I have turned many a black pool of crude oil into a pool of golden oil which gives light to the lampstand and many a lump of coal into a diamond says the Lord. For I am a miracle working God. I alone have effected your redemption. "There is no God beside Me; a just God and a Saviour." There is none beside Me. Look unto Me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth---For I am God and there is none else."

For when you were dead in your trespasses and sins---when your life was a virtual swamp of sin and gross spiritual darkness, I your Saviour shined unto you and gave you the Light of Life and your brackish waters---became clear and refreshing, and glistened like oil upon the water.

Like the "Pools of Heshbon," have you been to Me. And I see My reflection in your pool, My beloved church. For I can gaze into the very depthes of your souls and see the beauty of your King reflected there. You have been and yes shall be to an even greater extent than you ever have before---as that UPPER POOL with it's conduit which was built in the time of Hezekiah to be a supply to those under seige.


For you have known what it is to be beseigned---and beset about on all sides---fainting for thirst. And in that day I brought you by the Way ---unto the UPPER POOL---and you yourself became a conduit. Yes, you became a pool from which clear and refreshing water can be drawn.

And My workmen have been digging down says the Lord---even those prayer warriors and preachers---they've been digging down as in the days of Hezekiah, for a long time now and building as it were a conduit for those under seige to get to the water.


It is not that My work was not finished before the foundation of the world was laid. It is not that the work was not finished at Calvary. But I have made you co-workers together with Me. And in each generation, there is a work to do. There is a course in your life that must be finished.

So I have called you and many have answered My call to come and work on getting this supply of water out to the people. For the devil does everything he can to try to hinder this supply.

Abraham dug wells and the Phillistines plugged them with dirt. But Isaac (Child of Promise) ---dug again the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham. He dug in the valley and found "springing water." The herdsmen of Gerar (to ruminate, to chew the cud) strove over the water supply. And Isaac called the place Esek (glistening) And when this well---this work was contested---he dug again a new well, and again---another well.

And I have seen how your adversary the devil has opposed the work and how he has caused strife and division and all to plug up the water supply to keep it from going forth.


And I the Lord have seen your faithfulness and your cheerfulnews even in the face of these obstacles. For even as the "mountain" to which the Prophet Zechariah "spoke," saying: "What are you O great mountain: Before Zerubabbel, you shall become a plain; and he will bring forth the cap-stone with shouts of grace, grace to it!"


Even as the word of the Lord through his servant, to that mountain or obstacle which had opposed the golden oil to light the lampstand; you have the grace---you have the faith to say unto this mountain "Be removed" and to see this "mountain," this obstacle, leveled. But it will be by grace through faith that this tremendous work shall be accomplished. Even as it is written, the word of the Lord came to Zerubabbel saying:

"Not by might, nor by power; but by My Spirit says the Lord."

And I have come to say to you: "Be of good courage! For I have overcome the world!" Anf again I say: "In this world you shall have tribulation. But I have spoken these things to you that in Me, you might have peace." This work of the gospel message going forth into all the world is of Me. I am the author and the finisher of your faith. I not only "stand by you,"--My UPPER POOL that conduit---I AM the very waters of life." I AM the golden oil that is poured out to light your lamps and to keep them lit. You have your job "cut out" for you---but this does not mean that it will be without opposition. But as you have sought My face I have given you a plan. In My Word I have given you that sense of purpose.


God gives me a vision as part of this prophetic word, and in this vision I see many men and women with shovels and they are digging tunnels. Each tunnel has many helpers and they are digging fervently to reach the end of it.

Suddenly they all begin shouting and digging more and more quickly. And as they increase the speed of their work suddenly there is a giant "breakthrough." There is much excitement at what they break through "to".

For they discover much to their joyful surprise that they are breaking through the walls of earth to the same conclusion---to the same end. For there in the center, as one by one breakthrough, is a central and a very large pool of water for which they have all worked and fought to get through to this water supply.

This is that which has brought them all together. For each tunnel ends in the same location. Their tunnels were in actuality in a circle around the same reservoir. Now they are all enjoying it together.


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