Thursday, September 19, 2002
      ( 9:51 PM ) Carolyn Pietala  
Hello, Nathan. I've cruised all my threads. Even gone to forums that I visit only occasionally, and I can't find anything anywhere that I have anything to say about. I NEED TO POST. Need to write something.

Tonight I went to the website for the BBC to listen to the latest edition of my favorite radio show there. It's called The Blue Room. It's playing away now. Need something to do as I listen. There's housework, but what fun is that? I feel a little like the kids in All About Lilly Chou Chou posting about the music as music plays. The programming for The Blue Room is split between two dj's. Last Saturday's show was Rob da Bank. I think I like his partner, Chris Coco, a little better. da Bank goes for stuff that's a little dancier than Coco does. And it almost doesn't differenciate itself from the TON of other dance shows that you can hear on the Beeb. It's supPOSed to be a chill-out POST dance program. This mix of a Felix da Housecat tune that I'm hearing (not listed on the track listing for the show, tsk!) is interminable. Okay, that's it. I'm hitting the "skip 5 minutes" button. Yes, I like Chris Coco better. Although da Bank did just play something that Coco himself put together which is nice.

Is it late? Only a little bit past 10:30. It feels like its the middle of the night. The strange chemical smell is back. Sometimes a smell that's like fingernail polish will come out of the drains. AHAHAHA! da Bank was just talking about it smelling like hotdogs in the studio, he gave an address and said to tell him what it smells like where you are. Should I write and tell him? No, probably not. It sounds so weird. But it really does smell like that.... #


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