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My dear Sancho, you should know
by now that someone will always say

nothing at all is buried
under what is so obviously a monument;

except, perhaps, the entire Sahara,
except so many grains of sand

some fool will come along and rake
them into a neat analogy for infinity.

You should know that someone will
always triumphantly claim such a smooth

and contoured surface was sculptured
by no purposeful design, just the sun's

hammerblows on an anvil of white
heat, just the scrimshaw restlessness

of the wind. But, Sancho, it is past time
to dismount. There are kings and empires

beneath this earth. Their great silence,
all around us now, was perhaps there

throughout our travels but it takes
a place like this to make us kneel before it.

j a m e s   d o y l e
f o r t   c o l l i n s,   c o l o r a d o

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