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Behold. An oboe page. Enjoy.

" Artless grace, pure innocence, mellow joy, the pain of a tender soul -- all these the oboe can render admirably with its cantabile. "

-- Hector Berlioz

" Oboes kick every other insturment's ass. "

-- Greg "The Oboe Fiend" Weeden

My Mission

I am here to promote the oboe. It is the singularly greatest instrument of all time. In recent years it would seem to me that composers have over looked the beauty of the oboe. The mere fact that there are pieces of music that have saxophone solos while the oboe sits bored makes me realize that many composers have forgotten the once great oboe. In the past the oboe was the king of instruments. In the Baroque era the oboe was a featured instrument in almost every piece. Then came instruments made of metal. The music of world has never been the same. I am here to fight the modern trends in music. I am here to support the oboe.


What is an Oboe?... now you're making me angry.

When Oboists Go Nuts

Oboe Links

My Very Own Compositions

Various Oboe MP3's

Reeds, the bane of our existence.

A Message Board That's right I actually did it.

Latest Updates

Ranting for 01/29/2006

  • I've seen something crazy on Wikipedia about Barry Bonds involving shrooms. Just thought I'd share, cause its funny. It's towards the bottom.

    May 11, 2005

  • Uploaded a new mp3 onto the MP3's page. Samuel Barber's Canzonetta for Oboe and String Orchestra. Check it out; its a great piece.

  • November 9, 2004

  • New composition : Songs for Holly, a piece for oboe and piano, composed because I was told I was going to.

  • Ranting for 11/9/2004

  • Well, it's only been about a year and a half later, and it's probably become apparent that I'm not putting much effort into the site; there's just too much to do in life. I'll still throw up anything new I write and, when I get to it, rants that others send in, but other than that I'm out of the business. That being said, anybody who wants to take over the site, I'm willing to take on a protege. Just email me.

  • And finally I uploaded a BUNCH of rants from other people... right here.

    You can find more out about the Fiend here.
    Check out my Tribute to the Beatles.

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