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Free American, November 1998, p. 42


Walter Burien is responsible for bringing the very existence of the CAFR to our attention. Almost every city, county and state publish these reports. Few people know about them and the media does not reveal them. unlike the Budget Reports, which tell how much money goes toward operating governments, the CAFR is a separate report that details where the money, collected from pension funds, toll roads and other money-producing endeavors, is invested. These funds and the dividends they produce are controlled by a handful of people; fund managers, and major brokerage houses, who then use these funds to manipulate the stock market in their favor. The combined funds invested are more than enough to pay off the Federal Debt and eliminate the need for an income tax, if the people were the beneficiaries. Walter has given us the key to our salvation. TFA

by Walter Burien
Revolution has been in effect since 4000 years ago. The people vs. The Sharp Little Crackers. These Sharp Little Crackers have and want to line their pockets from the peoples gullibility or fear to allow them to take over the wealth available, un-opposed.

Well they have done so and are getting a "little" too greedy.

A "little" is like saying all the sands of the beaches of the world could make my kitchen floor gritty. The public is choking on the sand. Those Sharp Little Cracker's greed and empire building...

Each of us, by ourselves, is a little nervous that we may get stepped on like a bug and smashed. Well, the fact is a bug usually does get stepped on and smashed when it runs across the floor, and is seen.

NOW FOR THE REALITY CHECK.... We are not bugs.

WE ARE... "hopefully" human beings with the ability to kick ass, protect ourselves, unify others in a fight, and protect our god {the creator} given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The sharp Little Crackers who have inflated their pockets and egos have one little problem, there is only a few thousand of them and and a few million of us.

What we have allowed from our own ignorance, (NOTE: they have spent billions of dollars to keep us that way), is When you qualify the forst, in reality the citizens are charged to walk through the forest never being allowed to truly own one leaf. Only rental of a leaf at a substantial tariff, with and when the permission of the care takers of the forest, is allowed.

This is not right and it's about to change in a dramatic fashion through full and complete comprehensive disclosure to the citizens of this country.

Disclosure is in process and will exponentially grow until the final objective of making the citizen the primary beneficiary of the wealth being an unparalleled and unanimous conclusion. As in the movie Braveheart, when they faced the British in full force for the first time and the Scottish nobles rode off to kiss ass, Wallace rode off after them and was asked by a friend, where are you going and he responded, "I'm going to pick a fight." It is time to pick such a fight.

History has proven time and time again that WHEN the people finally get a wake up call un unity and a common purpose those Sharp Little Crackers pulling everyone's strings in government and the media (U.S. Pravda) are on borrowed timne. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when...

When you boil down the major media's income, it ranges from 18% to 64%, mostly from discretionary moneys on the part of the composite government. If you look at those media people who now have plush government positions but still exercise control over prior media contacts, the percentage is very high. In order to perpetuate empre building in which the public would strongly object to, especially with the use of their money, to the tune of trillions of composite government dollars, it requires participation by the media to perpetuate non-disclosure. Fact is, sadly, the structure is in place today.

We started the project for national public comprehension 14 weeks ago for national disclosure of the CAFRs and the structures behind them.

After viewing The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) and the structures behind them you will realize what is needed is the establishment of a Citizens Trust Investment Account, whereby 25% of government will be down sized by emergency special initiative

passed on the City, County and State level by the citizens of this country: The now 25% re-appropriated revenue will be deposited into the Citizens Trust Investent Account annually in which the citizen, based on his or her participation within the syustem as a taxpaying citizen will after 12 years have no tax liability base on the interest and pay out from the Citizens Trust Investment Account, and from that point forward he or she will receive an annual dividend check that will exponentially grow each year on top of having no tax liability.

You want to see how closely the millions of all citizens watch where the money is spent, invested and moved when we are the beneficiaries of a dividend check each year which will have our tax liability wiped out after 8-12 years participation in the system. It is evident that the billions/trillions going to special intesests and for payoffs will virtually disappear with 340 million citizens looking over the shoulders of the "boys" responsible for effecting and controlling the pay-out from the Citizens Trust Investment Account to the citizens of this country.

