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The 38th Annual Amos Family Reunion
Hazlehurst, Mississippi
August 12, 13 & 14, 2005

Willie L. Robinson

Again this year with God's grace, we gather here in Hazlehurst, Mississippi for another Amos Family Reunion. This is the 38th annual reunion for the family.

The Amos Family of Copiah County, Mississippi can be dated back to Jane and John Amos who were born in Virginia. Jane was born about 1820 but the approximate date of John's birth is not known. It is also not known exactly when life in Mississippi began for the couple, it is believed that they were in the state prior to 1855, as that is about the time Jane’s oldest known child was born.

Jane Amos is shown as head of household in the census of Lincoln County, Mississippi, in 1870 and 1880. She is believed to have been the mother of four sons, namely John Amos, Frank Amos, Alexander Amos and Samuel Amos. John was born about 1855, Frank was born around 1861, Alexander was born about 1863 and Samuel (Sam) was born on December 25, 1867, according to his 1937 death certificate.

John Amos is shown as Sam's father on his death certificate. Documentation to show John was the natural father of Jane’s other sons has not been located, but for genealogical purposes, he is shown as such. Jane died between 1900 and 1910. She was living in Lincoln County in 1900.

Alexander (Alex) developed a relationship with a woman named Martha in the 1880s. Martha’s maiden name may have been Owens. She had a son with Alex in April 1887 and she named him Frank Amos. Frank was also known as "Dook". Leann has been given as the name of Martha’s mother.

In addition to sharecropping with family members, as his children became old enough to work in the fields, Frank also worked on the railroad and in the sawmill in Quentin, Franklin County, Mississippi.

On November 30, 1906, Frank married Leah Arnold in Copiah County. Leah was born in Copiah County on November 25, 1888. She was the daughter of Edgar Arnold and Eliza (Liza) Haney. Eliza was born in the month of April between 1857 and 1860. She died in Quentin on July 1, 1846. Eliza was the daughter of Damon Haney and Nancy. Not much is known about Damon. Nancy lived in Copiah County and she had several other children. She was born in Mississippi between 1826 and 1835. Nancy lived in Copiah County until after June 26, 1900.

Edgar's parents were Allen Arnold and Leah Gordon Arnold. Allen was born in Mississippi around 1843, and it is believed that he died in Copiah County after January 1893. Leah was born in Mississippi about 1845 and she died in Copiah County in October 1879. Other children of Allen and Leah were Thomas Arnold, born about 1866; Gabe Arnold, born about 1868; Mary Jane Arnold, born about 1870; Archie Arnold, born about 1873 and Ida Arnold, born about 1877.

A black man named Hillary Gordon was living near Allen and Leah in 1870. He may have been a relative of Leah, possibly her father.

Frank Amos second from left, Anderson Keys to his left

Frank and Leah made their home in Copiah County and all their children were born there before they relocated to Lincoln County, and later to Quentin.

Frank and Leah were the parents of at least eleven children. Their children in order of their birth were Bernice "Bean" Amos, born about 1909; Eva Nell "Yell" Amos, born January 5, 1910; Ulish "Lish" Amos, born June 20, 1911; Alex "Heck" Amos II, born October 9, 1912; Willie Frank "Winnie" Amos, born March 30, 1916; Ethel Mae "Hun" Amos, born October 5, 1919; Mary Ada "Bay" Amos, born August 5, 1920; Lillie Bell "Jack" Amos; Lenora "Coot" Amos, born October 18, 1924; Ella Louise "Hullum" Amos, born July 1926 and Eddie Edgar "Tulane" Amos, born October 20, 1928.

Lillie Bell is the only surviving child of Frank and Leah. She is currently a resident of Countrybrook Living Center in Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi.

Frank died while living in Quentin on September 20, 1948. Following his death, Leah continued to live in Quentin in the big old house with the large pecan tree in the front yard. Many grandchildren of Frank and Leah spent many nights at the house, which was located not far from the old St. Paul Baptist Church. The back yard of the home, which is no longer standing, was also the site of many memorable hog killings for the family in the 1940s and 1950s.

In the mid to late 1950s, Leah left Quentin and went to live with her daughter Ethel Mae in Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. She died there on January 21, 1961. Both Frank and Leah are buried in the cemetery at St. Paul Baptist Church by the river in Copiah County.

On January 25, 1931, Alex Amos II married Mary Ellen Bowie at Hickory Flat Church in Copiah County. Mary Ellen is the daughter of Handy Bowie and Easter Newsome Bowie. The names of Easter's parents are not known, but Handy was the son of Ellen and Thomas Bowie.

The father of Thomas was Huie Bowie who was born in North Carolina. Handy and Thomas were born in Mississippi, as was Ellen. Handy was born about 1884 and he died on January 5, 1932. Thomas was born about 1843. Ellen was born about 1849 and she died on October 29, 1943.

Upon becoming a member of the Amos family, Mary Ellen also became a big help to Leah as she provided assistance in caring for Leah's youngest children, especially the girls.

Alex II and Mary Ellen made their home in Hazlehurst and they became the parents of seven children, two boys and five girls. The names of their children in order of their birth are William Frederick (Amos) Amous, Charliesteen Amos, Georgia Lee Amos (1936-1995), Jimmie Lee Amos, Nina Mae Amos, Bettye Jean Amos and Alex Amos III (1947-1964).

Amos family members in August 2004

Alex II died on December 1, 1973. Mary Ellen continues to live in the family home located on Long Street in Hazlehurst, where the family reunion has been held for many years.

May the good Lord continue to bless the members of the Amos Family, their extended families, loved ones and friends. We ask for God's mercy as we look forward to celebrating this family's history again in 2006. Until then, let us all be thankful and proud of our heritage as we remember those who came before us, and upon whose shoulders we stand.

Mary Ellen Bowie Amos at Family Reunion in August 2004

(Presented by Charlotte R. Tanner at the Amos Family Reunion on Sunday, August 14, 2005)

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