Sunday, June 08, 2003
      ( 8:48 PM ) Nathan Kibler  
Thank you, Carolyn! It has been some time since anyone posted here and I'm glad you've taken the time. I have to admit that I haven't really been able to answer the question in my mind why there seem to be a lot of Blogs out there but none I've really subscribed too. The most interesting time for Blogs, in my opinion, was right after the 9-11 disaster in New York. I found what was on Blogs to be much more moving and real than anything the mass media could provide. #

      ( 7:02 PM ) Carolyn Pietala  
I should have lots of film festival reviews, this being film festival time. But I don't. Decided to come back here because I found a wonderful link:

This is from (cyberpunk writer) William Gibson's blog on the topic of blogging vs. writing.

This quote in particular struck me:
It's the "conversational" aspect, I think, that keeps this kind of writing from really getting off the ground. You see the initial lift into heightened language, into intent, but when the wings begin to wobble (as they invariably will) there's always the option of safe and instantaneous descent back into a fundamentally informal relationship with the reader. There's no risk involved.

I don't blog, but I do post at forums. And I've done post writing at forums that this quote describes exactly, "the intial lift into heightened language, into intent" -- it may even stay that way for one whole post -- and then I take the "safe and instantaneous descent back into a fundamentally informal relationship with the reader" when someone replies. This is almost necessitated by the fact that the person will be replying to me conversationally. But it is also the case, that if someone asks me to defend a point, that I won't have thought about that angle as long as I did about the original post, and thus my argument will be less articulate.


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