Vampire Hunter D FAQ

Who is D?
Is dhampire a real word?
Is D Dracula's son?
What is that Thing?
Why does D look different in some paintings?
Are there books on D?
Will there ever be a second Vampire Hunter D?
Where can I buy VHD?
Will VHD ever be rereleased?
D was on Sailor Moon?
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D is a Dharmpire, a human vampire hybrid. more character synopsis can be found at Who's Who in the Movie, Section.

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Yes, dhampire is a real word. Commonly used in many vampire role-playing games. Back to top

Yes and for proof.. "great ancestor"Ramika to D in the movie the great ancestor is Dracula, by calling D this she notes his resembelance to Dracula. When D corrects Ramika on her beliefs of the human vampire relationship "D: The strong eat the weak; the strong rule the world? I don't think that's what your family founder said. Ramika: Our founder?"Who else but Dracula's son would know this. For another example Count Lee notices a resemblance of D and Dracula,"[The Count looks over at the painting of the family's founder, Count Dracula. He then notices that the painting's face and D's are similiar.] Count: You ... you're the great ancestor's ...." Back to top

That thing is a symbiot, most people say that he more than likely manifested after D's birth or just shortly there after. In my opinion I think that the symbiot appeared as D hit maturity, hey some boys grow extra hair, he got the symbiot. The symbiot besides being sarcastic and somewhat mean spirited it did save D's life..Back to top

The watercolored versions are by Yoshitaka Amano, who illustrates the VHD novels. The other character designs for the anime are by the team Indri Goya, . (Amano is credited with character design for the movie.)Back to top

Yes, D has appeared in the novels of Hideuki Kikuchi, available only in Japanese. So far this is the list of the novels that I know of.
Volume 1: Kyuuketsuki Hantaa "D" (Vampire Hunter "D") 1983
Volume 2: Kaze Tachite "D" ("D" Raiser of Gales) 1984
Volume 3: D -- Yousatsukou (D Demon Deathchase) 1985
Volume 4: D -- Shigaitan (D Tale of the Dead City) 1986
Volume 5: D -- Yume Narishi D (D the Dreamt-of) 1986
Volume 6: D -- Seima Henreki (D Pilgrimage of the Sacred Demon) 1988
Volume 7: D -- Hokkai-Makou (D Demon Journey to the North Sea) 1988
Volume 8: D -- Baraki (D Rose Princess) 1994
Volume 9: D -- Aojiroki Datenshi (D Pale Fallen Angel) 1994-1996 (in four parts)
Volume 10: D -- Souei no Kishi (D The Twin-Shadowed Knight), 1996- (2 parts)
Volume 11: D -- Daaku Roodo (D Dark Road) 1999 (part 1)
The original anime is based on the first novel of the series. The second movie is supposed to be based on the third novel Demon Deathchase. There has been talk about releasing the VHD novels in English to go with the new movie, however due to lack of proof its more likely just fiction. Back to top

Yes! It is currently in production at Studio Madhouse. The SciFi channel has run clips of the movie during their Masters of Fantasy series. The few clips that were shown show that the movie is darker and the animation is cleaner and crisper than the first one. D looks more like the novel painting of him as was originally intended with the first one(as we all know didn't quiet happen that way). A trailer for VHD 2 was shown at the San Diego Comic Con.

According to an employee of UV the movie will be a major theatrical release both in the US and Japan. According to Urban Vision Entertainment, the movie is not a remake but will have a new storyline. They also have screen shots and a streaming video of the new movie. I will warn you that it does look like it is in Letterbox/Widescreen in case you don't prefer that version. The director is Yoshiaki Kawajiri the movie is scheduled for completion late of this year, but no release date has been officially set. The sound is being recorded here in Los Angeles, meaning (more or less) it will be released here first. The Japanese release will probably be in the spring of 2000. No word on the voice talents as yet, meaning the original actors may or may not return. Back to top

Streamline has VHD on "Backorder till notified" it is currently out of print. You can try video resale shops, or try E-Bay (an auction site) which you can usually find it for $50-$60 dollars Back to top

Yes there will be, according to Urban-Vision they will re-release the original. The same Streamline dub will be released and the subtitle one is subject to being(may not be though) retitling. Urban Vision has recently announced a delay in the re-release of the original Vampire Hunter D OVA. It is now slated for January 18, 2000. Vampire Hunter D is licensed to Urban Vision Entertainment. According to the Right Stuf web site (which lists the release date as Jan. 8), it will be priced at $19.95 for the dub and $29.95 for the sub. Back to top

Yes and no. Episode 16 in the american dub, "Who is that masked Man?" While Darien is playing a crane game for toys, the shot shows a Vampire Hunter D doll in it.Back to top

All artwork, character designs, scripts are copyrighted by their respective artists/writers. The Vault's sole purpose is getting,you the person reading this interested in Vampire Hunter D.