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Sunday, August 11, 2002

So many things happening and I've not been good about posting. I finally have a ride to Burning Man. My friend Chris Crounse contacted me and was hoping I would go with him, so I jumped at the chance. There is so much preparation to do in the next two weeks and I've been so under motivated. But I know I can do this with some perseverance, so here is just a short list of what I will be doing.

Yesterday I went fabric shopping with Purple for an idea for a hat that I came up with--the Jellyfish from Jupiter! This will basically be a headress that will fit onto the top of my leather top hat that looks (hopefully) like a big man o' war jellyfish. I have the basic idea in my head and I think I have enough time to execute it, trouble is that I'm not too adept at sewing, so even though it is a simple idea I could see myself abandoning it at the last minute if it doesn't come together quickly.

I need to find a very inexpensive dirt bike with no gears for under fifty bucks. I need to buy food for the trip, especially cliff bars which are on sale at Fred Meyers. I'm thinking of taking brown rice and miso. I need a small tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad.

I need to have all my internet work done by the twenty-third. Yikes!


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