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The Wormy Archive

    Here is my Wormy archive. It has taken me over 12 years to get it all together. I do have to appologize for some of the images, with limited web space and so many files, sacrifices had to be made.  

Issue # Month/Yr Click to view Description
9 Sep '77 The dwarves want their bowling balls back.
10 Oct '77 Wormy explains to Irving how he got the bowling balls.
11 Dec '77 What wears chainmail and looks like black pudding?   Squashed dwarves.
12 Feb '78 Frank and Dudly watch Wormy have an Apple Eptic Seisure.
13 Apr '78 Irving serves up Barbecue Dwarf Burgers.
14 May '78 Floyd, Jack and Rudy chase a dwarf in Wormy's lair.
15 June '78 Wormy shows his counters for Backgammon
16 July '78 Trouble at the Dwarf Burger stand
17 Aug '78 Wormy squishes some Goblins at Irving's Dwarf burger joint.
18 Sep '78 Frank and Dudly crack a Demon ball on Wormy's snooker table.
19 Oct '78 The demon rips the trolls to shreds
20 Nov '78 Frank and Dudly steal one of the Demon balls to go have fun with the Ogres
21 -    
22 -    
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24 -    
25 -    
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29 Sep '79 Recap of Wormy so far
30 Oct '79 Wes and Butch play chess.
31 Nov '79 Wes and Butch talk to the Ogres about which way the dwarves went
32 Dec '79 Wormy theorizes about the demon balls
33 Jan '80 Frank and Dudly fight a bunch in the river
34 Feb '80 Wes and Butch hunt for dwarves.
35 -    
36 Apr '80 Frank gets Catfish and Bender to help with Dudly's burns
37 -    
38 -    
39 Jul '80 Catfish puts the firelillies on Dudly's burns
40 -    
41 -    
42 Oct '80 The Ogres stumble upon the trolls and Frank breaks the demon ball
43 Nov '80 The Ogres argue about the trolls and the demon comes out of the ball
44 Dec '80 The demon creates havoc, the trolls escape and Catfish takes the demon out.
45 -    
46 -    
47 Mar '81 Irving has a dream.
48 Apr '81 Irving screws with Wormy - makes him think a demon is in the snooker table
49 May '81 Gremorly summons Solomoriah, the shadow cat.
50 June '81 Wormy explains how he got all of his gold.
51 July '81 Gremorly and the shadow cat take off to find Wormy
52 Aug '81 Ace uses his decoys to catch goblins
53 -    
54 Oct '81 Ace uses his decoys to catch Fred, the stonedrake
55 Nov '81 Rudy and Otis search in the yggdrazzle trees for trolls
56 Dec '81 Wormy drops a demon ball down the hole on Haunted Hill
57 Jan '82 The Ogres talk to ace about miniatures vice the real thing.
58 Feb '82 Gremorly and the shadow cat get close to Wormy's lair
59 -    
60 Apr '82 Roy and Roy do the handshake of the mysterious brotherhood of trolls
61 May '82 Ed and two other goblins fight hobgoblins on Wormy's table
62 June '82 Ace, Fred, Hambone, Wormy and Irv play expanded Grottos and Goblins
63 July '82 The wizard and shadowcat arrive at Wormy's lair
64 Aug '82 Gremorly puts the Ogres under a spell in Wormy's lair
65 Sep '82 Gremorly raids Wormy's treasure and stumbles upon sumptin bad
66 Oct '82 Another battle with a demon.
67 Nov '82 Rudy and Otis get caught trying to make off with Wormy's loot.
68 Dec '82 Rudy and Otis try to negotiate out of taking the loot.
69 Jan '83 The showdown with the shadowcat starts.
70 Feb '83 The battle with the shadowcat
71 Mar '83 One of the Ogres meets Gremorlys magical guardian.
72 Apr '83 Gremorly opens a portal to get away with the demon balls
73 May '83 Gremorly puts Hambone and one of the Ogres under a spell
