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So you found the journals, congratulations.
Here you will find the writings, and thoughts of several talented writers. So pull up a chair and take a stroll through. . ."Once Upon a time"

Also if you have fan fiction or fan art you would like to submit please email me by clicking on Goten-->

Note for everyone who wants to submit a story, or has:
I am overthrilled with everyones enthusiasm to contribute to this page. Now that people are starting to send in more and more stories I think it is appropriate for me to post the guidelines and regulations:


*The submitted story must be in STORY format. I do not LIKE manuscripts. . .for the time being the ones that I have been sent to me before January 19, Y2K will be looked at and considered but from here on out I am telling you if I see it in manuscript form I will let you know it will not be posted unless changed and I will delete the manuscript. End of that.
*A synopsis must be accompanied with it.
*A quote (from their story) also must be chosen by the author that they feel will best describe the story, and/or draw the readers in.
*A picture that somehow fits the story must also be included so that it may be used as an icon.
*PLEASE include YOUR name with the story. From now on, anyone who emails me from this point, MUST HAVE A FIRST NAME or LAST NAME with the story. Email or Handle names are cutting it anymore.
*If you intend to make the story long, please send me it Chapter by Chapter that way I can keep it under control, and make sure to have a min of 3 chapters so I can see you are somewhat committed to the task.
*Lastly. . .please include a title, ok don't laugh. You would be surprised how many people DON'T include a TITLE---So please pick one ok? BEFORE you send me the story.


I have not decided whether or not if I will censor any stories. For the moment I am deciding not to. But if the stories do get too racy I will create another page just for those stories. And before every "racy" story there should be a warning. Of course there may be times where a story might slip by or I will forget so please keep in mind you are reading at your own discretion.
Finally, I do reserve the right to NOT place your story on this site. If I feel that some things need to be changed before they can be placed on this site I will make a note of emailing you and requesting it. No changes to the content of any story other than my own will be made without express consent from the author. Ok? Ok. . .Good. . .Now take my apology from the boring part of this page and go for it and read. . .

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