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Here are some related links to the best sites I have found on the web.

Freemasons, Friendly Societies and Trade Unions Articles & Essays

An Australian-based site with some good stuff on the Knights of Labor and other cross-overs between Freemasonry and trade unionism.

Toward a Fraternal History of Marin County

Not as parochial as it sounds. Very comprehensive basckground material on lots of fraternal organisations.

Friendly Societies Research Group An Open University (UK) based group of researchers, some good articles on British friendly societies and, because most of the research seems to be on-going, the potential for much more in the future.

Papal claiments

Site which tracks the progress of over a dozen wannabee popes from around the world.

History of Wicca in England: 1939-Present Day

Informative essay on the Witchcraft revival. phoenix masonic museum

Loads of stuff about Freemasonry and Masonic paraphenalia. also a good section on other american fraternal organisations complete with a potted history of each.

Origins of Wicca: A Primer

Interesting site about Gerald Gardner and his contemporaries in the witchcraft revival.

From Man to Witch Gerald Gardner 1946-1949

A detailed manuscript for a possible (part) biography of Gardner.

Isaac Bonewits’ homepage

An excellent, informative and entertaining resource on Druidry and the neo-Pagan tradition.

Manifestations of the Neo-Rosicrucian Current

A great page with information on most of the modern Rosicrucian groups.

Golden Dawn Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the things you may have wanted to know about the Golden Dawn and its off-shoots plus a good historical sketch of the Golden Dawn tradition.

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