 WBOG WI Tomah 12/13 0817 P Kool Gold, "??? in Sparta" &no KXNO, others. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 12/31 0837 P Greatest Hits, 1460 CJOY. Backstreet Boys, China Grove. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 12/28 0955 P Boxing Day sale, 21 Gordon St in Guelph. No KXNO. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 12/14 0750 P "...on ? Road in Guelph" ad, CJOY jingle. No KXNO again. JJR-MI
1460 CJOY ON Guelph 12/2 0707 P"...greatest hits...CJOY" cut thru KXNO, stronger WKAM. WJTI o/c.JJR-WI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 12/15 0900 P no KMNQ. Local Antiques show. Phone#, LID Fox nx. JJR-MI
1470 KHND ND Harvey 12/29 0831 P 1470 the Mix-KHND into Bob Seger song. KMNQ a no show today! JJR-MI
1470 WIBD WI West Bend 12/29 0830 Vp -no KMNQ! 101-3 WIBD, Dr Hook song. Weak. JJR-MI
1470 WBWI WI West Bend 12/13 0902 P Me You Dog Named Boo,Lobo,LID AM/FMxlator,WW1 nx,others nld.JJR-MI
1480 KCZZ KS Mission 12/7 1801 poor with ESPN Deportes and Spanish language sports talk.CR-IL
1480 WHBC OH Canton 12/1 2006 P NewsTalk 1480 WHBC and WHBC.com and no more common WGVU. JJR-WI
1490 KRIB IA Mason City 12/8 0850 P ..Hospice of North IA, wx:sun/20, calls o/others. JJR-MI
1490 WCLU KY Glasgow 12/9 1525 P- popped up in GY mess with clear WCLU ID, heard while driving out in the boonies. TL-IN
1490 KXRA MN Alexandria 12/10 0806 P WW1 nx, Nat'l ads, "Alexandria Mall...." solid, steady. JJR-MI
1490 KJOQ MN Duluth 12/29 0800 P KJOQ Duluth's home.... on tuning freqs. Atop. JJR-MI
1490 KOBM NE Omaha 12/28 0844 P Jackie Wilson on Boomer Radio. Good times, Great Oldies. JJR-MI
1490 KOBM NE Omaha 12/26 1945 P Gimme Some Lovin, Spencer Davis//web, thru mess. ex:KOMJ. JJR-MI
1490 KOVC ND Valley City 12/27 0920 P NewsDakota.com V of the Valley 1490 KOVC. chatter. JJR-MI
1490 KFCR SD Custer 12/20 2125 Fair signals faded up with great classic rock music. KFCR ID. Not heard very often. SMA-MB
1500 WBRI IN Indianapolis 12/19 1527 In null of KSTP. Steve Noble show. id at 15:30 "AM 1500 WBRI" Jeff-MO
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 12/7 1632 G-F- local weather (cold, lows in teens) promo for Michael Medved, clear WHOW ID. NEW! TL-IN
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 12/4 0643 P promo for CBS sports all weekend on "the Big 1520 WHOW..." JJR-WI
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 12/1 2100 faded up for on the hour ID as “WHOW 1520, W294DJ 106.5 Lincoln and W222BG 92.3 Clinton. Not a daytimer anymore?? First time heard in Winnipeg. NEW! SMA-MB
1520 WRCI MI Three Rivers 12/1 1124 VP- Daytime DX logging my closest unheard, "River Country 97 point 1, WRCI" ex WLKM-1510. NEW! TL-IN
1540 WSMI IL Litchfield 12/3 1420. WPTT-WI in null. Some KXEL QRM showing up. Call letters and wx. C&W mx. TPK-WI
1540 WMJL IN Martinsville 12/3 1400. Poor w/WPTT-WI in null. No KXEL. Call letters, Martinsville, and 100.5 FM. Into nx. TPK-WI
1540 WPTT WI Hartford 12/7 1600 G-F- Good in and out with KXEL, Classic Rock (Billy Joel, Tears for Fears, Aretha Franklin, etc) IDs as The Party. NEW! TL-IN
1540 CHIN ON Toronto 12/28 0936 F replacing KXEL totally. ETHnic. JJR-MI
1540 CHIN ON Toronto 12/3 1405. WPTT-WI in null. Briefly fair after popping in out of nowhere. 2 male anncrs speaking in Chinese. TPK-WI
1550 WLTI IN New Castle 12/5 1722 Very poor. WGLB-1560 splatter in null. In the background w/ “ New Castle-Home of Indiana basketball Hall of Fame “ and “ 1550 Real Country “. C&W mx. TPK-WI
1550 KIWA IA Sheldon 12/27 1000 P ABC nx sounder, Sheldon ments, calls@:04. No usual WHIT. JJR-MI
1550 WDLR OH Delaware 12/5 1753 Very poor. Briefly in the background. WGLB-1560 splatter in null. Call letters and an ad for Ponderosa Steak House on Marion. TPK-WI
1550 WIGN TN Bristol 12/5 1655 to 1710 On late. Poor to fair. WGLB-1560 splatter in null. Bluegrass orientated gospel mx. 92.1 FM. LID and several local ads @ TOH followed by more bluegrass. TPK-WI
1550 WIGN TN Bristol 12/5 1934 good with bluegrass music. Matched to web stream. CR-IL
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 12/30 0800 P River Falls pharmacy,Mucinex. No usual WHIT, CBEF fade up.JJR-MI
1550 WEVR WI River Falls 12/13 0856 P #715-XXXX-XXXX,I-94 Exit., WI air Natl Guard, lost toWHIT.JJR-MI
1560 KLNG IA Council Bluffs 12/14 0800 P LID, a Wilkins Stn into REL w/others. JJR-MI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 12/12 0758 P "of Blue Earth" --lost to possible KKAA. JJR-MI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 12/10 1046 P in fade up. Calls, Caller #3 wins! 526-XXXX. Atop. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1560 KKAA SD Aberdeen 12/31 0800 P LID for KQLX KQLX-FM KKAA, ABC nx w/others. JJR-MI
1560 KKAA SD Aberdeen 12/28 0808 P AgCentral nx 701-2321-XXXX, ND chamber.... JJR-MI
1560 KKAA SD Aberdeen 12/11 0908 P alone, YL derailed nx stories. AGCentral radio. JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 12/27 0701 P LID safter that of WNWN. Incredible Gospel Music. JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 12/9 0904 P calls &96.1 mention. No WNWN for a change. JJR-MI
1570 KDIZ MN Golden Valley 12/14 0800 P no WAQe for a change. TwinCities Wellness Radio. JJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 12/16 1630 P KAKK, the Oldies Station and power drop 1 sec later! JJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 12/10 0921 P "in Walker" KKWB 102, 1570 KAKK and translator..... No WLKD JJR-MI
1570 WUBG MA Methuen 12/18 1516-1518 weak, faded up and over the pile, station Xmas event plug w mention of 103.7 FM. Per Google, WUBG is the only combo of 1570 and 103.7. Good DX to the NE today. No CLS but it's them. Day power 44KW. NEW! TS-MI
1570 WSCO WI Appleton 12/17 0720 P 95-3 & 99-1 the Score, Monday.... unusual atop. JJR-MI
1580 KDOM MN Windom 12/10 0935 Vp "at KDOM" --CKDO gone for a while. JJR-MI
1580 KNIM MO Maryville 12/23 2000 Poor. CKDO in a fade. End of a possible Xmas song. “Nodaway Broadcasting Corporation. . . K240DY Maryville”. ABC nx. TPK-WI
1580 WLIJ TN Shelbyville 12/23 0700 P bluegrass mx, LID, USA nx, no usual CKDO. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1590 KVGB KS Great Bend 12/12 0907 P U of KS in Gr Bend, in mess of stns. WGBW no show JJR-MI
1590 KVGB KS Great Bend 12/8 2026 P ESPN -calls 97.7FM ment in weeds. A few others in. JJR-MI
1590 KVGB KS Great Bend 12/1 0658 P Jennifer ??? wx on 1590-K V G B. Alone. JJR-WI
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater 12/28 0952 P AM 1590 & 95.5 WTVB, oldies. Others nulled. Hoping for KDJS.JJR-MI
1590 WIXK WI New Richmond 12/14 0838 Vp Hmong chanting cut thru dominant KGFK. Not common. JJR-MI
1600 WAAM MI Ann Arbor 12/28 0934 P alone, WAAM, 4230 Packard..... JJR-MI
1600 KATZ MO St. Louis 12/31 1715 P Gospel mx, ID + "Hallelujah 1600" Jeff-MO
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1600 KPNP MN WAtertown 12/28 0733 P but o/KGYM. Hmong chanting, etc. JJR-MI
1600 KPNP MN Watertown 12/17 0718 P Hmong chanting almost atop. JJR-MI
1600 KPNP MN Watertown 12/8 0837 P --Hmong chanting, overtook WRPN. KGYM was not in. JJR-MI
1600 KNCY NE Nebraska City 12/12 P 105.5...Country old & new Country in/w/mixing KRFS. Rare! JJR-MI
1600 KRFS NE Superior 12/12 0850 P talking of Christmas. LID at TOH! No KGYM. NEW! JJR-MI
1600 KUSH OK Cushing 12/31 1650 P Keystone Gas Co. Oklahoma owned ad 1700 id NEW! Jeff-MO
1610 WPTJ444 WI Milwaukee 12/20 0717 P traffic times I-94 I-43 I-41 2 call signs given. No CHHA,hi. JJR-WI
1620 WTAW TX College Station 12/19 1624 Local ads, id at 16:27 "News Talk 1620 WTAW" Jeff-MO
1630 KRWD WY Fox Farm 12/11 0907 P alone! No KCJJ at all. All Eastern stuff seemed gone. JJR-MI
1640 WTNI MS Biloxi 12/24 0537 P steady behind semi local WSJP. ESPN. Only fit. JJR-WI
1640 WTNI MS Biloxi 12/19 1650 o/null KZLS Biloxi ads. TOH id "1640 WTNI Biloxi 103.5 The Champ" Jeff-MO
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1640 KZLS OK Enid 12/28 0932 P Blaze Radio, news. WSJP gone. JJR-MI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 12/15 0815 P Blue Collar comedian/?? Casino. No WSJP a few minutes. JJR-MI
1640 KZLS OK Enid 12/12 0843 P "in Okla, Chevvy" after talk of vomiting, puking. Wow! No WSJP JJR-MI
1650 KFSW AR Ft. Smith 12/26 1641 G Christian Contemporary music confirmed via webstream. id at 16:43 "Life 98.7" NEW! Jeff-MO
1650 CINA ON Mississauga 12/24 0539 P Havea Happy New Year & Happy Holidays, Ceena Radio. Alone.JJR-WI
1670 CJEU QC Gattineau 12/24 0556 Vp w/mx behind WOZN. W announcer. ETHnic. JJR-WI
1680 WOKB FL Winter Garden 12/24 0600 P -almost F for a few mins! Urb.Gospel sat fed. No WPRR. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 12/19 1550 Booming in with AdltCont. music id TOH "99.7 My FM, KRJO 1500 Monroe" Jeff-MO
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 12/6 0601 P nonstop... 99-7 My FM into HotAC mx. No WPRR. JJR-WI
1680 KRJO LA Monroe 12/1 0542 P 99.7 My FM tween songs. No WPRR. Steady. JJR-WI
1680 WTTM NJ Lindenwold 12/28 0837 P SS LaUnika replacing WPRR, in earlier. JJR-MI
1680 WTTM NJ Lindenwold 12/24 0619 P but SS YL stood out. Feliz Navidad, again, no WPRR. Solid. JJR-WI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 12/28 0930 P Business for Breakfast, Denvers Money Talk. No WVON. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 12/17 0813 P no WVON, WPRR, others atop X-Band. Denver's Money Talk. JJR-MI
1690 CHTO ON Toronto 12/31 0750 P w/ETHnic signing overtaking WVON. AM 1690. JJR-MI
1690 CHTO ON Toronto 12/24 0539 P You are listening to CHTO AM 1690, web info. No WVON. JJR-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
530 CUBA CMBQ Havana Dec24 0230 G Radio Enciclopedia instrumental music. Songs matched webstream on website Jeff-MO
900 MEXICO XEW Mexico City Dec19 0055 Poor. Not in long. CHML in null. Male and female SS anncrs talking. // to the Streema webcast. TPK-WI
940 MEXICO XEMMM BS Mexicali Dec20 0432 F SS ID Oldies Confirmed by stream 188 mi @ 1000W AJ-AZ
1060 MEXICO XEEP Mexico City Dec9 0402 P steady in KYW null. No CKMX. M-F:R Educacion @:06.Nice.JJR-MI
1220 MEXICO XEB Mexico City Dec19 0330 UTC. Poor. In very briefly. Male SS anncr w/ call letters and the “La B Grande” slogan. TPK-WI
Trans-Atlantic loggings (GMT):
252 ALGERIA Tipaza Chaine 3 Dec28 0340 to 0350 Poor with a little FO-Manitoba beacon morse code QRM from 250. Male FF anncr and non-vocal, stringed instrument mx running // to the Chaine 3 webcast. The signal weakened and lost its audio by 0350. TPK-WI
531 ALGERIA F’Kirina Dec30 0040 Poor. Fair signal w/ decent audio but very hard to copy cuz of all the WAUK-WI splatter coming from 540. Modern Arabic pop mx // to the Jil FM webcast. TPK-WI
AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
1120 UNID 12/15 0833 F loud SS w/KMOX nulled. Assuming unn WUST. Gone in mins. JJR-MI
Best NOVEMBERS on record
***************************************** 11-18 10th best AM month. 3rd best November!
******************************** 11-16
************************* 11-15
************************* 11-14
************************************************11-02 Best NOVEMBER 2002
*********************************************11-00 2nd Best NOVEMBER 2000
***************11-84 First DX tests for us:1300-WQPM MN, 1370-KFJM ND
******************************11-82 VG AU cx
********11-81 First bulletin Hot Tips dated 11-15


