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My Music


25 Apr 1969 - Norfolk, VA

"The Heroine" - Carol Randolph Buckley - b. 30 Aug 1947
"The Hero" - James Leander Hilgeman - b. 10 Aug 1948

MIA Ward Dinner and One Act Melodrama
Written and Directed by Gail Thornton Hunter

1980s Saturday, December 12, 1981  March 18, 1982 - Hillsboro, MO

2 miles north of Hillsboro,
23 miles south of St. Louis
on Highway 21

The District was voted into existence on April 2, 1963.  The lovely 165-acre campus, with modern facilities, provides educational opportunities for more than 4,000 students each academic year.  A local landmark chosen for commemoration by the Hillsboro Bicentennial Committee, 1976.

Carol Harty - en route to singing the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah with
the Jefferson College Community Singers
My Solo! Vivian Rost, Carol Harty, Joanne Barnard,
and Tina Barnard -
en route to singing the Easter portion of Handel's Messiah with
the Jefferson College Community Singers
Some of our VERY appreciative audience - Missy Rost,
Joshua Harty,
Nathaniel Harty, and Randolph Harty
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One of Life's Great Opportunities!

Singing in a 400 member Choir!

I was blessed to be able to do this twice - in 1980 in St. Louis, MO, and in 2002 in Raleigh, NC!

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Entertainment and Sports Arena, Raleigh, NC

 Raleigh North Carolina LDS Regional Conference

"The  pictures (at left) are sized-down 'thumbnails' of larger pictures.
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"These pictures were taken with a 3 megapixel digital camera, which, in plain language,
means that if you would like,
you could copy them to a CD, floppy, or digital film, and take them to your photo processor
for prints of up to around 10 inches by 8 inches in size, suitable for framing, or putting into a book of remembrance."

(Photos by David Bailey)

Oops!  We're a little late...
("Who - US?!?")

That's me going to my seat at the left
of the back row.  Yow - steep steps! 
Perhaps the three-inch heels were not
a good choice today...
"Second sopranos?  Great!"

Eleanor is already sitting down, third from the right of the women's section on the back row.
"What am I doing here in the second sopranos?  I'm an alto!"

Dale and Nathaniel are standing
at the far right.
 "Hmmm.  The second basses section seems to be full.  We'll have to sit back here with
the first basses."


The men are practicing their part on
"The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

In our seats now:
I'm second from the left of the back row;
Eleanor has moved left of the two empty seats
on the next to the back row;
and Dale and Nathaniel are by themselves in the back row
all the way over on the right of the men's section.

The first number we sang was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir arrangement of "Redeemer of Israel".


"Copyright 2002 David Bailey - You are free to use these images for personal, non-commercial purposes.
Please don't re-post them on another web page without asking me. Thanks!"

Playing My Flute

Fall 1960 August 1961 May 1962 December 1963 Saturday, December 4, 1982

1353 Roanoke Avenue
 Newport News, VA

Carol - Age 13

Newport News High School Junior Band

(Photo by Maxine Buckley)

1353 Roanoke Avenue
Newport News, VA

En Route to Summer Band Concert

Carol - Almost 14

(Photo by Maxine Buckley)

Carol - Age 14

Newport News High School Senior Band

(Photo by Maxine Buckley)

Carol - Age 16

Newport News High School Senior Band

(Photo by Maxine Buckley)

St. Louis, MO

Lewis - Age 12;
Brent - Age 10;
Carol - Age 35;
Randolph - Age 8;
Joshua - Age 5

I still enjoy singing (mostly alto) and playing my flute,
such as at this Christmas Choir Festival.

(Photo by Paul Harty)

My Favorite Aria

"Un Bel Di" from "Madame Butterfly"

- Giacomo Puccini
(1858 - 1924)

My Favorite Symphony

Symphony in D Minor, 1888

- Cesar Franck
(1822 - 1890)

"Words make you think a thought.
Music makes you feel a feeling.
A song makes you feel a thought."

-- E. Y. Harburg
(1896 - 1981)

(This quotation courtesy of Kevin Eikenberry
of - 01/26/04.)

Musical Bar clip art courtesy of - 02/05/04

"She Who Brings Light" midi composed and sequenced by Greg Weeden of the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, used with his permission,
and obtained from his web page, "Home of the Oboe Fiend", - 02/26/04
Thanks, Greg!

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