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Welcome to my obscure page. Here I intend to indulge myself by publishing a number of articles centred on my hobby; that is obscure groups and movements. These can be religious, political, fraternal, therapeutic or something else, or even involve a mixture of any of the above. All articles will be subjected to constant review and updated whenever I find extra material to add.

On this page you will find links to my articles which will hopefully grow in number over time. I would warmly welcome any correspondence on these and related subjects (plus any corrections, complaints, or even compliments). Please e-mail me at the address below.



Churchill's Druids and Britain's satanic Prime Minister

Did you know that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a Druid? and that one of his predecesors was an active satanist?

JSM Ward and the Abbey of Christ the King

The intriguing story of J.S.M. Ward: Masonic writer turned Bishop and wannabe guru whose life ended mired in scandal.

The Modern Anti-Popes

If you thought that the pope was called John Paul II and that he lived in the Vatican, think again. There are numerous other men around the world claiming to be the 'real' pope, here are just some of them.

The Gymnosophists

A potted history of the connections between Greek philosophy, Eastern religion and naturism and how all three impacted on the British witchcraft revival.

The Adamites

Another religious tradition whose followers made a point of taking their clothes off in the name of their God.


Hell Fire and Freemasonry

The story of the strange relationship between Fremasonry and the notorious hell fire clubs of the eighteenth century.

Catholic Masonry

The story of a Roman Catholic alternative to Freemasonry and how its development has mirrored that of its nemesis.


Annotated links

Some annotated links to sites of related interest.