Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism


Long graphisme maigre comme une lettre; il vient
d'échapper tout droit des bâillements des livres.

                        —Michel Foucault
                                Les mots et les choses

Born in midst of shriveled
        a long emaciated silhouette,
like initials drawn by Modigliani,
    still haunts Castilian plains.

A self-consecrated knight,
    he set out,
        eyes wide open, from a time
when water was clear, minds
    pure, fruits always ripe.

His lenses broken, he returned
        a wise old hidalgo, lying
in the sheets that gave birth
    to his dreams, closed

his eyelids. Only death
    could mend
        his now opaque vision,
reunite the fragmented quicksilver
    running like lost letters
                    on a page.

h e d y   h a b r a
p o r t a g e,   m i c h i g a n

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