MOST reported frequency: 1600 with 16 reports!
245 YZE ON Gore Bay 11/28 2033 morse code ID. CR-IL
248 UL PQ Montreal 11/28 2019 morse code ID. CR-IL
530 CIAO ON Brampton 11/21 2306-0135 up and down, VG peaks, first time heard w EZL instrumentals and occasional liners in EE mentioning "multicultural radio for Toronto" and website URL. TS-MI
550 KRAI CO Craig 11/22 1926 F ID, Country/western 488mi. AJ-AZ
550 KRAI CO Craig 11/10 0030 P-F Good ID. Country music. Surprised I keep hearing this one. 488mi AJ-AZ
550 KFYR ND Bismarck 11/30 0640 P various ND, MT school ments. "Phil Parker, K-Fire" alone! JJR-WI
550 KFYR ND Bismarck 11/22 0641 F! LOUD! K-Fire w/Mark Wagner. No WSAU til later. JJR-MI
560 KLZ CO Denver 11/22 1955 F ID, Talk 543mi. AJ-AZ 2
560 KMON MT Great Falls 11/22 1945 P Caught ID – 890mi. NEW! AJ-AZ
570 KNRS UT Salt Lake City 11/22 2000 F-P ID, News/Weather 433mi. AJ-AZ
580 KUBC CO Montrose 11/22 2034 P ID, Political talk 361mi. AJ-AZ
580 KIDO ID nAMpa 11/20 0645 P many, many Idaho references in local talk. Moved on JJR-MI
580 KIDO ID nAMpa 11/19 0634 P Southern Idaho Crimestopper psa 208-343-XXXX, Alone! JJR-MI
580 WHYM TN Rockwood 11/13 0600 P w/songs I've never heard. LID, USA news in null of others. JJR-WI
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 11/18 0701 P NewsTalk 580 CFRA. Nobody dominates 580 here. JJR-MI
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 11/10 2010 P Real Country feed. Of course, no call letters, but 3 mins later calls noted. No WKZO. KXSP nulled. Not common at night. JJR-WI
590 KSUB UT Cedar City 11/22 2105 P ID, Political talk, News 223mi. AJ-AZ
590 KUGN OR Eugene 11/10 0000 P -ID’s through mix. New I think. 874mi. AJ-AZ
600 KOGO CA San Diego 11/22 2109 G-F ID, News & Traffic 304mi. AJ-AZ
600 KOGO CA San Diego 11/9 2325 F- Good ID, also reference to fires 304mi. AJ-AZ
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 11/14 0516 P Beshel Chiropractic 586-0101, ClaremontNC golf, Triad's Sports Hub AM 600, AM 920 JJR-WI
610 KVNU UT Logan 11/22 2125 P Rough copy with another sports station (probably KNML Albuquerque) 492mi. AJ-AZ
610 KVNU UT Logan 11/9 2310 P Good ID in the mix. 492mi AJ-AZ
620 CKRM SK Regina 11/23 0751 P WTMJ nulled. For over 90 years: CKRM into C&W music. JJR-MI
630 KHOW CO Denver 11/28 0450 G ID. Redeye Radio. Trucker commercials. 547mi. AJ-AZ
630 KHOW CO Denver 11/9 2300 F-G More political talk and ID 547 mi. AJ-AZ
630 KXFD ID Boise 11/28 0457 P Local events and commercials. 656mi. AJ-AZ
630 KPLY NV Reno 11/27 2200 G-F Foxsports Radio. 542mi AJ-AZ
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/24 0700 P -630 Ched, Alberta's Morning News. WREY not a factor, no KHOW.JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Calgary 11/22 0704 P 630 Ched. It's 6:04, Alberta's Morning News. YL w/traffic. JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/18 0658 P psa's:"Alberta's future" Talk show ended.CFCO in back,No WREY.JJR-MI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 11/4 0630 P 630 Ched, a Corus R Station. Others nulled/KHOW? WREY? JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
640 KFI CA Los Angeles 11/27 2210 E Local commercials ID's. Booming in. AJ-AZ
640 KFI CA Los Angeles 11/24 0658 P -WOI in tow. Coast to Coast, "KFI AM 640" into ads. JJR-MI
640 KFI CA Los Angeles 11/0 2230 E-G Coverage/Information of the wildfires in S.California Nighttime pattern might be different. 332 mi. AJ-AZ
640 WMFN IL Peotone 11/6 0601 Fair with ID into SS. EB-MI
640 WOI IA Ames 11/8 0600 Poor in CFCO slop with Iowa Public Radio, into NPR nx. EB-MI
640 KWPN OK Moore 11/19 0630 P ESPN feed way u/WOI. Assumed. JJR-MI
650 KMTI UT Manti 11/27 2215 F-G C/W I still believe that their power is too high. 329mi. Hearing also 2 SS AJ-AZ
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 11/7 0614 P -15(c) 650 CKOM, 60 seconds w/...... Steady, alone. JJR-WI
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 11/4 0643 P 650 CKOM News Talk Sports. Alone,steady. JJR-MI
660 KCRO NE Omaha 11/19 0630 P KCRO Verse of the day. 660-KCRO, Debt assistance ad. JJR-MI
660 KTNN AZ Window Rock 11/27 2230 G Navaho prayer/chanting. ID then C/W Music. 199mi. Nulled out mostly and was hearing another NW of me. Need to listen again. AJ-AZ
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/22 0704 P right here in Calgary it's -2(c)....660 News. Alone. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/21 0712 P 660 News wx:12 sun/cloud mix. Sun Thursday hi:9. Alone. JJR-MI
690 WOKV FL Jacksonville 11/13 0548 P thru others "WOKV newstime" Jax news stories. Logged in 1968 as WAPE, the Big Ape. JJR-WI
690 WQNO LA New Orleans 11/6 0524 P Catholic chatter, SonRise morn show. Still in 2 hr later. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 11/30 0638 P solid FF at 30/9. "Canada" a few times. Basically alone. JJR-WI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 11/24 0656 P tho atop. No CKGM, tho nobody dominates 690 here. JJR-MI
690 CBKF1 SK Gravelbourg 11/7 0613 P tho steady. 2 OMs talking in FF. Assumed. JJR-WI
720 WRZN FL Hernando 11/6 0452 Poor under WGN with preacher, // Webcast. The Shepherd. NEW! EB-MI
730 WFMW KY Madisonville 11/13 0546 P--others nulled. WFMW 730AM and 94.9 FM tween songs. JJR-WI
740 WVLN IL Olney 11/6 0621 Vp CBS SportsRadio, 107.1 ment, w/CFZM mostly gone. JJR-WI
740 KNFL ND Fargo 11/22 0812 P ?? Jewelers in Fargo.... 740 the Fan w/WDGY CFZM. JJR-MI
740 WCKZ TN Harrogate 11/13 0543 P "...music on 74 WCKZ...." was logged in '84 as WSVQ. JJR-WI
780 KCEG CO Fountain 11/4 0626 P tho steady w/BBM nulled. Twangy OLD C&W. The Ranch. JJR-MI
780 WJAG NE Norfolk 11/19 0716 P DT River Point, DT Norfolk parade from 1st-8th St. WJAG.com JJR-MI
780 WJAG NE Norfolk 11/4 0724 P many NE ments in possible newscast. WBBM nulled. JJR-MI
780 WPTN TN Cookeville 11/8 0518 Poor under WBBM with classic hits, playlist match, The Eagle. EB-MI
790 WQXI GA Atlanta 11/28 2200 Korean prog R Korea & WQXI IDs. Day power? NEW! (Paszkiewicz WI)
790 WKRD KY Louisville 11/6 0647 Poor in CKLW slop with football promo on Cards Radio, KRD. EB-MI
790 KGHL MT Billings 11/20 0640 P 790AM & 94.7FM KGHL into ads. WSGW,others nulled. OLD C&W JJR-MI
800 WHOS AL Decatur 11/15 0600 P w/LID & HD-2 ment, Fox news w/others. 1st logged in 1985. JJR-WI
800 KXIC IA Iowa City 11/4 072 P KXIC, KXIC.com or the I Heart app. All alone. JJR-MI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 11/28 0610 P -steady. REL:Bott. CKLW, dominant in 60s/70s, not in. JJR-WI
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 11/17 0707 F almost loud. LID, Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Baez. JJR-MI
800 CHAB SK Moose Jaw 11/15 0635 P wx thru others. "800 CHAB" Rock&Roll Fantasy, Bad Company. JJR-WI
810 KBHB SD Sturgis 11/19 0815 P thru others. SD roads, maint, etc. W/others. JJR-MI
810 WZRK WI Dodgeville 11/27 0647 Vp w/"Z Rock" popping thru w/WJJQ. A few others here. JJR-WI
810 WJJQ WI Tomahawk 11/27 0647 P ...on ESPN 1007 & 810 WJJQ" "ESPN Tomahawk" and lost. JJR-WI
810 WJJQ WI Tomahawk 11/23 0700 P LID, ESPN Tomahawk 100.7 and 810 in weeds. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 11/22 0658 P EWTN, ?? church in Bemidji needs Altar servers, Real Presence. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 11/20 0638 P Real Presence Radio. Testimonials from area Catholics. Alone. JJR-MI
850 KOA CO Denver 11/8 0603 Poor but mixing with WKNR with Denver wx, 'KOA News Radio,' into Colorado's Morning News. Never heard this late! EB-MI
