I shall plant a church here in this area and it shall be a strong church. For I shall send My apostles and My prophets and My evangelists to build up this work, for I do not want it shaken when the strong winds blow. But I want it to have a revelation of who they are in God.

Even now My angels are carrying out that which I have sent them to do in preparation. For I have sent them even into people's homes, and there is a hunger building for this that I am about to do.

For this shall not be by the hand of man, but it shall be by the Spirit of the Lord , even as those whom I have sanctified and set apart for this work pray and seek My face and minister with prayer and fasting unto the Lord their God.

I see boys that shall soon step into their father's shoes, so to speak, and I say: Take them on these missionary journeys with you. Strengthen Poland's border towns for that which I am doing shall spill over onto neighboring nations says the Lord. The days are coming when a strong Christian presence shall be essencial in these cities and towns, for there shall be a mass exodus (out of Russia) and I shall bringthe blind by a way that they knew not. I will lead them in paths that they have not known. And I want there to be light houses along the way, that are filled with loving kindness and with hospitality but also with discernment. For there shall be infiltrators says the Lord. And this infiltration would make inroads into the very core of your being. Stand your ground and do not allow that freedom which you have received in Christ to be eroded away. Do not give ground carefully and strategically fought for over to Satan. But teach even the next generation how to maintain that which you have made a possession for the kingdom of God.


There is going to be a wedding here in this place and you will remember that I said this to you. And on the very day of this wedding, there shall be a major freedom taken away. You shall weep and lament. But this is only a sample of that which is to follow. You must pray for your government, that it does not fall to the communists. You must pray for this married couple that they will fulfill the work that I am calling them to do. For this work will be difficult and at times dangerous. But I am with them and I shall stand for them, and their courage shall come from the God who strengthened the hands of Jacob---And their mercy shall come from He who abides forever. I am unchangable and My desire is the salvation of this nation and the neighboring nations and the world.


This boy shall be called a son of the Most High But others will say he has a devil. My hand is upon him and he shall suffer many things and he shall need guidance of the eldership of My church. Do not forsake him in his hour of need. She shall be gifted with keen spiritual sight. There are those that will not always like this. Even so, let the word of the Lord stand.

You cannot bring the word of the Lord to pass. It must not be manipulated by the hand of man. But when it comes to pass, you won't have to wonder if this is the situation spoken of. You will know. Do not be afraid, but remember My beloved church that the very hairs of your head are numbered, I see every sparrow that falls from the sky and you are of more value than many sparrows. I shall not leave you nor forsake you. Seek My face, and be led of My Spirit in that day --even as in this.

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