The Game Series
by Saber ShadowKitten



Welcome to the Jungle
Buffy and Spike are forced into a deadly game (NC-17)

The Dance
Interlude to Welcome to the Jungle (R)

The Shadows Breath
Buffy and Spike get wrapped up in another game. (NC-17)
Lyrics and title from The Cure

Nothing Else Matters
Buffy and Spike get cleaned up, and discuss what happened with the gang. (NC-17)
Lyrics by Metallica

Journey to the Mind
Buffy and Spike are kidnapped again, this time with Willow and Angel. (NC-17)
Lyrics by Various artists. Riddles by 'The Riddle of Scheherazade'

Conversation Kills
The day after the friends get out of the house. (PG-13)
Lyrics: Stone Temple Pilots

Master Of Puppets (NC-17)
Buffy receives a mandatory invitation to participate in the Endgame with Spike and six teammate
Last of series, not yet finished.


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