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.:CardCaptors Sakura Destiny:.

.:Today is Tuesday, February 11, 2003:.

::U p d a t e s::

02-11-03: Hi everyone. Sorry that I haven't updated in a long while, again. I've been sick for the last couple of days with a fever or 102.3. I got to stay home from school, that was the good part. But now I have to make up all my homework! *sigh*....I wish I had it easy like Sakura, but oh well. Did I tell you that I beat Kingdom Hearts? Well, if I didn't, I just did! You all have to play it and then give me your views on the game!! I know, I know that I have to update a lot. Don't yell at me!! I'm happy to all my loyal Website seekers (I made it up, as corny as it sounds) for keeping track of my website. Thanks. I know I have to put more pictures in my gallery. But I must say. I did a lot better of filling it up than last time. Valentine's Day is soon. Sadly, I have no one to share it with. How sad. :( I'll be home Friday night, probably online updating this website. I guess it would be good for somebody, oh well. I'll be with you guys then!! See you soon!!!Ja Ne!! Please wirte in my guestbook before you leave!

What I Did Today

-1 new picture for Sakura Gallery
-New picture for entry page
-New poll! ^^

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