870 WPWT TN Colonial Heights 11/6 0608 Poor with Classic Country, '96-3 The Possum.' EB-MI
880 WPIP NC Winston-Salem 11/8 0629 P tho clear w/how to give phone number, calls, w/others. JJR-WI
880 WRFD OH Columbus-Worthington 11/8 0628 P "..and 104.4 WRFD.." w/others.Poss WMDB. WCBS gone.JJR-WI
880 WMDB TN Nashville 11/15 0602 P -others nulled. LID into uptempo SS music. JJR-WI
890 KVOZ TX Laredo 11/8 0600 Vp tho steady SS in easily nulled WLS. LID in long string of stns JJR-WI
900 WATK WI Antigo 11/18 0644 Vp way u/CHML. Classic Hits 98-7. One of These Nights, Eagles. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/28 0701 P very localized newscast. CHML, in earlier, gone. JJR-WI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/23 0658 P Sask atchewan Country CKBI w/others. Has been stronger. JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/21 0708 P CKBI sports...Pr.Albery Raiders." Others in.JJR-MI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/15 0633 P Roughriders football ment, "Prince Albert wx..."w/others.JJR-WI
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/4 0624 P Sask Country CKBI, No CHML. JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 11/25 0652 P no WFDF. 910 KCJB, your sports leader. Jingle. OLD C&W JJR-MI
910 KCJB ND Minot 11/19 0622 P no WFDF! Classic Country 910 AM KCJB JJR-MI
920 WBAA IN Lafayette 11/14 0607 Vp way behind WOKY. wx, NPR feed. JJR-WI
920 CFRY MB Portage-La-Prairie 11/17 1942 P -WMPL(28mi away)easily nulled.CFRY Sat night polkas.JJR-MI
930 WTAD IL Quincy 11/14 0456 P- two promos w/"WTAD" noted. Not common despite "closeness." JJR-WI
930 KSDN SD Aberdeen 11/25 0651 P atop. Alone. wx on "930 KSDN & KS102" Cold: 9 degrees. JJR-MI
940 WXNK WI Shell Lake 11/20 0712 P tho atop. No GX94, WIDG in back. Black Sabbath "ink" slogan.JJR-MI
940 WXNK WI Shell Lake 11/4 0804 Vp the only r.stn worth a damn:LID, into Rock mx. "Ink" Alone. JJR-MI
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/30 0629 P Neil Diamond song, "This is CFAM news" and WNTD/others in back. JJR-WI
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/21 0706 P CFAM weather for Westland(?) seeds, lost to WWJ fade up. JJR-MI
960 WFIR VA Roanoke 11/28 0630 Vp w/clear "WFIR" in w/others. No usual WSBT. JJR-WI
960 WFIR VA Roanoke 11/11 1722 P but alone, no WSBT. Hannity replay,Komando promo, calls. JJR-WI
960 CFAC AB Calgary 11/19 0708 P talk of football. SportsNet 960 the Fan. Stampeders (CFL) talk.JJR-MI
960 CFAC AB Calgary 11/17 0702 P SportsFan 960 the Fan, LID, Rogers communication. JJR-MI
970 WFUN OH Ashtabula 11/6 0527 Poor with ads, "You don't need to leave Ashtabula County..." EB-MI
970 WWRK SC Florence 11/10 1853 P steady atop. Black Dog,Led Zeppelin. Classic Rock LID at:01. JJR-WI
980 KKMS MN Ritchfield 11/21 P AM 980 the Mission in stn promo. Not common. 980 wide open here. JJR-MI
980 KMBZ MO Kansas City 11/20 0749 P traffic & wx. Traffic for MO, traffic for KS. Atop. Calls.JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
980 CJME SK Regina 11/22 0655 P "here in Calgary" talk of SK Roughriders and calls, w/others. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 11/19 0706 P talk of CFL teams. Calls, with others. JJR-MI
980 CJME SK Regina 11/17 0702 P CJME Newstime, 2 YL news team. Regina:-2(c) snow. JJR-MI
990 WSGO LA New Orleans 11/5 0500 Very poor w/CBW in null. On top of other weak stations briefly to hear just “ WSGO 990 AM New Orleans “. TPK-WI
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 11/20 0710 P WMVP nulled. M-F anchors. "Komo newstime 5:10" JJR-MI
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 11/10 2230 F ABC News, Local Traffic ID 1035mi. AJ-AZ
1010 KXXT AZ Tolleson (Near Phoenix) 11/11 0530 Couldn’t null out. Wonder if it was running Daytime power. 77mi. AJ-AZ
1010 KRNI IA Mason City 11/4 0700 P "this is NPR news..." w/u others. Only fit. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 11/15 0611 P"Sumter County's #1 hit music stn, the new 100.7 & 1010 WHIN"JJR-WI
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 11/9 0553 P the new 100.7 & 1010 WHIN, Sorry-Justin Beiber,morn chatter.JJR-WI
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 11/6 0648 P the new 100.7 & WHIN 1010 into local chatter. Alone. JJR-WI
1010 KTNZ TX AMarillo 11/25 0648 P tho atop, usual 600 ESPN promos,ads. NO CALLS into ESPN. Assumed. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1010 CBR AB Calgary 11/25 0700 P area temps, CBC news. No CFRB, ESPNer gone. WPCN in. JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 11/20 0633 P local ments. In stronger later in morning. Alone. No CFRB. JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 11/17 0700 P CBC news feed:Cal fires. No CFRB. Onmly fit. JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 11/4 0700 P program hype on CBC Radio 1. AB temps. CFRB way in back. JJR-MI
1030 WWGB MD Indian Head-Washington DC 11/8 0559 P ETHnic prog, LID (as such) into ETH. No WBZ. JJR-WI
1030 KTWO WY Casper 11/10 0455 F-G Red Seagal Country music and talk (rodeo). 658mi AJ-AZ
1040 WHO IA Des Moines 11/11 0610 P-F ID and Commercials. Slow deep fades as sunrise approached. 1135mi AJ-AZ
1040 WPBS GA Conyers 11/30 1832 F- Languange sounded Asian (Vietnamese), matched stream for WPBS, good under WHO. TL-IN
1040 CJMS QC Saint Constant 11/10 0549 P FF songs, chatter. No sign of WHO at all. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/28 0605 Vp tho steady u/WHO. Assumed. Only ESPNer on freq. JJR-WI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/19 0702 P ESPN caffeinated hosts.Only fit. No others on west:KOMO etc.JJR-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/4 0659 P solid, steady. ESPN showtimes:Eastern. Lost to WHO. JJR-MI
1050 CHUM ON Toronto 11/14 0105 "1050 CHUM" by male announcer. Fair. GH-IL
1060 KNLV NE Ord 11/23 0751 P u/others. Greatest Hits103.9 & mighty 1060 KNLV. OLDies. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 11/30 0650 P tho top. Comedy format, thus not KYW, WILB, etc. JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 11/27 0633 P comedy. "Funny 1060 AM" alone, steady. 660-1010 not in. JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 11/13 0531 P --Comedy bits in tight KYW null. Funny 1060AM. JJR-WI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 11/11 2215 F Funny-1060. Stand up comedy. Fun station. 1131mi. AJ-AZ
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/24 0649 Vp "forecast from CBS2....KNX 1070 NewsRadio" -many others. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/22 0653 P but "4:53 - KNX newstime" thru others.No other WestCoaters.JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/11 2230 G More info about the fires. 264mi. AJ-AZ
1070 KDMO MO Hannibal 11/8 0532 P -SSB, KHMO, KHMOradio.com into Hugh Hewitt. No WTSO. JJR-WI
1070 WCSZ SC San Souci 11/10 2053 P -tight WTSO null. LeJefa slogans, SS uptempo music. JJR-WI
1070 WCSZ SC Sans Souci 11/6 1640 to 1715 Inaudible to poor w/WTSO-WI nulled. Male SS anncr w/ SS contemporary songs. “ La Jefa “ ID given @ 1711. Presumed. TPK-WI
1070 WDIA TN Memphis 11/6 1630 to 1640 Poor w/ partially nulled WTSO QRM. Call-in talk show. Call letters and iHeart Radio IDs @ 1636. Traffic report @ 1638. TPK-WI
1070 WINA VA Charlottesville 11/30 0627 Vp tho clear "WINA" on what sounded like a GY today. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1080 WOKT KY Cannonsburg 11/12 2215. Poor and on late. Popped thru after putting 1080 into null. Contemporary Christian mx. “ Your music, your life, Walk FM “. Presumed. TPK-WI
