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Margin Enters The Libyrinth
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BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA -- Tamara Kaye Sellman, editor of Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, is celebrating a new merger with New Yorker Allen Ruch, editor and webmaster of the Libyrinth, a popular website which honors postmodern literature.

The virtual ribbon was cut on March 17, 2000 when Ruch added a new magical realism primer to the Libyrinth's Gabriel García Márquez section. The page is enhanced by references culled from Margin's links, a conspicuous image link to Margin's home page and a clear statement of cooperation between the two publishers. Its establishment creates a broad "portal" between the two literary websites, guaranteeing added exposure for Sellman's website and improved service to Ruch's extensive audience.

"This portal essentially brands Margin as THE SITE for magical realism fans who wish to pursue their interests beyond the basics," Sellman said.

Ruch decided to contact Sellman about the collaboration after spending an afternoon poring over Margin's content, which he considers "excellent." When Sellman agreed to the merger, Ruch was relieved. "It is a pleasure working with someone on the Net as opposed to competing with them," he said. "I wish more people had that sense of cooperation and spirit!"

Sellman was flattered by Ruch's offer to unite resources. "The Libyrinth is a remarkable and worthwhile dedication to some of the world's finest writers," she said.

In February, traffic to Margin increased considerably after Ruch placed introductory links to Sellman's site on his Macondo pages. "If those little links amounted to that much additional traffic, I can't wait to see what comes of this new venture," she said. Ruch reports as many as 60,000 hits a month at his website, making it one of the most popular literary destinations on the Internet.

Sellman's interest in the liaison isn't entirely selfish. "The Libyrinth was one of the first quality sites I could link to during Margin's developmental phase," she said. "Now I think of the Libyrinth as one of the best sites online, and it's only going to get better."

Ruch's current project involves expanding the Libyrinth as he moves it to its new domain: The launch date of the new site will be released in late spring.

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