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   When my Love stomps backward
a pace and a half in her stall, her
rump slams the headboard of our

      Gaucho proverb

Don Quixote rode upon his Rocinante, but for 673 pages Sancho Panza's gray ass was never given a name. Smollett, in his translation of the Adventures, kindly called it Dapple. Others have taken other liberties. Jorge Luis Borges, saddled with blindness and bent with age, paced the flickering shadows of his Buenos Aires apartment. His Quixote, rendered from the Spanish back into the Spanish, would mirror the original word for word, meticulously. Save for…Dapple, he murmured to himself, groping to fathom what secret the author of Roderick Random had sought to encode for posterity. D'apple? Appul. Apul. Apulo. Apuleyo…Yes, of course! Lucius Apuleius of Madaura, magus and cruelly maligned intercalator of the 2nd-century Metamorphoseon. Saddled with blindness and bent with age, as if on his frail back he had been carrying a fat rustic of gross appetites for a lifetime, the octogenarian bibliophage lowered himself to all fours on the polished parquet floor of his Buenos Aires apartment and began to bray with the stentorian gusto of the saved: JOR-GE! JOR-GE! JOR-GE!

r o b e r t   p e r c h a n
p u s a n,    s o u t h   k o r e a

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