When a person devolpes a dominance toward one side of their brain, they tend to have certain characteristics and areas of intest in common. The left side of the brain is often thought of as the logical, thinking side. Also, people of left brain dominance tend to choose similar occupations.

Above are just some things associated with the left cerebal hemisphere of the brain. People who are left brain dominant are usually good with these things. Below is a list of things that left brained people are good at or they like and things that are done in the left brain.

*Eastern and Western thought: A doctor in an a country like China would first ask a person how they are doing and what else is going on in their life before they give them medicine. A doctor in North America would just ask them what their symptons were and then give them medicine.

Here are some occupations that are USUALLY fufilled by a left-brained person. (There are always exceptions)

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