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         This page is a dedication to the work of Dave Trampier. WORMY ran for 11 years (from 1977 until 1988), when Dave decided he could not do business with the publisher of the comic any more and high tailed it. There are many theories as to what happened to Dave, but maybe it is just best left as is. I can count four possibilities here 1) Death, 2) anonymity, 3) Alien abduction or 4) the Giants of Gorgonstar got 'im. I am inclined to go with #2 thru #4, but would really prefer #2.

        If you are just surfing by, or are a regular at this site, please take a minute and sign my guestbook below. It would be nice to find out how many Wormy fans there are out there. Let everyone know what your Wormy experiences have been. Thanks.

        The world of Wormy was rich and colorful. The characters in the stories, instead of being mean nasty monsters that went bump in the night, had definite character traits that made for an excellent story. Tramp obviously took great care in writing the strip. When different view points were used between panels, all objects and characters were right where they belonged. This could not have been an easy task! The level of detail was simply amazing.

        Over the years I have gathered a Wormy "library" and have put this site up to display it for all interested to see. Click on the archive button above to view the entire collection.

        There are other great Wormy sites on the net.  Steve Sweeney still has his site up, but his archive has been down for some time. Steve gave me the inspiration to put this site up. K.K. DragonWolf has an excellent site up and has started producing a new Wormy story. Best of luck on W2K (Wormy 2000). Click on "Links" above to go to other Wormy stuff on the web.

        In addition to collecting the entire Wormy strip, I have also been working on a Wormy wargame. This is still very much so in it's infancy stages, but I will be putting up what I have and hope for input. I am also in the process of modeling Wormy characters in 3D. I have found a lot of great game engines and hope to put some sort of Wormy game here in the near future. Click on "Projects" to see what kind of Wormy craziness is brewing there.  

        Alright you crazy little troll kiddies, if you have not checked out K.K. Dragonwolf's Wormy site, now is the time. He has a killer site with bunches of original artwork and he is continuing the Wormy saga. He is picking up where Tramp left off.  It is a must see for any Wormy enthusiast. Click on the Wormy 2000 graphic below to take you to the site.





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All characters depicted in these pages are copyright 1977-2001 David A. Trampier


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