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of Dragonball goes beyond Gokou's adventures as a child, and rather they originate on a planet other than earth. The planet Vegeta where his race lived and thrived. The warrior race of Saiya-jin's. There his father and his people worked for Freiza in the acquisition's of planets, only to be destroyed of the original inhabitants and then resold to the highest bidder. Bardock, Gokou's father, led a team of Saiya-jin's in these expeditions. Though on one planet he came across the last dying victim who cursed him with the knowledge of the future. Of his future. During the same time the Saiya-jin Prince, Vejita was being tested by Freiza's underlings for his power potential. Shocked at their discovery Freiza decides to take Prince Vejita and mold him into just another one of his minions.

On the planet Meat, Bardock's team was just finishing off the last of the survivors as Dodoria, one of Freiza's henchman, kills Bardock's team. Bardock though far from this as he was injured and was home in a healing tank learns of this as he arrives on the planet to hear the words of one of his last dying men. Dodoria then attempts to take care of Bardock only to be interrupted by Freiza summoning him back to the ship. Trying to warn the Saiya-jin's back home of Freiza treachery, but they don't believe him. At the same time Bardock is receiving continuous flashes of sight of his future. His death, and the life of his son Kakarotto, better known as Gokou. Determined to rewrite his own future Bardock sets off towards Freiza's ship, battling his henchmen along the way, only to be killed, as he foresaw in the final battle as Freiza destroyed to the Planet Vegeta.

Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the Prince had been taken off planet and under the training of Nappa, one of the four surviving Saiya-jin's. Gokou, and his older brother being the other two.
Gokou had been sent to earth and at his arrival there (he was a toddler) Son Gohan came upon him and decided to take him as his own. Gokou was naturally the toddler from hell until he was dropped on his head, and became the sweet Gokou that had remained throughout the rest of his life. Because of the drop on his head Gokou did not carry out his mission to destroy earth. Though due to his lack of knowledge of who he was, and what he was, one night he looked into the full moon and took full possession of his Saiya-jin Powers, as he transformed into were-ape. Killing his grandfather in the process, but with no recollection of it afterwards.

Gokou at the age 11 is when the Dragonball History officially begins. Found in the woods by Bulma he is swept into a frenzied search for the mystic and elusive dragonballs that had been rumored to grant any wish. On these adventures Gokou manages to make life long friends out of many that he meets, Krillin, Yamacha, Bulma, Kame, Chichi. . .Eventually killing the Demon King, Piccolo, Gokou does make the decision to stay at Kame's Palace and train. About 9 years later he surfaces again to fight Piccolo, Jr. in the tournament to discover the worlds strongest fighter. Meeting Chichi again, she reminds him of his promise to marry her. Sheepish he agrees and by the end of the tournament they are Mr. and Mrs. Son. Time passes as it always does and the birth of Gohan, Gokou's first born, named after his "grandfather" comes and goes. When Gohan reaches the age 4, Raditz arrives on earth. (Gokou's older brother) Revealing to Gokou his true nature and his true self he informs Gokou of his given name, Kakarotto. In a heated battle to keep Raditz from wreaking havoc on earth Gokou sacrifices himself to kill Raditz. Upon his arrival in "heaven" he is granted permission to train with Kaiou-sama. While Gokou is aware of Prince Vejita's interest in the Planet Earth and his coming there he puts his heart and soul into his training. During this the other warriors of Planet Earth train with Kame. Piccolo though kidnaps Gohan and takes him out into the desert to train him there for the year before the Saiya-jin's arrive. Gokou does not arrive back to earth, by the wish for his resurrection, via the dragonball's, and the warriors have to begin their fight without him. All die except Krillin and Gohan upon Gokou's arrival. Where he begins to duke it out with Nappa. Irritated by Nappa's obvious inability to destroy Gokou Vejita destroys Nappa.

Vejita and Gokou now engage and Gokou shows off his new abilities. Creating a full moon of power Vejita transforms himself into his were-ape form wreaking havoc and throwing the realization to Gokou that he had destroyed his "grandfather" years before. Yarjirobe eventually cuts off Vejita's tail (Gokou's had been removed so he didn't transform) Vejita loses his were-ape shape but then Gohan transforms and defeats Vejita. Vejita crawls towards his ship to escape but Krillin comes after him with the full intent to kill him but Gokou stops him, and tells him to show him mercy, and Vejita leaves.

