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Warsaw shall see a move of God unparalleled in human history. It is coming says the Lord. And many shall rejoice to see "My Day," as Abraham, and to many the Daystar shall arise with healing in His wings. For there is a vast difference between My day and the ever deepening darkness of the spiritual night that you see about you. As it is written:

"My soul waits for the Lord

More than they that watch for morning.

I say, more than they that watch for morning."

And you have waited for Me says the Lord. And I shall not disappoint you O church of the redeemed! For your redeemer lives and He shall stand at that last time upon earth. And though skin worms destroy your body, yet in your flesh shall you see Me, the passion of your existence and the fulfillment of your heart-felt longing if you will remain stedfast and not moved about by the many testings sent to dissuade you.


And you shall be tried with many things says the Lord and if your very existence, I say; if your thirsty longing of your souls is not quenched by Me alone, you shall not stand. I have come to warn you that the temptor is walking about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Be not fooled, but watch in prayer and try men's words and lives by the written and the Living Word of God. For many imposters are gone out into the world, but look to this Spirit and this nature and this character of the One to whom you have been espoused as a chaste virgin.

Not as though you have already apprehended or were already perfect, but as those who press toward the mark. Be humble and teachable as men and women after My own heart.

There is a zone that all of you fall into from time to time. This is the "comfort zone." Allow Me to move you out of this area and into the front-lines of the battle. For I will be your rest and your refreshing and I will not forget when you are in need of comfort and companionship and you do not need to guard and protect this area of your lives in such a way that you are not at the disposal of your King.


For I need you says the Lord. I need you to take time, and to make the time to seek Me with all of your hearts and to bend your will to My directives. For these are awesome days!---These days of My power! And I have and I will make you a war-head and a guided missle. And at times I will fire you straight into Satan's camp, and scatter his forces, and together, we (you and I) shall gather in the harvest of souls.

But you must have "fire-power" and you must spend time waiting in My presence, and in My Word; allowing Me to "fire you up!" For if you do not, you will feel so misguided, so unmotivated, and neglected and you will be sure that it is okay to settle back on your lees and that I am not saying anything to you.

But when you come into My holy presence, you shall be aware that there is a constant operation of My Spirit, to profit you and those about you.


A Prophetic Word for Bialystok, Poland


The anointing in this place is going to spread. I see it in a vision from God and it is rolling as a thick oil toward Biesk Podlaski and Bralowieza and Siemiatycze. The sick are being healed. I see many older woman with health problems. Cancers are going---high blood pressure and heart conditions are being healed. They're going to be able to enjoy those grand children in a new way, because some of them haven't been able to pick up the children and to hold them as they've wanted to.

I see massive groups of children being saved, healed and delivered. I see God putting an ear canal into a little boys ear where there had not been one and the grand parents hearts are so effected, they're going to start bringing this little boy week after week, and becoming members of the church.

God shows me that the Jewish community is going to be effected by what He does here, and He's going to raise up many young male evangelists that are Jewish, and they're not only going to have an imapct on Poland, but also on the Jewish population of Russia.

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