The power structure becomes We The People and those Sharp Little Crackers can directly benefit We The People or they can crawl back into their holes with a strong kick from We The People. I think the founding fathers of this country would be happy with this structure in place...

Who knows we may even fire a few of them if they are not doing a good job because our dividend check is too small for the year.


Get a team together and bring in a friend or two that are CPAs. Don't forget to look at other cities, counties and states CAFRs for comparison.

Add up the totals. Cities, County, State and Federal ownership within your State.

You will be learning from scratch one.. I have looked at composite totals of government (States, Counties, Cities and Federal) for 10 years now and here is what I have totaled:

  1. Stock ownership, composite totals....... to: $32 Trillion+.
  2. Insurance Company equity participation....... to: $8 Trillion +
  3. Bond surety investment accounts........ to: $5.5 Trillion +
  4. Totals from all liquid investment funds....... to: $60 Trillion +

The personal income from everyone in the U.S.A. (pre tax 1996) is = to 6.5 Trillion.

In other words if every person living in this country gave every cent they made to government for 10 years, it would equal what composite government has amassed in their investment accounts, as of TODAY.. Have You Gotten Your Wake Up Call...???

The corruption feeds on the revenue. Expose the revenue structure and the bease dies of starvation. There is only a few thousand of them compared to many millions of us. Rip the head off the corruption and the body dies...

The Equivalent of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the composite total s of the majority of Federal Government agencies is called the Federal Government Combined Financial Statement.

To download the US Federal Government Combined Financial Statements for 1997, 96 & 95 go to this Internet site

Read the last page first, it shows what agencies are included in the combined statement and those that are excluded., You will see the ones excluded from the report as being the primary cash and investment agencies. Are they worried that if they were included that the balance sheet would show positive assets in the trillions ?? hmmm...

To see the Federal Regulation submitted in 1979 requiring local governments (City, County and States) not already having a CAFR to prepare a CAFR report go to this Internet site

To get some of the CAFR reports, available for downloading go to this Internet site

If your State or County is not listed, send an E-Mail to a neighboring State saying that you have their State CAFR report and you would like to do a comparison study of your State's CAFR report and would they please E-Mail you back with the department, telephone number and contact name in YOUR State - Counties - large Cities to get their CAFR report. The States all share each others CAFR reports for comparison.

The foundation of the Corruption is starting to quiver based on the fact that the word is getting out quickly... as to "The biggest game in town" .....

Both the Organized News Media and the Government are to be held accountable for their cooperative unconstitutional, treasonous and criminal effort covering up span of 40 years which has allowed for the total financial takeover of the wealth of this country from its citizens.

Both the News Media and Government's dilemma here, that will clearly expose them, is that the citizens are not looking for the needle in the haystack, but the haystack sitting on the needle. Qualify what the forest is and stop looking at the leaves in the forest.. What is important here is understanding the principle of operation that has led to this financial takeover. When seen you will understand the motives and propaganda that is rammed down your throadt by the News Media and Government which keeps you looking in right field as they conduct their criminal bvusiness as usual activities in left field.

This project will require solid fuel in the tank to attempt to shift the wealth of this country back to its rightful owners, the citizens of this country. Those that can or those that know of some one who has the abilito to help jump start this movement financially giving it the teeth necessary for the goal of true justice and victory, pass the word and make it happen. The faster the revenue comes in, the faster the gears for the structure of the movement will turn.

The "CAFRs" shows the created- through- restriction- by- statute revenue structure which allows the wolves to walk among the sheep in obscurity, as they devour the sheep, fulfilling their appetite in an orgy of neo-capitalistic gluttony. With the surviving sheep saying "what happened", "who were they", "is something wrong", "there is a problem here but we just can't put our finger on it" ...

To date, I have been contacted by many from across the Land who now have been unified through disclosure for one common purpose: "making the citizen the beneficiary of the wealth" not those "Sharp Little Crackers".

I have received phone calls from across the country and have briefed, 7 running for congress, 3 running for senate, 3 running for governor of their state. All were not aware of the composite structure. They now have their own Wake up Call....
Yours Truly, Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P.O. Box 11444 Prescott, Arizona 86304.