Wednesday, June 05, 2002
      ( 4:28 AM ) Nancy McCann  
Tuesday 4 June
10:00 Dream in Hanoi - what i saw of this was dreadful

12:00 Her Majesty - some real bad acting, -- and the actress who played Queen Lizzy II was WAY too glamorous, but a cute story. Lets hear it for the Maoris -- not exactly Once Were Warriors, but I always like those down under coming of age stories -- not exactly My Brilliant Career either

10:00 Elling -- a lighthearted, cheerful story of two nuts getting mainstreamed successfully! Wow Norway treats the mentally ill in a way that they are able to contribute to society and have meaningful lives. Is this a fantasy? Am I too jaded? Lighthearted is good. Cheerful is good.

12:00 Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys - Jodi, Jodi, Jodi, where is your career going? I walked out on this one when I couldn't stop thinking, "What those boys need is as good buggering."

2:00pm Happiness of the Katikuris - A Japanese Rocky Horror without the genderbending. Fun, lighthearted. Lighthearted is good.

4:30pm No News from God - Hysterical! This could never be remade in America (I hope, I pray). Must see this one again.

7:00pm Merci pour le Chocolat - I might have enjoyed more of this movie had I been more awake, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I did see

9:30pm Safety of Objects - I'm sure Umuzaki was great, but I was in no mood for it. Safety of objects was just my speed. Amazing how reassuring mediocrity can be. I'm beginning to lose respect for myself.

      ( 3:26 AM ) Ja'son Styles  
Well the world seems to be in its own sort of OVERDRIVE... I have tried to keep up with SIFF but frankly I'm tired and I did not see one movie... :-( **thanks to Nancy who post wonderful things about the movies she has seen makes me feel as if I do have a life** Work has been icky and is about to get worse.. best described as going from our normal life of doing nothing about everything to tossing in the towel and taking a hike into the supposed 3rd world and just drop it all for 2 warm bodies who are not far away from being the living DEAD... wonder what its like to live in New Delhi ??? The open sewer and the lack of american comferts seems almost inviting!! The Boss @ my place of employment SWEDISH is desperate to fill 3 positions and has shown a lack of good judgement in his hiring practices, has decided to hire two flakes... one who is a mental case * not intending to offend but there are lives at risk in my employment* and the other is someone who can't keep herself together enough to report to work on time and always wants to leave early and is a general screw ball.... plus another co-worker recently accepted another position so we are short staffed even more... I decided that instead of taking on the additional stress and be one of 2 others who would actually do any reasonable amount of work, I would accept a open position at another campus *Swedish Ballard* get this I am changing my work time from 3-11:30pm to 7am-3:30pm Sat-Wed.... no more Bruch sorry CHARLIE I had some vacation time coming starting this Thur until June 16th but because the Ballard position would require me to learn a few different procedures I needed to cut my vacation short and report to work on Tue, June 11th... My mother-in law so to speak arrives later today 11ish and we "Greg, Joyce, myself and Nadia *dog* get to go to Levenworth on Friday spending the night returning on Sat... Fritz the Husky gets to stay at the ATwood pet resort while we are gone. So Na_Kibbler I think that the first movie I was to attend was to be on Friday and the second was on Monday I will be UNABLE to attend either :-0 see if you cant find a buyer in line for the tickets if its not too much trouble and if not oh well. #


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