Vampire Hunter D Characters

The Character Bios are written from my point of view on the characters in the movie, they maybe taken as fact or opinion depending on how you saw the character portrayed in the movie.

Doris Lang/Doris Rumm
Count Magnus Lee
Dr. Fering/Dr. Peringo
D is a Dhampire, meaning he is a human and a Vampire hybrid or according to, Ramika "the offspring of a human slut and a vampire's joke!" D's father was noneother than Count Dracula. Dracula was the great ancestor of the vampires, and is worshiped by them. D is a Vampire Hunter who does not ask nor take monetary payment for his actions, only to fight evil. Which from a psychological standpoint he only fights vampires because of his own internal battles with his own vampiric nature. He dresses in all black, wearing a wide brimmed hat, a long flowing cape, and as a weapon he wields a long thin sword. He is sometimes unable to control when his Vampire side, which I noticed acts like a defense mechanism in battle situations (i.e. the fight with the Lamia). He can control it outside of a heated battle (i.e. the after shower scene with Doris.)However because of the dicotomy within himself he has distanced himself from both the humans and the Vampires. Forcing him to live in loneliness and never staying anywhere to long. In otherwords D is a nomad searching the world and within himself to find a place of peace. D also has a being living in his hand who acts as D's reminder of who and what he is. Back to index

Doris is the villager that the count chooses to be his wife. The only problem is that she doesn't want to be his "wife". To stop him she seeks/needs the help of a Vampire Hunter and recruits D (well who else would she get). Living alone, she has to support herself and her younger brother. Their father was a werewolf hunter, who was killed. She also has to fend off the unwanted advances of Greco, the mayor's son. She actually does a good job of it. She sees something in D that maybe not even D has ever seen before and falls in love with him for it. Doris is the not-so-typical damsel in distress, after all she does manage to kill the mutant in the begining. Doris is a reluctant loner in her own rights, though she finds a love/lust felling for D in essence she doesn't need a man to take care of her, and to a point likes it that way. Back to index

Every good movie needs a villian and Count Magnus Lee is that villian . He is probably one of the last noblemen left in the Dracula family lineage. He is a Vampire who periodically, every fifty to one hundred years, marries a human woman to help pass the years. If you do the math figuring about every fifty years that's about 200 wives. Doris thinks that he is at least 5000 years old, nearer to 10,000. The Count mentions that he is about 10,000 years old "I've been alive for about 10,000 years..." the Count. He has one daughter Ramika, whom he had with one of his previous human brides(unknown to her). He is supposedly one of the most powerful of the Vampires. In Vampire lore the older the Vampire the stronger they become. His powers are emmense (i.e. he pinned D to the wall wihtout trying) but hey we know that they are not emmense enough. Back to index

Ramika is the daughter of the Count. She is very proud, to the point of being snobby, of the fact that she is a Vampire and that her father's house is a noble one. She doesn't want her father to ruin the reputation of the house by bringing a human woman into the bloodline. Which she didn't know that he has done many times. This could place Ramika's age somewhere between fifty and one hundred years, if the Count stays consistant with marrying a woman every so many years. Ironically enough, she finds out later that her mother was a human herself. Making Ramika the one thing thing she hates the most in life a Dhampire, just like D. A fact that she will not embrace,"D: You're a dampire as I am! You have human blood also. You can live without being a ``noble one!'' Ramika: No! I am a noble one! I will not have the blood of a vulgar human ..." Ramika being an only child(that we know of) was probably spoiled, and because of her lineage was brought up to be proud and the rules of nobility were crammed into her head. Thus making her the hate/loveable snob we knew her as. Back to index

Reiginsei is a mutant follower of The Count who wants to become a Vampire himself. He has the ability to warp the space around him (i.e when D and him fight for the first time, D tries to run Reiginsei through with his sword he twists space and D himself gets run through ). To his credit, he does come the closest to killing D. He seems very cold hearted, because he longs to please the Count, which is how he will become a Vampire. When he finds out The Count has no intentions of making him a Vampire, he confronts The Count one on one and ultimately dies. He to me is a pawn/victim of not only his own selfishness but of the Count, a sad story. Back to index

The symbiot that lives in D's hand is an organism that has either been with him since birth or right after. He is constantly taunting D about his past and reminds D who he is and how he could never lead a normal life. Hey could you lead a normal life with that? He is extremely sarcastic and yet knowledgable (i.e. the scene in the castle after D fell). He does have a warped sense of humor which does add a comical addition to D's seriousness. Though past all this he does save D's life (i.e. when Reiginsei cuts him off and leaves D for dead)whether for his own purpose or for D, who knows. I see the hand as the thron in D's side that even though he can cut off, he won't because, it keeps D in check with himself. Back to index

Dan is the younger brother of Doris. I figure that Dan is between 10 and 12 years of age. Dan is a mentally strong kid for the sake of his sister. He is able, with D's encouragement, to hold his own tears when he finds out his sister has been bitten by the Count. He also shows bravery when he tries to save his siter from the Count. He had to do wihtout the guidance of a father figure so he idolizes D and tries to learn from him. In his idolizing process he tries to act like D, probably to feel closer to him. Which for a young man is usually a sign of a lack of male figure in his life, though D was there for a short time, Dan will probably always try to become like D. Back to index

Greco/Greg is the mayor's son. He is extremely narcassistic and has an extensive ego. It seems that a fair share of the women in the village want him and because of this he thinks that Doris wants him too. The truth is she hates him and will not have anything to do with him. Due to his ego he must have her for a status quo and would even bribe her to marry him. He does go as far as to try a blackmail trick to get her(i.e. when he confronts her about the bite) but she refuses. I think that the reason why he is so relentless about getting her is that the thrill if the hunt which for his ego makes her a bigger catch. Back to index

Dr. Fering/Dr. Peringo is the village doctor and a friend of Doris. He convinces The Mayor to give D a chance to destroy The Count rather than putting Doris into the Stockade. He does this by reminding the mayor about what happened the last time they locked up a would be bride. He is a lgitimate good guy, even though he was turned into a vampire at the end. Back to index

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