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Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck

Update 2023 - More Naka Dragon Stories & Videos
Kindly note that this BleusNak Web Page is constantly being updated and in-progress. Merci

S&V Revisit 2018 - Review of Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck

Mettre ŕ jour Magnifique ~ Super-Tuning a Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck

Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck ~ Official Informational Brochure

Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck ~ Performance & Technical Information

"Slaying" the Dragon??? ~ Uff-Dahh, That's definately a poorly worded statement!!!
Nevertheless ~ An interesting Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck review article (ToneAudio 2011)

Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck ~ Additional Reference Information


BleusNak Studio's Nakamichi Rehab Project
The Exceptional Nakamichi 680ZX Cassette Deck


For specific comments and/or inquiries related to vintage Nakamichi cassette deck gear portrayed on this site,
you may contact KJ Bleus at BleusNak Studios.
Email:BleusNak Studios, Ltd

Nakamichi ZX-9 Cassette Deck

Naka ZX-9 Update 2024
The BleusNak ZX-9 Rehab Project Revisited
Naka ZX-9 Update 2024

Awesome Mobile Nakamichi Gear on Display


Anatomy of a Nakamichi TD-560 Mobile Cassette/Tuner Deck

Welcome to the World of TD-560 Mobile Nakamichi !!!


A Glimpse of Nakamichi's Powerhouse Cassette Deck family of 1984

Selected Nakamichi customer brochures, magazine reviews,
and other information now available for viewing on this website:

The Legendary Nakamichi TM-1 Clock Radio System

Nakamichi's 550 Versatile Cassette System

Nak 1000 ZXL Ltd ~ Golden Treasure in Multi-Media Photo Collage

1000ZXL Ltd Cassette Deck
1000ZXL Cassette Deck

680/680ZX Cassette Deck
ZX-7 Cassette Deck

RX-505 Cassette Deck
RX-202 Cassette Deck
Nakamichi Dragon Compact Disc Deck
DR 1/2/3 Series Cassette Decks
DR-10 Informational Review

Nak T-100 Audio Analyzer (fantastique!)

Nakamichi Microphone Gear Webpages

'Nakamichi Spoken Here' 1980s Dealership Advisory Information

More 'Nakamichi Spoken Here' ~ Late 1970s Dealership Advisory Information on Cassette Tape

Nakamichi Cassette Deck Maintenance Guidelines

Hah Hah ..... The DeMagging Debate Continues (THF 2022) !!!
Degaussing/Demagnetizing Audio Cassette Decks

Numero Uno: Cleaning & Demagnetizing Cassette Decks

Annis Han-D-Mag & Magnetometer Kit Informational

Selected Nakamichi customer brochures, magazine reviews,
and other information coming to this website in the future:

BX Series Cassette Decks
CR Series Cassette Decks
MR Series Cassette Decks
Nakamichi ZXE Series Decks
Nakamichi ZXL Series Decks

Nakamichi HF/HP-100 Monitoring Head Phones

Cassette Tape Preservation & Restoration Methodologies

Nakamichi Research Calibration Cassette & Gauge Documentation

MX-100 Microphone Mixer
DPM-100 Digital Conversion System
Hi-Com II Noise Reduction System
Nakamichi Black Box Peripherals

Proverbial Blast from the Past - Nakamichi Cassette Deck Enthusiast's Marathon Tapes Project

Other useful Nakamichi related websites:

Nakamichi Achievements/History (Wikipedia)

Nakamichi Reference information and Web Links
Nakamichi of Japan website
Nakamichi of North America website
The Etsuro Nakamichi Foundation
Niro Nakamichi's Mythical Performance Concert Hall
Niro Nakamichi's WebBlog Site
Another Nakamichi Genius (Classical Pianist, Ikuyo Nakamichi)
Enthusiasts of Japan - Nakamichi Cassette Deck Reference website

Nakamichi Cassette Deck Model Information website

Nakamichi Cassette Deck Valuation Reference website

Nakamichi Cassette Deck Rehab & Repairs ~ Electronics Service Labs (USA East Coast)
Nakamichi Cassette Deck Rehab & Repairs ~ Willy Hermann Services (USA West Coast)
Worldwide Nakamichi Cassette Deck Service ~ Bowers & Wilkins (UK)

Wouter Heijke's Nakamichi Cassette Deck website
Naks.Com Wiki Archive website
Schenk's Nakamichi Cassette Deck & FAQ website
Scott Johnson's Nak Reference & FAQ Website

The Original Sonic Sense Nakamichi Cassette Deck FAQ Page
(BleusNak 2010 Archived Version)


Valuable guidance regarding collectible Audio Cassette Decks
Audio Cassette Revival (Part-time Audiophile Webpage)

Looking to grab some valuable & collectible Audio Cassette Tapes???
Dr.Bo's OXIDENATION Cassette Tape CyberStore

The BleusNak Cassette Photo Gallery


Bleus Cassette Mythos, Release Quattro

Bleus Cassette Mythos - Release Five (Sšiaurės Pašvaistė)

Coming Soon: Bleus Cassette Mythos - Release Sixtus Minorus

Original Bleus Cassette Mythos Pages


"The Quest Continues Nakamichi Research & Development Accomplishments"
A Brief History of Nakamichi Research Accomplishments 1950's to 1990s

Brief History of the Compact Audio Cassette

Audio Cassette & Mix-Tape Recordings

MFSL Audio Cassette Recordings of Yesteryear

Updated - Nakamichi Reference Audio Cassette Recordings

International Audio Cassette Image Gallery ~ Project C-90

Alexandr Vostokov's AnalogAudio Cassette Decks website
Updated and improved access, plus many additional new topics !!!

BleusNak Vintage Audio Advisory Services

Contact BleusNak Studio - Comments, Inquiries, Questions

Cassette Tapes in the Attic eBlog - Eclectic Analogue Cassette Related Commentary

Tapeheads Audio Gear & Cassette Discussion Board

Join in with the NakChatt & Cassette Forums !!!

NakChatt 2023 is an established eGroup for connecting with Nakamichi audio collectors. Have a look at the NakChatt website, and consider
joining enthusiasts world-wide to discuss the details and tweaks that can be made to their Nakamichi gear.
Its definately a growing scene for vintage Nakamichi audio enthusiasts.......

Join in on NakChatt 2023!!!

CassetteForum 2023 ~ Cassette Collectors eGroup

A dream come true ~ Classic Acura NS-X with Nakamichi audio gear inside

Nearly 35 Years - The BleusNak 1989 Honda Prelude 4WS activities


For specific comments and/or inquiries related to vintage Nakamichi cassette deck gear,
you may contact KJ Bleus at BleusNak Studios in Madison, Wisconsin USA.
Email:BleusNak Studios, Ltd

Contact BleusNak Studio - Comments, Inquiries, Questions

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