1080 WOKT KY Cannonsburg 11/12 0542 P WalkFM.org, Alexa, how to listen. AM/FM freqs are not mentioned, of course. JJR-WI
1080 WOKT KY Cannonsburg 10/11 0526 Poor but atop for a second with ads, Walk FM, into Christian AC mx. EB-MI
1080 KNDK ND Langdon 11/17 0826 P County Classics live on KNDK AM 1080. No KYMN. JJR-MI
1080 KRLD TX Dallas 11/12 G- 0625 G Local news/sports 903mi. AJ-AZ
1090 KXMA CO Aurora 11/23 0749 F! almost LOUD. Local ads, phone numbers alone. No usual WAQE. JJR-MI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Center 11/17 0656 P 70s oldies:Exile, Barry White. Classic Hits 101-5 JJR-MI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Center 11/4 0737 P Classic Hits 101-5. Promos for 93.9 106.9 sports bcsts. JJR-MI
1090 KEXS MO Excelcior Springs 11/27 0607 P Catholic talk in fade up o/KAAY. Only fit, assumed. JJR-WI
1090 KTGO ND Tioga 11/18 0635 P "KTGO Tioga" noted in promos, incl ND hunting how w/others. JJR-MI
1090 KVOP TX Plainview 11/12 0635 F-P Area farming weather for west Texas. 606mi. AJ-AZ
1100 KFAX CA San Francisco 11/12 0655 F-P ID Christian talk. Nulled out KNZZ 590mi. AJ-AZ
1100 KNZZ CO Grand Junction 11/12 0700 G ID Business & Political talk 370mi. AJ-AZ
1100 WZFG MN Dillworth 11/22 0732 P no usual WTAM. News, calls, I'm Craig ..... JJR-MI
1100 WISS WI Berlin 11/9 0601 P w/LID for 102.3 WAUH, 98.3 xlator & WISS Berlin. WTAM nulled. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1110 WTOF AL Bay Minette 11/12 2120 to 2140. On late. Poor. Several recorded religious preaching programs and solicitations for support. WTOF and WMOB call letters given @ 2139. TPK-WI
1110 WTOF AL Bay Minette 11/10 2109 F -no KFAB."WMOB we are here for you." So Gos/REL mx//WMOB. JJR-WI
1110 WTOF AL Bay Minette 11/10 0546 P Mobile's Christian Voice...WMOB Mobile, REL music. Alone.JJR-WI
1110 WGNZ OH Fairborn 11/6 0627 Fair with C&W Gospel mx, Singing News Radio EB-MI
1110 WSLV TN Ardmore 11/30 1843 P- Country format, local traffic report, ID "Cat Country 105.1", promo by Rascall Flatts, 4th new one tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1130 KBMR ND Bismarck 11/4 0800 P way u/KTLK WISN w/OLD C&W, LID into mx. 1st time this season. JJR-MI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 11/22 0807 P foggy, frosty. KXRB wx:54 high with sun! No CHRB today. JJR-MI
1140 KXRB SD Sioux Falls 11/4 0718 P Sioux Empire Fair, Sioux Falls area. Alone. JJR-MI
1140 CHRB AB High River 11/21 0709 F almost. High River ments in local newscast. Alone. JJR-MI
1150 KASM MN Albany 11/22 0806 F! LOUD Catholic Financial, wx, Kasm Radio. All alone. JJR-MI
1150 CJSL SK Estevan 11/17 0741 P w/WHBY, others nulled. SH's super stn: CJ 1150. JJR-MI
1170 WGMP AL Montgomery 11/28 2101 F- heard mention of Montgomery and "104.9 the Gump", lost to a spanish station, listed 850w day, 7w nite, NEW! TL-IN
1170 KOWZ MN Waseca 11/4 0759 Vp 106.3 & 1170AM the Train. All alone. weak. JJR-MI
1170 WCXN NC Claremont 11/30 2059 F-G non-stop regional Mexican music, english ID at 0159, 5th new one tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1170 KFAQ OK Tulsa G-P 11/8 2230 Talk and news. ID. Nice signal at times. 932mi. AJ-AZ
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 11/11 0530 to 0600. Poor to fair. WHAM QRM. Male SS anncr w/ Mexican regional mx. “ La Jefa “ ID mentioned between each song along w/ 99.3 in SS. TPK-WI
1180 WGUE AR Turrell 11/10 1646 G- loud with spanish music, English ID as "This is WGUE Turrell, W257CY Memphis, K268DA Memphis. Broadcast La Jefa". TL-IN
1190 KQQZ IL Fairview Heights 11/10 2120 P "KQQZ" jingle w/other C&W and no WOWO to be found! JJR-WI
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City 11/25 2058 G- catholic programming, KC weather, long list of station calls that carry programs, [ex-KPHN]. TL-IN
1190 KDMR MO Kansas City 11/8 0531 P even w/a weak WOWO. Catholic Rosary. Assumed. JJR-WI
1190 CFSL SK Weyburn 11/17 1934 P -WOWO nulled. DiscoverWeyburn.com noted. Usually stronger:SRS.JJR-MI
1200 WFCN TN Nashville 11/10 1640 to 1645. Poor w/some WRTO-IL QRM. Christian mx and talk. // to the Streema webcast. Gone after 1645 power down. TPK-WI
1210 WTXK AL Pike Road 11/10 1925 to 1935. Not 3 watts. Poor w/QRM from partially nulled WPHT. Play by play of the Troy Trojans/St. Louis Billikens BB game. // to a web stream. TPK-WI
1210 KOKK SD Huron 11/19 0810 Ptho atop. Huron, SD ments in 4 mins of news. Alone. Solid. JJR-MI
1210 KOKK SD Huron 11/17 1933 P others nulled. Juice Newton, other OLD C&W. Calls. JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 11/24 0816 P w/delayed ABC nx o/weak CJRB(assumed)-Kohls ad, calls. JJR-MI
1220 KZEE TX Weatherford 11/7 1820 to 1840 Mostly very poor. Weak audio fading in and out of the din. WHKW-OH in null. Asian Indian vocal songs. // to their web stream. TPK-WI
1220 WLSD VA Big Stone Gap 11/12 1603 to 1630. Mostly poor. WKRS-IL in null. Vocal songs that sounded like contemporary Christian. A female anncr kept mentioning 93.5 between songs. At 1621 a male anncr gave the wx and the call signs WLSD and WAXM. (WAXM is on 93.5.) WAXM ‘s webcast wasn’t // to WLSD’s broadcast. TPK-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/19 0700 P t/c, This is CJRB news. WKRS nulled. No others in. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/10 2151 Vp while listening to 2-3 stns on freq "CJRB" popped thru. JJR-WI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/7 2000 Poor but on top @ TOH. WHKW-OH in null. LID @ TOH. Female anncr w/ wx. TPK-WI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 11/24 0815 P Oldies Radio KGHS, satellite fed in fade up. JJR-MI
1230 KMRS MN Morris 11/24 0811 P in fade up. Calls & FM107.7 ment. "here in Morris..." lost. JJR-MI
1230 KMRS MN Morris 11/19 0841 P -l o n g forecast. Wind chill -2 at KMRS in Morris w/others. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 11/23 0807 P Northern State Bank in T F Falls. In again! JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 11/22 0729 P ....on KTRF AM 1230. Still in 1 hr later. Wow! JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 11/17 0908 P detailed wx,KTRF Thief River Falls said a few times.JJR-MI
1230 KWNO MN Winona 11/20 0630 Vp KWNO 1230 & FM 98.7, and then lost in mess. JJR-MI
1230 WXCO WI Wausau 11/19 0616 P contest promo for (co-owned) SportsFan 100.5 thru others. JJR-MI
1240 KICD IA Spencer 11/18 0800 P-mess "8 o'clock at KICS Spencer" live jock, into Sun morn REL.JJR-MI
1240 WSBC IL Chicago 11/23 1801 P -pulled out of mess w/LID, ETHnic talk. JJR-MI
1240 WJIM MI Lansing 11/21 1731 P "on 1240 WJIM" popping thru mess. Talk formatted. JJR-MI
1240 KDLR ND Devils Lake 11/20 0743 P"on 1240" song, farm nx, Lake Buick/GMC, "in Devils Lake" JJR-MI
1240 WHFA WI Poynette 11/17 1914 Vp tho Catholic (EWTN) Rosary cut thru sports, talk, chatter. JJR-MI
1250 WGL IN Fort Wayne 11/6 0549 Poor with local ads, Fox Sports EB-MI
1250 WJMK MI Bridgeport 11/19 0802 P MeTV music. LID. I Can See Clearly Now,Johnny Nash--others.JJR-MI
1260 WCCR OH Cleveland 11/23 1757 P EWTN, 1260 the Rock and LID w/others. Been a while. JJR-MI
1270 WMKT MI Charlevoix 11/6 0703 "WMKT Northern Michigan Weather...." by male announcer. Fair then faded. GH-IL
1270 WXYT MI Detroit 11/12 1938 P alone. 5 mins of nat'l ads, CBS Sportradio. NO calls over bumber music. Good production. Not! JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 11/27 0628 P NBC SportsRadio,fade,calls. Lost to REL outlet. WKBF off. JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 11/24 0811 P NBC SportsRadio, for the Lakes Region-1270AM. No others! JJR-MI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 11/10 1928 P w/others but "3-W-I" slogan popped thru briefly. JJR-WI
