Wednesday, May 15, 2002
      ( 9:33 PM ) Carolyn Pietala  
Glory Days is best described as "a WB show". I watched an episode and wasn't as absorbed as I was when I watched Charmed, and believe me, Charmed is not one of my regular shows. "X Files meets Twin Peaks"? They flatter themselves.

Nancy thought I should post the review that I wrote of The Importance of Being Earnest here, in addition to the movie thread that I decorated it with at Salon. So, here goes:

Saw a sneak preview of the new version of The Importance of Being Earnest -- from the same folks who brought you An Ideal Husband. If that phrase doesn't already strike terror into your heart, this movie will probably do it for you.

Nice sets, nice costumes, well-cast -- even Reese Witherspoon presents herself well. And then...just when you think this movie might actually be good? There's a BIG HONKING ANACHRONISM. With a merry sneer you are torn out the movie's theoretical time and theoretical source material and thrown back into the turn of *this* century for a contemporary reference. Oh, like, I relate to that SOOO much! Is that what you want me to say, Mr. Writer/Director? Commmme onnnn! Why get everything else right and then blow it all sky high for that one stupid it-didn't-add-anything thing?

After that point I was embarassed for Colin Firth that he was in the movie. And he even had to participate in perpetuating the anachronism in the movie's closing scene. could have been good. Don't want to see the director's cut of this. Someone take it away from him and give it to the BBC. #

      ( 1:27 AM ) Nathan Kibler  
Yes, I posted a mention of the European Party on my main blogger also. In other news, had anyone heard anything about the new X-files meets Twin Peaks Television show on the WB network, called "Glory Days--Population Dwindling"? Is it still on? Is it worth watching or is it just another exercise in romantic futility? Is there a reason that I barely remember anyone talking about it? #

Monday, May 13, 2002
      ( 10:54 AM ) Carolyn Pietala  
Mark's European theme party on Saturday was fun. The connection of the digital camera to the tv not working because of the stuck cleaning tape was disappointing. But I loved the tour of Europe through chocolate and the music that he brought back. Brigitte Fontaine! Yes! I also really liked his friend Eric's slides of the Gaudi stuff in Barcelona. How distinctive Gaudi's work makes that city. #


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