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First I would like to say thank you for being interested in the Will Always Remember (W.A.R.) webring. This ring was created with the POW/MIA issue in mind.

The U.S. Government seems to place a low priority on the return of the missing from Vietnam.

The only hope these soldiers have to coming home is for us to fight for them. They fought for our freedom, isn't it about time we fought for theirs? Whether dead or alive these men belong walking on or buried in American soil.

Ok, So let's get down to business and let me tell you how you can join. The requirements for joining W.A.R. Ring are actually pretty simple and they are listed below.


Step #1 - Adopt a POW/MIA
You can adopt a POW/MIA from Operation Just Cause. This can be done by clicking on the bracelet graphic below

Step #2 - Fill in and submit the membership form.
When you submit your site you are placed in the "Queue" until added to the ring. The queue will only hold sites for approximately 7 days, so please be sure you are ready to add the W.A.R. coding when you submit your site. If the page is not ready in 7 days, it will be removed from the queue. You will then have to re-submit and will be given a new ID#.

Step #3 - Add webring code to your webpage
When you have been added to the queue, you will receive an e-mail containing your site # , password, and the HTML code you must add to your webpage. You will need to change the e-mail address and your name in the coding prior to letting ringmistress know your site is ready for review. DO NOT change anything in the HTML code other than those two items. If you have any questions you may e-mail me at anytime.

Step #4 - Notify me that the site is ready to be checked. When you e-mail me under subject put your site # and in the letter put in your URL address.
Your site will be checked for the following:
1 ) Working and proper URL link
2 ) Working HTML Ring code
3 ) Your adopted POW/MIA incident report and ring code are on the same page. If you have a webring page then you may place it there.
4 ) The site is family and child safe. This includes graphics, text, and sound. If I find that your site does not follow this rule then you will be dropped.

Please make sure to copy the ring graphic from the sample below, as it is not included in the code. DO NOT link back to this site for the graphic. Right click and "save picture as" .

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Ring Master: Robin Jackson

You may e-mail me with your question by clicking on the stamp

The medal graphic was supplied by Ron Fleischer, any other graphics on this site to the best of my knowledge does not have a copyright. If someone finds that they are please e-mail me and I will remove them from the site.