1270 WWWI MN Baxter 11/4 0648 P alone. 3WI-News Sports Talk 1270 AM, no WMKT. NBC Sports. JJR-MI
1270 KFAN MN Rochester 11/30 0645 Vp tho "the Fan" heard. Assumed. Not heard in a while. JJR-WI
1270 WQTT OH Marysville 11/10 1927 P w/WKBF off this was a nice find. True Oldies, WQTT. Alone. JJR-WI
1270 KRXO OK Claremore 11/30 1619 Poor but atop briefly. Oklahoma FB discussion. “The Franchise” and 107.9 FM hrd. TPK-WI
1270 WLBR PA Lebanon 11/30 1515 to 1535 Fair and on top most of the time. End of a Sean Hannity program segment. “ Your full service radio station WLBR “ hrd @ 1524. Station identification @ BOH mentioned WQIC-FM on 100.1. Their audio was slightly garbled cuz they were off frequency and high by about 12 hertz. Power drop noted upon 1545 recheck. TPK-WI
1270 KNWC SD Sioux Falls 11/18 1800 P Faith 1270, LID, SRN news. Not common despite closeness. JJR-MI
1280 KNBY AR Newport 11/17 1758 "KNBY AM1280 Jackson County (missed)" by male announcer. Oldies MX then another similar ID. Strong ..no WONW. NEW! GH-IL
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 11/27 0625 P tho solid, alone. FF music and chatter. Calls. JJR-WI
1280 CFMB QC Montreal 11/14 0544 P FF songs "CFMB, CFMB" jingle, woman w/chatter. Alone. JJR-WI
1300 WJZ MD Baltimore 11/28 0558 P no WOOD! "CBS SportsRadio 1300" faded. address comes up as unn WJZ. Assumed. JJR-WI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 11/20 0733 P AM 1300 the Legends after song. Fox news at :33. Atop,no WOOD.JJR-MI
1300 KMMO MO Marshall 11/14 0622 P Lafayette Country Truck & Farm, Ph# matched. Farm nx, C&W JJR-WI
1300 KOLY SD Mobridge 11/4 0949 P WOOD nulled. C.Dion song, AM 1300 KOLY. 1st time this season. JJR-MI
1310 WTLC IN Indianapolis 11/12 0559 P no WIBA. LID:"AM 1310 the Light, WTLC AM Indianapolis" JJR-WI
1310 KZRG MO Joplin 11/28 0645 P 102.9 105.9 & 1310 KZRG. Contact us via FB. No WIBA. JJR-WI
1310 CIWW ON Ottawa 11/20 0730 P traffic, wx on the 1s. 1310 News atop others. JJR-MI
1310 CIWW ON Ottawa 11/12 1934 P-WIBA nulled. Chatter:Trudeau,Canada politics I miss Oldies 1310! JJR-WI
1320 WDMJ MI Marquette 11/20 0823 P Danny Lipford Sun on NewsTalk 1320 WDMJ & 1240 WIAN (WIAN has been off easily 18 months!) JJR-MI
1320 KHRT ND Minot 11/22 0654 P but atop, wx, time -calls and a live jock! Not on bird. SoGOS JJR-MI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 11/27 0558 P Coast 2 Coast, fades, LID in fade up. Atop for next 30 mins. JJR-WI
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 11/13 0618 F at 60/9! Pounding in w/Kans ments, "KU" Jayhawks, etc. JJR-WI
1330 CJYM SK Rosetown 11/25 0640 P -WLOL in back. Classic Hits 1330. 1210// not in. R.Stewart. JJR-MI
1340 WXFN IN Muncie 11/30 1555 G- Sports talk, many Muncie mentions in local ads, new one here as my local WTRC was off. NEW! TL-IN
1340 WLEW MI Bad Axe 11/30 1700 P- Clear "AM 13-40 Bad Axe, Michigan" ID in local WTRC absence. Second new one here tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1340 KDLM MN Detroit Lakes 11/22 0804 P CBS update, Detroit Lakes Central Market o/w others. JJR-MI
1340 KXPO ND Grafton 11/24 0859 P on tuning in "1340 K X P O" and C&W. Not hrd in while! Nice! JJR-MI
1340 KIJV SD Huron 11/19 0909 P up-tempo HotAC stood out. Tiger95. 1st time in years! JJR-MI
1360 KKBJ MN Bemidji 11/22 0905 P ads galore, MN Daily News.com, Green Mall(?)pizza, Talk Radio 1360 & 106.3, Glenn Beck ---not Gallagher I was chasing other day, thus KKBJ ruled out. JJR-MI
1380 WPHM MI Port Huron 11/23 0736 P ...parade at 6 o clock in Port Huron.... no usual WOTE. JJR-MI
1380 KLIZ MN Brainerd-Baxter 11/24 0858 P Black River Bank, wx:snow, LID&1380theFan. No WOTE! JJR-MI
1380 KAGE MN Winona 11/30 0700 P popped in:LID, "a Leighton Broadcasting stn" not heard in while.
1380 KOTA SD Rapid City 11/20 0726 P closing prices, stocks, "in S Dakota" calls finally. JJR-MI
1380 KQKD SD Redfield 11/17 0812 P others tightly nulled. "KQKD radio" 70s/80s OLDies. JJR-MI
1390 KRRZ ND Minot 11/23 0817 P Weatherology, Classic Hits KRRZ. No KHRT or KCJB tho! JJR-MI
1390 KRRZ ND Minot 11/17 0903 P thru others. One of these Nights, Eagles. Calls. JJR-MI
1390 WNIO OH Youngstown 11/30 0620 P no WGRB. Omaha Steaks,Tru-Car, WNIO, the Sports Animal. JJR-WI
1400 WMAN OH Mansfield 11/21 1700 Poor but on top upon tune in. Ad ( 3 year anniversary sale ) for a car related business serving the area within the Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo triangle. “ News Radio 98.3 “. TPK-WI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 11/23 0711 P 98-7 the Brew, Holiday Sounds weekend w/others nulled. JJR-MI
1400 WBIZ WI Eau Claire 11/4 0714 P steady. 98-7 the Brew, Sweet Home Alabama. Others nulled. JJR-MI
1410 KGRN IA Grinnell 11/12 0530 P no WIZM all SRS.Still in 50 min later:"21 deg, 6:21 at KGRN" JJR-WI
1410 KLEM IA LeMars 11/4 0731 P w/calls and 96.9FM ment. No WIZM, unusual. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 11/24 0856 P in/out w/WIZM. C&W. calls. Music really thru me off! JJR-MI
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 11/22 0902 P "...a service of KLFD..." & KRWB now in back. JJR-MI
1410 KLFD MN Litchfield 11/19 0959 P Lakes area radio....KLFD Radio. Alone. No usual WIZM. JJR-MI
1410 KRWB MN Roseau 11/22 0901 Vp w/LID for AM, FM xlator. Classic ROCK, chasing UNID C&W. JJR-MI
1420 WOC IA Davenport 11/7 0639 P NewsTalk 1420 WOC. Quad City ments. Alone. JJR-WI
1420 WHK OH Cleveland 11/28 0616 P Hugh Hewitt, "AM 1420 the Answer" (vs Omaha's KOTK Answer where 94.5 is mentioned.) Same programming/feed.) No KTOE. JJR-WI
1430 WION MI Ionia 11/27 0619 P w/"i-1430 and FM 92.7 WION" Atop. Rarely in here. JJR-WI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 11/11 0559 P -clear "WZYX"w/3-4 other stns. Possible Sun morn REL show. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1440 KTNO TX University Park 11/30 0510 P tho atop.SS was not in earlier, nor mins later. //web.JJR-WI
1440 KTNO TX University Park 11/28 0615 P Bible verses in EE/SS //web. Alone. JJR-WI
1440 KTNO TX University Park 11/12 0528 P EE/SS ads,psa's. TX b'casters, TX Nat'l Guard. //web. JJR-WI
1440 KTNO TX University Park 11/7 2250 to 2305 Poor but on top. SS religious chatter. Several “ Radio Luz “ IDs and a LID in EE @ TOH. TPK-WI
1450 KBUN MN Bemidji 11/22 0822 P KBUN SportRadio.... in the Brainerd Lakes area. Atop others. JJR-MI
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 11/19 0935 P tho atop. Blue Shield/Blue Cross in ND. 1450 KBMW&FM94.3.JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1450 KZZJ ND Rugby 11/23 0815 P alone. Many ND temps. Rugby Job Development Authrority. Calls. JJR-MI
1450 KZZJ ND Rugby 11/22 1821 P morn show:nx, sports. Country all day 1450 -92.1 KZZJ. Fade up JJR-MI
1450 KZZJ ND Rugby 11/21 2019 P "1450 & 92.1 FM" thru hour. Nice LID at TOH though. C&W. JJR-MI
1460 KKAQ MN Thief River Falls 11/23 0828 P Real Country 1460 KKAQ. Not a peep out of KXNO. JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 11/19 0831 P gift certificates for area businesses. Atop. That was unusual. JJR-MI
1470 WBTX VA Broadway 11/6 0640 Very poor with C&W Gospel mx, local ads, WBTX wx, lost. EB-MI
1490 KBUR IA Burlington 11/30 0816 P tho solid,strong a min or so. calls, Doug,Jen & Victoria. JJR-WI
