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All About Me

This little section is all about me as you can see!!! can also e-mail me here too! Click on the Sakura Picture and you'll find yourself in a very interesting and great place!!

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Kaira-chan


Country: United States

Age: 14

Birthday: January 7, Capricorn

Favorite Color: Green & Pink

Favorite Flower: Lilac & Cherry Blossoms

Favorite Clow Card: Mirror Card

Favorite Food: Ziti & Vanilla Ice Cream

Favorite Subject: Band, Technology

Least Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite Sport: Field Hockey

Hobbies: Reading, Internet, RPG, Anime, Field hockey

Good At Cooking: Eggs, Left Over Chinese Food

Anime Series That I Like: Cardcaptor Sakura, Inu Yasha, Chobits, Angelic Layer, Di Gi Charat, Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar

.:Great Place For Comics:.
Mega Tokyo!!! ^_~

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