Thursday, May 09, 2002
      ( 12:10 AM ) Carolyn Pietala  
Went to the Cinema Seattle site to see just how soon on May 9th the film festival schedule might be up. Answer: not yet.

Well... I had to try. :-)

Tuesday, May 07, 2002
      ( 8:45 PM ) Nathan Kibler  
It's not exactly disinformation...not everyone knows what Burning Man is, so the essential point of the article is still current. I just wanted to point out that the theme mentioned was last year's theme. If you want to see the results of how that theme was played out, there are lots of sites with pictures online of the artwork constructed. A good place to start your search would be here:


In 2000, the year of disasters-from-hell, I spent a fair amount of time checking web sites out for pictures of myself and my friends. I actually found one that I didn't even know was taken. Because I'd had Purple paint my hair orange and purple, the comment that accompanied the picture implied I'd been inspired by Hostess Tiger Stripes (TM). I only hope I looked good enough to eat! LOL! #

      ( 3:14 AM ) Ja'son Styles  
Well how dare the writer Bill Strubbe contribute to dis-information what to call him ??? #

Monday, May 06, 2002
      ( 12:40 PM ) Nathan Kibler  
Jason, I suspect that article was written for last year's Burning Man (BM) event because it mentions the theme for last year, which was a quote from Shakespeare detailing the Seven Ages of Man, from cradle to grave. Whereas last year took a nod from one of western culture's greatest writers, the theme for this year is decidedly Asian, coming from the Japanese nickname for their homeland of islands, i.e. "The Floating World". This not only refers to the idea of Japan's archipelago of islands "floating" between heaven and ocean, but also suggests the Buddhist and Hindu ideas of experience being as much of a dream, "floating" between the past and the future.

I would very much like to go again. My first experience was incredible, only being eclipsed by the horrible nastiness that resulted during my second trip the following year. I need to change my karma and retouch that childlike state that first encountered Burning Man in 1999. Is this what you mean by "katra", Jason?

I might add that Burning Man, although it sounds like a very extraordinary and fun experience, is not for the faint of heart or the weak of mettle. Within minutes of getting out of your vehicle and scouting the flat, dry lake bed where BM is held every year, you quickly realize that the extreme elements and environment is hostile to unwary invaders and you have to adapt to very extreme changes in temperatures and humidity, high, violent wind, choking dust and poor visibility or ultimately perish. There are plenty of emergency teams and lots of general camaraderie. This environment brings out the true neighborliness that is missing from mainstream society. Still, things can go terribly wrong, very quickly. Tempers run high and wide. You can be hot and enjoying the sun one minute, then suddenly be chilled and drenched in the next. You must keep your wits about you.

If you do, then your experience will be excellent, inspiring and invigorating, like my first year. If you do not, it will most definitely end in disaster after disaster, like my second year. One day, I will tell my stories in detailed words and pictures. Until then you will just have to encourage me to talk about what happened. #

      ( 3:16 AM ) Ja'son Styles  
Yes I am better but still fell like a LAB RAT ... We have tickets @ least Na_Kibler and Jesse and myself are scheduled to see the noon showing of the Star Wars saga on May 16th... found the following on one of my chat sites and since some of you attend I thought I would post it see if the writer give it the correct spin..

Burning Man

Bill Strubbe

Burning Man: The Gayest Event You've Never Heard of Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada August 26-September 2, 2002 Tickets/information:; $165-250.

What on earth is Burning Man? At least in this dimension there's nothing like it. In the broadest sense Burning Man is perhaps the queerest happening on the planet. It's cutting edge, revolutionary, artsy and camp. Many of the 40,000 people who converge from far and wide to join the week-long festivities at this stark sun-baked salt flat are lesbian, gay or polysexual. Participants create a commercial-free community without money, bartering or typical societal (read prudish) boundaries and experiment with non-gender-traditional costumes and sexual roles. Only what is freely given is permitted. (It's starting to sound interesting, isn't it?)

Burning Man is about leaving civilization behind and celebrating life as an ancient tribe might have. You'll spend the days and nights communing with the inhabitants of over two thousand theme camps -- Irrational Geographic, Bianca's Smut Shack, Beaver Junction and Camp Amerikaka to name a few. Participants are encouraged to express their creativity. Imagine an ice sculpture emitting glacial music; competing laser light shows at midnight; art cars and camels; 50 nude flag dancers in the moonlight; Twinkyhenge (yes, Stonehenge la Hostess); and fabulous costumes -- or lack of clothing altogether. Each year has a theme -- this year it's the "Seven Ages" -- played out in a giant board game to which you receive a passport.

All your needs -- food, water, toys, etc. -- must be hauled in. Though dust storms, floods and mud might challenge you, it's primarily the relentless 100+-degree scorching sun you'll contend with. You'll need to slather yourself with sun block or cloak yourself in silver Mylar and drink endless quantities of water. The culmination of Burning Man on Saturday night is heralded by a massive procession, the circle forms and the huge effigy ignites in the center of the temporal town -- an epiphany, primal and newborn. When the inhabitants disperse, all trash and art brought in must be carried out. A crew scours the desert for every cigarette butt, bottle top, staple, feather and sequin left behind. The winter rains re-flood the vast plateau, erasing all traces that 40,000 souls had ever been here -- until the same time next year.

It is my hope that Na_Kibler will get to go it would do the katra some good!! :-) #


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