1490 KRIB IA Mason City 11/21 1856 Vp "1490 & 96.7 FM -KRIB" At the Hop, Danny & Juniors. Mess. JJR-MI
1490 KJOQ MN Duluth 11/25 0730 Fair signals on top most of the time with sports talk programming. ID given as “Twin Ports Sports”. Not new but not heard very often. SMA-MB
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha 11/19 1835 Vp 4 Seasons song, Boomer 1490 & 104.1 and then lost. JJR-MI
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha 11/19 0828 P The Letter,Boxtop. Boomer 1490 & now 104.1 w/others. JJR-MI
1490 KOVC ND Valley City 11/23 0809 P alone.Valley Meat Supply, on Main in Valley City. calls. JJR-MI
1490 KOVC ND Valley City 11/19 1737 Vp in mess YL"in Valley City" JJR-MI
1490 WLFN WI LaCrosse 11/19 2050 Vp Mark Levin on Today's Talk 1490. TodaysTalk1490.com, lost. JJR-MI
1530 KFBK CA Sacramento 12/27 2200 F ID, Station Traffic commercial. News 590mi AJ-AZ
1530 KQSP MN Shakopee 11/17 1900 P-WCKY nulled.LID,USA news after tuning in at:12.No calls ever!JJR-MI
1560 KKAA SD Aberdeen 11/23 0825 F! 701-252-XXXX Heritage Insur. Dakota locations, Farm news. JJR-MI
1560 KKAA SD Aberdeen 11/19 0821 F! This is AgNews 80 1560 & Thunder 106.1. Alone, atop. JJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 11/22 0816 P tho no usual WLKD. MN news stories. Calls //KQKK FM inAM drive.JJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 11/4 0655 P show promo:Oldies 1570AM & 96.3 FM, Northern MN ments. JJR-MI
1570 WKBH WI Holmen 11/19 0647 P solid Relevant Radio feed. No usual WLKD. Only fit. JJR-MI
1580 KFCS CO Colorado Springs P-F 11/8 2130 Christian music - Variety, Good ID. 507mi FCC DB 140W. Also In/Out AJ-AZ
1580 WPGC MD Morningside 11/30 0545 P power up. EE psas into ESPN Deportes. CKDO weak today. JJR-WI
1580 KDOM MN Windom 11/19 0853 P KDOM Swap line. Many people w/507 area codes mentioned. Alone. JJR-MI
1590 WTVB MI Coldwater 11/28 0703 P "in Coldwater" in car, plumbing ads. Lost to WCGO power up. JJR-WI
1590 WGBW WI Denmark 11/14 0646 Fair signals rising to be on top with complete sign on information but no anthem heard. Into oldies music. SMA-MB
1600 KEPN CO Lakewood 11/9 2035 Good signals on top with sports highlights and scores and replays of Pioneer Hockey. ESPN 1600 ID. I was not expecting them but nice catch for night time DX. SMA-MB
1600 WAOS GA Austell 11/21 1725 to 1740 Inaudible to poor. Mixing w/ other poor stns. KGYM-IA not around. SS male and female anncrs. Phone call-in or phone interview show. // to a webcast. TPK-WI
1600 WAOS GA Austell-Atlanta 11/10 1948 P lively SS music. Le Mejor sweepers, LID @ :01 JJR-WI
1600 KIVA NM Albuquerque P-F 11/8 2030 Political talk. 320 mi. FCC Database says 175W. Think it's running more, but not full 10K daytime. Slow fade in/out. AJ-AZ
1600 WWRL NY New York 11/30 0553 P thru a fade in by KGYM. Ethnic programming stood out. //web. JJR-WI
1600 KDAK ND Carrington 11/17 1912. Poor and audible only briefly. KGYM-IA in null. “ AM 1600 The Cardinal, KDAK Carrington translated on 100.1 FM, locally owned and operated by I3G media “. ABC nx. TPK-WI
1600 KDAK ND Carrington 11/17 0835 P -701-490-XXXX, Help Wanted. Buffalo ?? sales... thru othersJJR-MI
1600 WUCT TN Algood 11/17 1750 to 1800. Inaudible to poor. KGYM-IA in null. Call letters ,94.1 FM, Algood, and Cookville all hrd. TPK-WI
1600 WZZW WV Milton 11/18 0805. Briefly fair on car radio. Male anncr w/wx. HI-53, LO-39. “. . . radio 800 . . . WVHU “. ( note: WZZW//WVHU ) TPK-WI
1600 WKKX WV Wheeling 11/19 0600 TOH ID and Local Ad. Fair no WAAM. Not heard in a long time. GH-IL
1600 WRPN WI Ripon 11/27 2125 F- fading in and out with classic hits music. Gave ID as “Your Hometown Stations 93.1 and 1600”. New format and translator in use. Checked the web site and it agrees with what I heard. SMA-MB
1640 KZLS OK Enid 11/20 0805 P TownHall news, YL local news, fades, talk. Hopinf for needed Oregon. No sign of usual WSJP. JJR-MI
1650 CINA ON Mississauga 11/24 0759 P many ads w/phone #'s & a nice"Mississauga"-ETHnic Alone. JJR-MI
1670 CJEU QC Gatineau-Ottawa 11/20 0803 P w/FF all lone and no usual WOZN. JJR-MI
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 11/28 2100 "Money Talk" slogan. In WVON partial null. CR-IL
1690 KDMT CO Arvada 11/22 0642 P Bloomberg Markets, Money Talk 1690AM. WVON way down today. JJR-MI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 11/14 0532 P 1690 AM WPTX tween softer OLDies. Alone, no WVON. JJR-WI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1690 CHTO ON Toronto 11/30 0500 P no WVON. Alone, steady w/LID, AM1690.ca by W. JJR-WI
1690 CHTO ON Toronto 11/28 2050 in partial WVON null with Greek language music. CR-IL
1690 CHTO ON Toronto 11/27 0619 P and no WVON! "AM 1690" tween ETHnic songs, ballads JJR-WI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
900 unID 11/12/ 2230 to 2300 (11/13 0500 UTC ). Weak SS station mixing w/a mostly nulled CHML. Non-mexican salsa style mx. 4 tones descending in pitch @ TOH. “. . . la voz de . . .” hrd after the tones. Not // to XEW, Radio Progreso or La Voz de Cali webcasts. TPK-WI
1070 unID 11/5 1815 to 1930 Inaudible to poor. WTSO-WI in null. A station with lively SS anncrs, contemporary SS songs, and ads in SS was fading in and out at all the wrong times. No web match could be found. I suspect WCSZ-SC but their web stream was off line. TPK-WI
1200 unID 11/10 1700 to 1703. Vpoor w/ WRTO-IL QRM. Went off air after a female vocal SSB. KYOO-MO most likely. TPK-WI
1220 UNID 11/10 2150 P w/sports (basketball or football) "on 1220 and ??.7FM" Stumped in South Milwaukee! JJR-WI
1360 UNID 11/20 0839 P steady. Mike Gallagher show. Noted on 11/19 at 0906CST too. Not CT. Lost!JJR-MI
1410 UNID 11/10 1940 P Urban Gospel music, Woman announcer "Gospel music" and lost. JJR-WI
1600 unIDs 11/17 1700 to 2000. KGYM-IA in null. About 5 unIDs w/audio during this time including a SS station w/Mexican mx, NCAA college football on the Touch Down radio network, a station mentioning Memphis and Arkansas(WMQM??), and a southern gospel station that wasn’t KATZ-MO. After 2000 WAAM-MI showed up and wouldn’t let go. TPK-WI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
530 CUBA Radio Rebelde Nov29 0108 live sporting event. Mixing with Radio Enciclopedia and in CIAO null. //5025 SW. CR-IL
530 CUBA CMBR Cuba La Habana Nov23 0312 P SS “Radio Enciclopedia” Strong modulation, rapid fading 1922mi. AJ-AZ
760 CUBA Guane Nov11 1215 P w/WJR easily nulled. Steady,EE mx& "Revolicion..Habana...Progresso"JJR-WI
800 NETHERLAND ANTILLES Nov29 0127 weak in CKLW null with Spanish religious talk. CR-IL
800 BONAIRE PJB Trans World Radio Nov 25 0230 – Man with Spanish language religious talk. Heard // their web feed for confirmation as well as KW4VA SDR feed on line. Heard weakly under CHAB. NEW COUNTRY #76 on BCB. NEW! SMA-MB
870 CUBA 11/20 0335 Radio Reloj synchros. Very poor. Only the “ RR “ morse code being hrd punching thru a strong WWL. TPK-WI
890 CUBA CMDZ Chambas 11/20 0250 Radio Progreso. Poor u/ Mark Levin on WLS. SS male anncr and SS male vocal songs. // to their webcast. TPK-WI
1090 MEXICO XEPRS BC Playas de Rosarito Nov12 1240 F ESPN Radio Golic & Wingo. 315mi. AJ-AZ
1700 MEXICO XEPE Tecate Nov20 1247 P ESPN mentions, chatter. w/others. Steady. JJR-MI
Trans-Atlantic loggings (GMT):
252 ALGERIA TIPAZA CHAINE 3 11/28 2113 very faint signal with French language talk and background music. Tough copy due to extreme noise level on LW at my location. Matched with web stream. NEW! CR-IL
TIMES BELOW ARE CENTRAL DAYLIGHT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::TIMES ABOVE ARE CENTRAL STANDARD

