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After several years of genealogical research, I have become acquainted with an ancestor who was born in Africa. Although the specific country is not known, this discovery is a welcomed surprise to me nevertheless. The discovery of this information establishes a definite connection to Mother Africa for my wife and children. I am also encouraged by the possibility of being able to locate other such valuable information.

Death Certificate of Rachel's Daughter

Rachel YANKAWAY is the name of the mother of Caroline Parker MARSHALL as stated on Carolineís death certificate of 1916. Caroline, of Pike County, MS, is a 3rd great-grandmother of my children, my wifeís 2nd great-grandmother. Rachel is my children's 4th great-grandmother. She acquired the surname by marrying Frederick YANKAWAY after the birth of Caroline of a father named PARKER. Rachel and Frederick lived in Amite County, MS. Rachel is believed to have lived in Virginia for a period of time after being brought to this country from Africa as a slave, and before being carried on to Mississippi. Frederick was born in South Carolina.

I would like to make contact with MARSHALL and YANKAWAY descendants of Rachel, and others who descend from her. I have researched this branch and gained some knowledge of Rachelís offsprings. I know some YANKAWAY descendants live in Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi and other states. Visit Descendants of Rachel to view the information that that is available on this family line. I would like to hear from anyone who connects with Rachel, or anyone who knows someone who does. My objective is to introduce Rachel to as many of her descendants and other interested persons as possible.

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