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My Disclaimer

Note: My site, in no way is associated with nor Freddy Garcia. My views are just that, my views. I do not claim to know Freddy or any other person brought up on my page. These are just my views and how I feel about the topic at hand. I found all my pictures online with hours and hours of searching, if you these are your personal pictures and you want me to take them down, please feel free to email me at: with the subject line of: Freddy Garcia Pictures and I will take down the picture of question right away. Other than that, if youíd like to use the pictures from my page, please ask. As Iíve stated above, Iíve done hours and hours of searching for these pictures and I donít want someone taking all the credit for them. All my information on this page is either from sites, Seattle P-I, Seattle Times and or it is just common knowledge. Thanks for taking the time to read this. BACK TO FIRST PAGE