Because of the death of Piccolo and Kame the dragon balls are deactivated. Realizing they would have to travel to the planet Namek, Piccolo and Kame's original home planet, to collect their dragon balls and make a wish for the dead warriors to return from heaven.
Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma set off for Planet Namek only to discover that Vejita hadn't given up and was there for the Dragon Ball's too, along with Freiza and his henchmen Dodoria, and with his right handman, Zarbon. Contacting Gokou back on earth of the perils on Namek he quickly takes the space ship that Dr. Brief's designed for him (Bulma's father) and heads towards Namek training all the while. Dodoria is destroyed by Vejita and Yamcha, Tien, Chaozu, and Piccolo arrive on Kaiou-sama's world to start training. Zarbon dies at the hands of Vejita, and Dende and Nail are introduced to Gohan and Krillin.

The Ginyu Team arrives, Freiza's personal army and they collect all the dragon balls. The Ginyu force is defeated and they try to summon the Shenlon, but realizes you have to have a password. Gokou is put in the healing tank and Vejita tries to recuperate leaving only Krillin and Gohan to watch over the Dragon Balls as Freiza is away toying with Nail. Only to realize that Nail was a distraction to give Gohan and Krillin more time. Dende arriving with the password summons the Shenlon while Vejita is still asleep. The first wish resurrects Piccolo and wishes him to Namek, but as Goru (the eldest Namek who created the dragonballs) passes the Dragonballs are deactivated. Piccolo absorbs Nail upon his arrival to Namek to up his power level while all 4 of them battle against Freiza. Dende dies, while Gokou is finally healed only to watch Krillin die. Enraged Gokou becomes a Super Saiya-jin as he lets his Saiya-jin instincts take over. Freiza in turns reaches his full strength. Mr.Popo, Kame's companion, collects all the Earth Dragon Ball and wishes all that had died at the hands of Freiza to be resurrected. Dende makes the last wish of the Namek Shenlon to transport everyone on Namek to earth. Gokou defeats Freiza, as Freiza destroys the planet. Gokou finding a spaceship gets inside and leaves the planet before it's destruction. The Namekians and Vejita live in Bulma's neighborhood. Vejita, er, joins up with Gokou's friends. Gokou though arrives on the planet Yardrat and learns the art of teleportation, but contracts a heart disease that later kills him in an alternate timeline, which is Mirai's Trunks time line. The Namek Dragon Balls are recreated and Krillin remains are brought to Earth and Krillin and Yamcha are resurrected and Gokou is finally discovered to be alive.

Chaozu and Tien are wished back to life and a new planet is found for the Namekians, using the Namek Dragon Balls. The cyborg Freiza, Cold and their idiot friends arrive on earth which marks the first appearance of Mirai Trunks. Trunks destroys the invaders as Gokou arrrives and discloses the future to Gokou and gives him heart medicine in hope to save Gokou, and to alter his timeline, but only manages to split it. Trunks leaves and Gokou demonstrates his teleportation skills. Everyone takes off to train, Piccolo Gokou and Gohan leave together, Chaozu and Tien train together, and Vejita being Vejita trains on his own in the Gravity room. Krillin goes to Kame and Yamcha stays at Capsule Corp. (Bulma's home)
Everyone is preparing for the 26 andriod's Mirai Trunks had wanred them about. During this time the final seperation of Bulma and Yamcha occur as she takes Vejita into her bed. The birth of their time Trunks happens as the arrival of Andriods #19 and 20 come about. Mirai Trunks returns and the fight with Dr. Gero ensues (the creator of the androids). It is the first indication that Vejita has finally become a super Saiya-jin. Gokou becomes stricken by the heart disease. Vejita kills off #19 and Gero activates #17, and #18 as they in turn destroy Gero. The battle between the androids and the "hero's" ensue. Yamcha and Chichi force feed the heart medicine to Gokou. Trunks discovers the exo-skeleton from the larval Cell and 15,000 people die in one city. As their bodies are consumed by Cell. Piccolo finally combines with Kame to become a Super Namek-jin. The discovery that the powers of Cell mimic the powers of most of the fighters. They discover Gero's sub basement and the embryonic Cell. Trunks and Krillin destroy the sub-basement as Bulma and her father start studying Gero's schematics for #17. Gokou finally recovers from the heart disease as Gokou takes Gohan to the Room of Spirit and Time in Kame's palace to train as Vejita and Trunks also go. Training for one day there measures to a year in regular time. Piccolo meanwhile fights #17 only to have Cell arrive and a free for all ensues.