550 KFYR ND Bismarck 11/3 0721 P and no WSAU! Walking On Sunshine,K/Waves, calls,Mike Wagner.JJR-MI
580 KBUC CO Montrose 11/2 0714 P "...Montrose.." 580 KBUC thru others. No one dominates 580. JJR-MI
580 KIDO ID nAMpa 11/1 0700 P wx:sun 50 -KIDO TalkRadio thru others. JJR-MI
580 CFRA ON Ottawa 11/1 0736 F OntarioCars.ca time traffic local ments. Usually never in. JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/3 0740 P 660 Newstime 6:40, traffic & wx on the 1s is next, by YL. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/2 0653 P steady. 660 News, right now in Calgary. Wx given. JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 11/1 0732 P ad:Capitol Direct, time, traffic, 660 News. Alone. JJR-MI
740 KNFL ND Fargo 11/1 0853 F talk on MN sports. Fan Net//730 KWOA. Moved on. JJR-MI
770 WTOR NY Youngstown 11/1 0727 P ETHnic prog in most of morning, Toronto ads, phones. Atop. JJR-MI
810 WZRK WI Dodgeville 11/2 0840 P -steady, no WJJQ. Very hard rock/metal. Z Rock. JJR-MI
810 CKJS MB Winnipeg 11/2 0710 P -phone #s, web add .ca, ETHnic. Not common. JJR-MI
820 WBKK MN Wilton 11/1 0920 P EWTN Catholic Talk. Never this "common" b4. Used to be difficult!JJR-MI
830 WCCO MN Minneapolis 11/2 2345 Holding its own with KLAA Los Angeles (Orange). Timberwolves game. 1237 miles AJ-AZ
830 KUYO WY Evansville 11/1 2110 to 2120. On late. Fair signal but always u/ a stronger WCCO. Interview with a Christian book author. // to webcast. TPK-WI
840 KWDF LA Ball 11/1 0645 to 0700 Inaudible to poor u/an unnulled WHAS. Came on air @ 0645 w/a male talking emphatically. // to webcast. The man was preaching about God. TPK-WI
840 KTIC NE West Point 11/1 0700 to 0705 Poor to fair and sometimes even w/WHAS. Station came on air @ 0700 w/nx and wx. “KTIC-840 Country”. TPK-WI
860 KNUJ MN New Ulm 11/1 0725 P 7:25 at KNUJ, local chatter o/CJBC. Unusually early. JJR-MI
900 WKDA TN Lebanon 11/28 1955 Religious talk in Spanish. Radio Luz mention. Also matched to web stream. CR-IL
900 CKBI SK Prince Albert 11/3 0739 P Hot New Country 900 CKBI. No CHML. JJR-WI
940 KVSH NE Valentine 11/2 0730 P Cowboy FB at 2PM on KVSH and KVSH.com. Atop. No CJGX. JJR-MI
940 CJGX SK Yorkton 11/1 0919 P zero degrees(c) snow in MB. Ads. Still in, atop. JJR-MI
950 WAKM TN Franklin 11/1 0100 "AM 950 WAKM Franklin" by male announcer. fair in WNTD null.NEW! GH-IL
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/1 0918 P CFAM Radio 950. local talk, WWJ gone. JJR-MI
960 CFAC AB Calgary 11/3 0736 Vp but bits & pieces cutting thru: Hockey, Alberta,.ca, ofCalgary.JJR-MI
Added to DX-midAMerica's Top 7+3 ----------
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 11/3 0732 P w/MVP nulled easily. "Komonews" ABC Perpectives/Sherry Preston.JJR-MI
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 11/3 0405 Local news, road conditions 1035mi AJ-AZ
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 11/2 0728 P chatter in earlier and a nice "Komo news time 5:29"WMVP nulled.JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 11/3 0729 P various AB cities, Calgary Olympic bid. Assumed. JJR-MI
1010 CBR AB Calgary 11/3 0520 Talk, information. CBC identification 1127mi AJ-AZ
1020 KMMQ NE Plattsmouth 11/3 0703 P end of song, poss ID F M...LaRaza..... Not KDKA, hi. JJR-MI
1040 WHO IA Des Moines 11/2 0515 Local News, weather and talk 1135mi AJ-AZ
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 11/2 0833 P games on (co-owned) River 92-7. "on KGFX...." in newscast. JJR-MI
1060 KGFX SD Pierre 11/1 0849 P calls, Max Armstrong/Farm,temp:36,AMerican Ag Net,chasingEWTNer.JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/2 0706 P SB405,NB710, EastLA,Anaheim in traffic by YL. Hi:70, calls.JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 11/1 0648 P "...tells KNX..." in fade up o/WTSO. JJR-MI
1070 KSKK MN Verndale 11/2 0720. Fair and hetting 1070 w/a strong 62 hertz hum. Male anncr giving the AM Minnesota News. Frequency measured @ 1070.0623 khz. TPK-WI
1080 KNDK ND Langdon 11/1 0914 P Tom Shemanski weather --ND temps. into Talk show:News&Views. JJR-MI
1090 KSOU IA Sioux Center 11/2 0830 P but fade up, Classic Hits101-5, Baby I Love You,A.FranklinJJR-MI
1090 KNWS IA Waterloo 11/2 0829 Vp end of REL show f/Lutheran church, Calls. lost to KSOU. JJR-MI
1120 WUST DC Washington 11/1 0755 P steady w/KMOX nulled. //web stream. ETHnic. JJR-MI
1140 CHRB AB High River 11/1 0718 F! S.AB's community radio stn, AM 1140. C&W. Almost LOUD! JJR-MI
1150 KASM MN Albany 11/1 0912 P MN Political ad, calls, HSFB play offs:Friday.JJR-MI
1160 WPIE NY Trumansburg 11/1 0750 P ESPN, 800 Flowers, Progressive, etc. Atop, alone. Assumed. JJR-MI
1220 KDDR ND Oakes 11/2 0825 P KDDR 1220 & 95.9FM, ND political ad, C&W. CJRB way in back. JJR-MI
1220 CHRB MB Bossevain 11/2 0705 P Wet-Man news desk, Postal workers on strike. Alone. JJR-MI
1220 CJRB MB Boissevain 11/1 0717 P t/c, CJRB Radio 1220 local chatter. Atop. JJR-MI
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1230 KMRS MN Morris 11/3 0729 P"pharmacy in Morris"KMRS newstime7:29.local newscast on Sat!Atop.JJR-MI
1230 KTRF MN Thief River Falls 11/3 0805 P KTRF 1230 & FM 93.3 forecast by YL atop. JJR-MI
1230 KWSN SD Sioux Falls 11/1 0828 P Dan Patrick cut thru other on freq. Calls, 98.1 ment. JJR-MI
1260 KWYR SD Winner 11/2 0750 P Country 1260 -Real Country for SD & NE. All back 2 normal, hi! JJR-MI
1260 KWYR SD Winner 11/1 0911 P "on Main in Gregory(SD) " 605-835-XXXX. JJR-MI
1270 WXYT MI Detroit 11/3 0800 P LID as WXYT & WXYT-HD, etc, CBS Sports. No WMKT, etc. JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 11/1 0942 P 1300theLegends,'tween Dolly Pardon/Ode to Billy Joe.Tight null.JJR-MI
1320 KHRT ND Minot 11/2 0718 0718 P but steady. Solid, no WILS, Calls, SoGOS. 1390,910 not in.JJR-MI
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 11/1 0906 P SD polittical ad, KELO 1320 107.9 and Kelo.com "Kelo" JJR-MI
1330 CJYM SK Rosetown 11/3 0757 P local ads. Too weak to copy. CJYM Classic Hits 1330. JJR-MI
1340 WLEW MI Bad Axe 11/3 0837 Vp-Bad Axe ment & really old twangy (good) C&W w/OLD C&W in back.JJR-MI
1370 KWTL ND Grand Forks 11/2 0950 to 1000. Poor to fair. Catholic EWTN programming. “ Real Presence Radio”. LID @ 0959. TPK-WI
1380 KQKD SD Redfield 11/1 0936 P Rock On, David Essex, calls tight thru others. WOTE gone. JJR-MI
1410 WDOE NY Dunkirk 11/3 1759 "(missed) and 94.9 FM WDOE" by male announcer. Surfaced briefly over QRM then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1430 KRGI NE Grand Island 11/1 0820 P thru mess. Calls, FM ment out of song. Lively host. JJR-MI
1440 KCHE IA Cherokee 11/1 0904 P ".. motor co in Cherokee" 225-XXXX. Thru others. JJR-MI
1440 WZYX TN Cowan 11/1 1800 to 1810. Mostly poor w/ WROK in null. Fox nx, local wx, and ads. Adult contemporary mx format. The Eagle phone app and 94.5 and 95.3 FM were mentioned. TPK-WI
1450 KBMW MN Breckenridge 11/1 0930 P local,regional nx -29 degrees at KBMW. Atop freq. JJR-MI
1450 WDLB MI Marshfield 11/1 1800 P tho clear AM 1450 WDLB's w/Classic HITS. Nice Top40 in 1967!JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 11/3 0753 P WFNT.com radio auction, no KMNQ yet. JJR-MI
1470 WFNT MI Flint 11/1 0927 P NewsTalk 1470 WFNT thr others. HSFB Fri nite. JJR-MI
1490 KOMJ NE Omaha 11/1 2117 P Think,A.Franklin "Alexa Play Boomer Omaha"Against the Wind,Seger JJR-MI
1500 KSTP MN St.Paul 11/3 2330 F ESPN Radio College Football Talk 1244mi AJ-AZ
1510 KCKK CO Littleton 11/4 0000 G Simulcast 93.7 The Rock 545mi AJ-AZ
1520 KOKC OK Oklahoma City 11/4 0015 G Talking about OU football 836mi AJ-AZ
1530 KFBK CA Sacremento 11/4 0025 G News & Traffic 590mi AJ-AZ
1550 KIWA IA Sheldon 11/1 0900 P--LID, 100.7FM ment thu others. No WHIT for a change. JJR-MI
1560 KKAA SD Aberdeen 11/1 0858 P ShifferGroup.com(?) Land brokers,ND Farmers,polit ad:HeitcampJJR-MI
1570 KAKK MN Walker 11/1 0739 P steady. No WLKD.Longest 7 day forecast w/calls.Ments ofMNcities.JJR-MI
1600 KDAK ND Carrington 11/1 0924 P ND Political ads o/UNID C&W which faded. Farm news. JJR-MI
1600 WUCT TN Algood 11/03 2245 P- occasionally peaking with coverage of Alabama football, // stream, tip from RD-NE. TL-IN
1680 KGED CA Fresno 11/2 P 0741 P Americas First News w/WPRR weak and easily nullable. unn. JJR-MI

