I smell the sweet fragrance of that which you have been carefully preparing to nourish the people and it is a delightful aroma to your God. Moreover I would bless the hands that have so carefully prepared it, for this is a work and a labor of love from your heart.

Do not think that I am unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward My name in that you have ministered to My saints and do minister. And I desire that everyone of you would show this same diligence says your Lord.

For many are fainting from hunger and I know that you will invite them into My house and even sacrifice of your own goods to see that they have enough, for I have given you My very heart of compassion and you are a treasure to Me and I would not trade you for anything O people of the Most High God.


Still there is a fortress that must be conquered and it is this, that you would not limit the size of that table of yours for I see that it shall take in several cities even at this time and I am handing you the wooden leaves with which to extend the table and O what a banqueting house this shall be. For I see one board of elders over here and another board of elders over there and as you all come together and bring forth that vast array of delicious provisions that My hand has made so amptly available to you, even the land barons about these parts shall hear of it. Moreover they too shall make a contribution for I tell you that the aroma of this meal is seeping from the doors and windows of My house and being carried on the wind and I see some very hungry men.

I see some women making ready and children who are becoming excited at the goings on and they are about to exclaim: "The king has brought me to His banqueting house and His banner over me is love."


For I love all of them great and small and it matters not the size of a man's stature, for I look upon the heart. You will marvel in the days ahead as I take what appear to be no-accounts in man's eyes and I make them princes in all the earth. For I raise up the poor from the dust and lift the beggar from the dunghill to set them among princews and to cause them to inherit the throne of My glory.

Have you considered the throne of glory as your inheritance says the Lord? Have you pondered the gift given to you when you were joined together as one Spirit with Me? One body, with Me as the head? Do you yet see yourselves seated in heavenly places in Me far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name named, not just in this world, but also the world that is yet to come?

I am building My house and I am sending to all nations for the materials and what a grand house it shall be. For I have made you not only servants but sons and full heirs in Me, of all that the Father has given to Me.

France, your most glorious hours are just ahead, as you come into your position of full sonship in Me. For all creation groans, travailing together until now, eagerly awaiting this epiphany of the Lord your God, as your great God is pleased to reveal the Son in you; in all righteousness and holiness of the truth, and in all well pleasing to Myself.

Do you love My appearing? For I would appear to you in many ways, but not in many gods. For there is none other name under heaven whereby men might be saved. O the blessed appearing that those who are pure of heart shall behold. And not just on that glorious day, when I come for My own---but I would make My appearing a glorious part of your existence that you might with unveiled faces, beholding as in a mirror the glory of your Lord; might be changed from glory to glory even as by the SPirit of your Lord.

And so long as you will reverence Me, so long as you will seek My face, and refuse to acccomodate anything of a defiling nature, you shall behold My glory in a splendor and magnificance that it's not been seen in many years.

There shall be angelic visitations and these must be tried by My Word for the adversary would take advantage of this out-pouring of My Spirit. But be not afraid. But be wise. Familiarize yourselves with My Word that as I bring heaven to earth as it were, you are able to discernthe sheer magnitude of this that I am about to do.

There are those that will pray for days on end, not so as to earn something from Me, but because they are so taken with My presence that they do not want to let Me go. Be kind to one another. Submit to one another in the fear of God and do not envy one another. For I am no respector of persons and I love each of My children and long to visit you in a measure that will satisfy the longing of your heart; that you will spread out over the hills and valleys, flowing over the land in the joy of your Lord to tell the good things your God has done and of the wonder of My love for all mankind and My desire to dwell in your midst as your Saviour and friend.


From out of this generation shall come forth a knowledge of God that shall stun the nations and stagger the imagination for you shall make known that which is being revealed to you of My very nature and person.

Get ready. Prepare yourselves for there shall be such an effulgeance but again I would caution you to stay close to My Word and walk in My Word, for Satan would counterfeit My anointing. But I say: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see Me, and proclaim Me to this generation."

And even as you are willing, even as you are wise and discerning and you walk in My Word and you reverence Me and My dealings with you and you teach others to do the same, this glory of My manifested presence shall not wane.

But if you become careless, if you allow Satan to beguile you with all manner of enticements so as to exalt himself in your lives and to cause you to view your relationship with Me as a casual, careless thing, then shall the light of your lampstand grow dim in My temple, and to flicker and yes, even to go out.

For Satan was not called Lucifer, the light bearer for nothing, and he would cause the very stars of heaven to fall in such profusion, that there would scarcely be a member of My church uneffected. Do not take this as an occasion to quench My Spirit, says the Lord. But be patient and apt to teach, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves.

You shall see healings and lots of them. Ground these healings in My Word and teach My people how to maintain those good things that they have been given. For the warfare shall be strong and Satan shall send his emmissaries to cause them to doubt even the validity of that which the people shall receive through faith in Me and My Word.


There shall be dogs without number, even as Paul said: Beware of dogs, beware of the circumcision," they shall seem to appear from out of nowhere, stirred up by the religious spirits, by hatreds, and jealousies and anomosities. Let the chips fall where they may. If that ax is not in the hand of your God, don't be quick to grab it and to strike with it, but be meek and lowly of heart and win all those whom you can through your Saviour's saving grace. I do love you My precious and glorious church of the Redeemer!

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