Cell does defeat Piccolo and consumes #17, becoming his second stage self. Gokou teleports to pick up Tien and Piccolo's powerless bodies as #16, and #18 escape. Cell spends time tracking them down. Bulma makes the cyborg destruction controller and gives it to Krillin. Gohan gives Piccolo and Tien senzu seeds (recovers a fighter to full strenght). Vejita and Trunks leave the room of spirit and time as Vejita fights Cell as Gokou and Gohan enter the room. Krillin finds #18, but steps on the controller. Vejita lets Cell escape to consume #18, and stops Trunks from stopping Cell. Consuming #18 Cell tears Krillin apart and then defeats Vejita and Trunks. Declaring "Cell Game" the next Tenkaichi-budoukai (the tourney for the worlds strongest) Gohan and Gokou come from the room of spirit and time 3 hours short of a day. Piccolo, Trunks, and Vejita take turns fighting in the room as Gohan and Gokou alternate training and relaxing, and of course, Gohan's studies. Locating the new Namek planet Gokou finds Dende and asks him to be the new "watcher of earth" Agreeing Dende creates a new set of Dragon Balls. Gokou retrieves them.

The start of the Cell Game brings pro wrestler Mr. Satan into history as he is knocked out of hte ring and loses. Gokou then fights Cell and concedes defeat as Gokou announces that Gohan is stronger than him, and than anyone. Gokou being Gokou is concerned of the fairness of the fight as he gives Cell a senzu seed so the fight is fair. Cell then makes 7 clones of himself and #16 is destroyes, Gohan then fights Cell and gives into his Saiya-jin instincts and Cell is forced into spitting #18 out. Gokou then dies as well does Trunks but Gohan finally destroys Cell completely with Vejita's help. Satan though makes it so the world believe that he is the one that won and saved the world. Once again everyone was brought back to life that was killed by Cell. And the explosives in #17 and 18 were removed. #18 and Krillin do end up togehter. Mirai Trunks how has to return to his future and Vejita does let him know he is proud of him. Or hints it anyways.

Years passed and now Gokou is at Dende's Palace, training with Uubu. After they had finished Ubuu left, and as Gokou was about to do the same he noticed something, Pilaf. He had come for the Ultimate Dragon Balls to take over the world. When Gokou showed up Pilaf accidentally turned Gokou into a little boy again. The Dragon Balls of course scattered. Then Gokou talked with Kaiou-sama and decided it was time for him to go home to earth. Pilaf fled the Palace. Gokou first decides he is hungry and leaves to eat.
On earth, Pan, the daughter of Gohan and Videl (Mr. Satan's daughter) is on a date and sees a bank robbery. Deciding to play the superhero she starts to help as Gokou notices what is going on and wants to help too. Only to be thrown out of the way by Pan, who is bigger than Gokou now. The robbers caught, Dende appears. After a moment he notices the wild haired kid that looks like Gokou. Gokou tells him what happened as Pan realizes that the Gokou was her grandfather. She has a hard time accepting it.
Back at the Son home Chichi is in hysterics as everyone is staring at them helpless. To bring more news Kaiou-sama informs them that if the Dragon Balls arent collected in a year Earth would be blown up.
During this Trunks is sneaking away from his suit and tie job as the head of Capsule Corp. Deciding to go in a spaceship to search for the Dragonballs. Realizing the ship can only handle three people Trunks, Gokou and Goten are to go. Though Pan feeling. . .left out accidentally damages the ship and sneaks aboard. Starting the ship Goten is left behind with a piece of the ship with a confused Bulma. And the adventure starts all over again. . .

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