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Welcome all to my humble little Lexx spot. My site may not be as complex or pretty or well known as many of my fellow Lexxians' pages are, but I hope you'll still take the time to browse around and read my Fan Fic! Have fun, watch Lexx (Monday thru Thursday at 2AM -oh, boy, make room for Stargate...- EST on SciFi) and let me know what you think! Thanks!

P.S.- Stan rules and Kai drools!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

"I'm the king of tingle!"

"I am equipped with the love muscle!"

Lexx Episodes

50 Reasons Why Stan's Better Than Kai- Hey, it HAD to be done!

My Lexx Article

Ringa's Lexx Rules

Some extra Lexx goodies...

Links to some other great Lexx sites

Coming soon, Lexx quotes and cast info. I promise I'm working on this site! Keep checking back!

Don't let them fool you... they're just waiting for the perfect moment to strike...

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