74 June '83 Wormy and Ace battle Gremorly
75 July '83 Aw, no more Gremorly
76 Aug '83 Snooker and the end of the shadow of Solomoriah.
77 Sep '83 Frank and Dudley reminisce about the day's events
78 Oct '83 Frank and Dudley meet up with Squir'l
79 Nov '83 Jordan talks to the boys at the Stump about the mudsucker
80 Dec '83 Jed shows up at the Stump for a drink
81 Jan '84 Jed gets in the poker game and shows his wanted posters.
82 Feb '84 Frank and Dudley get wise to what Jed is up to.
83 Mar '84 Frank and Dudley out to cool off at the swimming hole.
84 Apr '84 Wormy gets his "Siege of the Iron Keep" delivered
85 May '84 3 eyed frogs and 2 headed turtles
86 Jun '84 Catfish and Bender out for a leisurely day of fishing ...........
87 Jul '84 Boon and Rock? fishing from the bank
88 Aug '84 Wormy test fires the cateypults
89 Sep '84 Bender finds out what the inside of a mudsucker looks like
90 Oct '84 Catfish and Bender get their limit for the day.
91 Nov '84 More firing of the cateypults.
92 Dec '84 Two headed turtle and a riddle book.
93 Jan '85 More Iron Keep and Wormy sends Irv and Fred to Skeeters Grove
94 Feb '85 Ace tells Wormy about running into the Storm Giant who was asking about him.
95 Mar '85 Catfish and Bender go by a group at the entrance to Toad Town.
96 Apr '85 The spectacular entrance to Toad Town as only Tramp could have done it.
97 May '85 Butch and Wes pay a visit to the post office in Toad Town.
98 June '85 Butch and Wes in Toad Town.
99 July '85 More Butch and Wes in Toad Town.
100 Aug '85 The Giants reach Haunted Hill.
101 Sep '85 The Giants find out why they call it Haunted Hill
102 Oct '85 Frank and Dudly playing a game of assassin.
103 Nov '85 Irv and Fred make it to Skeeter's Grove and Barney doesn't like hitlist games.
104 Dec '85 Irving and Fred putting up "for hire" posters and Jed overhears them talking.
105 Jan '86 Irving at the Stump to hire the crew to build the Iron Keep.
106 Feb '86 Talking to Charly at the Stump and suckin' back a few Trolls Choke beers.
107 Mar '86 Frank and Larry meet their new "employers".
108 Apr '86 Jed watches Wormy as he sets traps for the Giants.
109 May '86 Jed figuring out how to use Wormy's own traps against him.
110 June '86 The Giants reach Ace's place, but he's ready.
111 July '86 Frank and Larry get into a scrap with a giant Roc in their new home.
112 Aug '86 Frank and Larry meet up with Amos and find out what is in store for them.
113 Sep '86 Troll bridge.
114 Oct '86 Irving arrives at Wormy's with the construction crew.
115 Nov '86 Jed breaks down and asks Irving for a job.
116 Dec '86 Hambone ends up testing Wormy's traps.
117 Jan '87 Hambone tells what the Giants did to Ace.
118 Feb '87 A troll tries to talk Rudy into setting them free.
119 Mar '87 The Ogres meet Achorrath, the storm giant.
120 Apr '87 Achdorrath signals the other giants that he found Wormy's lair.
121 May '87 Ace tries to escape.
122 June '87 Good 'ol Hambone.
123 July '87 Dudley tells Irving of his suspicions about Jed.
124 Aug '87 Grumble and Snaggly making off with the loot.
125 Sep '87 Rock and Dudley fire the hammer bow.
126 Oct '87 The Ogres challenge Wormy to a wargame.
127 Nov '87 The particulars of the game are worked out.
128 Dec '87 The Ogres work on their game strategy.
129 -    
130 Feb '88 Catfish making off with a pair of Wormy's demon balls.
131 Mar '88 Bender gets nailed for not having a fishing license.
132 Apr '88 Seven years of bad luck for bender..........but what does Louie want?????????