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A Freddy fan page

So I got this email from Chris today.... and when I read it, my chin literally dropped. What did my eyes just read?
"Garcia pitched for the first time since the division series clincher against Boston on Oct. 7 and the first time since his daughter Sophia was born Wednesday. He needed just eight pitches to get his first four outs. "

I thought to myself... WHAT?!!!! So I had to do a little researching for myself and I came across this at the White Sox site...
"Garcia last pitched eight days ago in the clinching contest at Boston. He referred to his break as being "on vacation," although catcher A.J. Pierzynski quickly added that Garcia and his wife also had their first child during that respite. The layoff didn't seem to bother Garcia, who threw 116 pitches."

So I guess it's true! Freddy not only cheated on us (Yeah you know that you thought that when he went off and got married!!) but he also is a father for the first time. Congrats to Freddy and THANKS TO CHRIS FOR EMAILING ME AND LETTING ME KNOW! YOU ROCK GIRL!

I know that I went the entire baseball season with out a single update but that's because I suck. I promise that I'll do better but it's hard when Freddy is in another state and updates about him come once in a while. He's doing great though with the ChiSox and he's pitching up a storm in the play offs! ALSO! It's great to hear Lou's voice in the LCS!!!

I'm sure you all by now have noticed that Lou Pinella is one of the people talking during the game along with Joe Buck. It's great to see 'ol Lou again and hear him talking about fighting with the umps... that's the one thing I miss most about Lou!

SO! Be sure to watch the ALCS and watch Freddy pitch! They have the same heart and soul that my beloved Red Sox had last year and I really think that ChiSox will win it all this season!

Visit Chris's great Freddy Site! she's got a TON of great pictures she's taken herself. So don't try and steal them and pass them off as your own! Check it out and let her know what you think!!

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