O do not turn away this visitation of your God. For My glory shall not only be a blessing to you, but a protection for you says the Lord. For I said in My word: If so be that you are reproached for the name of Christ, you should be happy. For the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. And works a far more exceeding weight of glory in you.

And as Goshen, in the land of Egypt, My glorious church shall shine as the city of light in the darkness covering the earth.

And you shall not despise one another says the Lord. For when you do, you shall not know the glory, but the darkness of the earth with all of it's filth and pollution. You must not hate, no matter how difficult the situation around you, but you must love with the love of your Lord and stay filled with the glory of God. For you cannot hear Me properly when you do not walk in My light says the Lord--When your candle doesn't shine, when by My light you walk through dark times as if they were of no effect and to no avail for Satan's purposes. For when the secret of your God i is upon your tabernacle; when your branch is tender and My glory fresh within you, and your bow is renewed within your hand, then and only then can My glory burn as a flame of revival across the land.

For your adversary knows the secret of your strength says the Lord. And if he can play upon your weaknesses, if he can draw you into the shadows, where under cover of darkness; he can as was done to Sampson, shave off that which represents your submission to Me, one lock at a time; then he can destroy you and thwart your destiny in Me and snuff out the light of your lampstand.

Teach your little ones how to walk honourably and in all well pleasing before their Lord. Do not speak contemptuously or your little ones will take on the image of the Evil One. But put on bowels of mercy as children of the Most High God and citizens of a higher realm, and you will leave a pathway of glory for others to follow in. For My glory is eternal, for it is that which emmanates from Me, and even as the path of the just and righteous shines brighter and brighter until that perfect day, so that brilliance of that pathway shall shine long after he's been received up into glory. And those who dwell in the darkness of Satan's kingdom shall ponder many times--that light--, and shall be drawn to it. Your good works are not in vain. Do not allow Satan to tell you that they are of no avail, for My Spirit works with you and in you and I am a miracle working God.

You are living in the days when My miraculous power shall be demonstrated in great magnitude, and these miracles shall take many forms. Some shall be sudden and instantaneous. But others shall be made up of many components and shall happen gradually over a period of time. But they shall be miraculous all the same. Who would have ever expected the Berlin Wall should fall? But it did all the same, because the people of My glory--the church of My glorious presence--continued to hope against hope and to believe that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not being seen.

I would encourage you this day with this word from your Lord. Do not be weary in well doing. For in due time you shall reap if you faint not. When you feel tired and it is difficult for you to carry on, remember that there was One who bore the cross before you...Now the Spirit of your Lord--even that Comforter, called along-side to help you shall help you to bear yours. Do not allow your vision to diminish--like my disciples on the Emmaeus Road. But allow Me to open to you the scriptures and to strengthen youthat you might have strength for your journey. For this cause was I sent into the world, even to guide you unto all truth. I have loved you and I send to you this word this day to confirm My inheritance when they are weary and to bring the rest and refreshing of heaven to your souls. To feed you with the bread of heaven--the new, even that hidden manna, laid up in store for you until just now. Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I shall feed you with more of the same, for My people are coming into an understanding of the importance of ministering unto their Lord with fasting and prayer; that I might speak My heart to them, and give them clear direction.

Though you shall not all choose the same path, and some of you like Sampson shall turn toward the darkness and allow the light of your eyes to be put out, this day I have made the way plain before you that you might walk on that path set before you. Even that straight and narrow Way which I have given you to trod. When the words of My mouth come to pass---as surely they shall---be instructed by them in that day--as in this.

For the winds of adversity shall carry some of you captive into other lands. But you need not be prisoners of bitterness and hate. Purpose in your hearts to allow your God who called you by His grace to "reveal the glory of the Son in you." Even that far more exceeding weight of glory --Christ in you--My church--the hope of glory--A hope that can only be a hope for this world through your witness and your prayers.

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