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX:
1170 UNID 11/2 0726 P atop/SS for 2nd time this week. 2 OMs talking. Totally at a loss on this. JJR-MI
Pan-AM loggings (GMT):
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HOT-Tippers/ the people who make DX-midAMerica possible: the A TEAM!
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/equipment-antennas used

SMA-MB Shawn M. Axelrod VE4DX1SMA, VEPC4SWL, Winnipeg MB Canada
Icom IC-R70,Drake R8, 3 foot un-AMplified box loop, Quantum QX LOOP v2.0, 155 Foot U shaped outdoor wire,
100 foot indoor wire run around the basement walls, MFJ 1026 Phasing unit

EB-MI Eric Berger, Carleton,MI
Sony XDR-S10HDiP

GH-IL Greg Harris, Park Forest, IL
FRG100/Quantum Loop

AJ-AZ Art Jackson KA5DWI/7 near Prescott AZ
Realistic DX-440, Radio Shack MW Loop/Tescun AN-200 -or 4 foot Boxloop (S.Axelrod design)
Radio Shack AM/FM/SW Travel Radio, 1-Foot Box-Loop
Realistic DX-440 and 68-foot Longwire (Inverted-L for 80M Ham Band)
(My original Box Loop 11/97 Monitoring Times design)

Jeff-MO, Jeff, North Central Missouri
Sangean PR-D4W Tecsun AN-200 loop or
Sangean ATS-909X Radio West Ferrite Loop

TPK-WI Tom Kirk, Milwaukee, WI
RFSpace CloudIQ sdr w/ a 160 foot, 2 wire phased system

TS-IN Tom Laskowski, South Bend, IN
Panasonic RF-2200

SP-WI Sheryl Paszkiewicz, Manitowoc,WI
NRD 525

JJR-MI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI
Grundig Satellit 750, Terk AM1000 loop, Sangean ATS-909X stock

JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee, WI
Icom IC-R75 MFJ-959B tuner, preamp, Kiwa loop

CR-IL Christos Rigas, Wood Dale, IL
Drake R8, Quantum QX Pro loop

TS-MI Tom Sanders, Lakeport MI
GE SuperRadio II barefoot

DX-midAMerica contributors are in these states/provinces:
AZ:1 IL:2 IN:1 MB:1 MI:3 MO:1 WI:3 =the DX Sunset skippin' Sunrise skippin' DIAL TOPPIN' 12!!

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