Blind Faith's Change of Address Story

Blind Faith's studio session instrumental "Change Of Address" soundbite (removed due to hosting authority ruling, March 2007)
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The story of how the '45 vinyl single titled 'Change Of Address' is somewhat curious, in that it was a cryptic attempt to place an unknown musical phenomenon into the music market, while using that group's music to make known Island Records (Chris Blackwell's) new office location. It is believed that 500 copies of the '45 vinyl were distributed, mostly to UK disc jockeys and other well-regarded individuals on the music scene. None were originally distributed outside of the United Kingdom. Details of how this extraordinary instrumental medley was created can be threaded to the rehearsals made early during 1969 by Baker, Clapton and Winwood. Clearly ahead of its time, this instrumental has a refined mix of jazz riffs layered with potent rock guitar riffs and double bass drum beats; Quite similar to an embryonic hatching of what was happening with fusion jazz during 1969! Listening to the Blind Faith Deluxe Edition's studio jams disc, you can hear an early version of the 'Change Of Address' instrumental done in a slower and less complex musical style. The final version was released on '45 vinyl, probably recorded during March or April of 1969 in London, and then carefully multi-tracked and finely mastered at Olympic Studios during May 1969.

How did this obscure and eclectic instrumental rise into the 21st century collector's hands?
More to come on this interesting story....... ~ K.J. Bleus

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