Thursday, April 18, 2002
      ( 1:37 PM ) Nathan Kibler  
Oh, yuck! Jason, that sounds awful. I'm really sorry to hear of your allergies and such. Me, I've been depressed as Hell in my job search, which hasn't made me very productive. I visit tomorrow with the Unemployment agency for a review of my search for work. I believe I'll do just fine but wish me luck, just in case I need it. Yesterday, Carolyn and I went to a job fair down at the Safeco Exhibition Hall next to the Safeco Field. She mostly talked to schools and I made enough contacts to round out my job search report. *sigh* Is something in retrograde right now? I have no explanation for this malaise. #

Tuesday, April 16, 2002
      ( 10:07 PM ) Ja'son Styles  
More unusal reactions to YET another Anti-B that a substitue Doctor decided to put me on casued an unusal drug interaction... It began as all allergic reaction do with me a blotchy rash hot to the touch and gennerally unattractive to look at. That is a mild case well this one progressed to having the ability to feel EVERY pore on my skin and if I could have used the vegie scrapper to relieve the itching I would have.... so its time to take some antihistimies and call the Dr. who was still the sub who suggested that I be seen the next day by my regular MD. ****well NO dUh!!!**** well some sleep I did get but LITTLE and I felt rather badly. I see my regular MD the next day who tells me that if I dont improve that I should call him @ home on Sat 4/13/02 to give him an update ... Sleep does not come easy that night and I keep Greg up who then informs me @ 2am that he had to take another sleep aid so I should not worry to much about keeping him up ...then @ aprox 445am I awake to another temp of 101.4 and go to look into the mirror.... YIKES who is that staring back at me.. I look like I had attempted to go tanning and was left in 3 hours and I could hardly make out where my eyes were no wonder that seeing was a bit of a problem ***oh and the BAGS under my eyes ***would not fit as carry-on luggage, I hear this small voice say SIR EXCUSE ME you'll have to check them BAGS no if ANDS but's or anything arguring.... I call my Regular Doctor at home in a panic describing my most current condition. I requested a DIRECT ADMIT to the hospital rather then a LONG wait in the ER for them to place me in the hospital anyway as a result of adverse drug interactions and drug allergeries. I was admitted to Swedish Providence its a bit out of the way as some of my co-workers have no problems in wanting to impose themselves upon you when you dont feel well. I even put restictions on any inquires as to my being there its call NOI which stands for NO INFO, NO disclosure as to there being a patient addmitted or seen in the ER at this time with the name someone might inquire... this did cause a bit of confusion as I had called my parents to say call my pager in a couple of hours it will give you a room number and a method in which to calll me. Well they did call but I had the Peggy ** who took me to the hospital because Greg was still too sleepy with his taking the sleep aid and could not drive me to Providence*** answer the phone and since my Birth name and Legal name are not the same Peggy said that person must have been in the room before me and no longer in the room... OOOPS I forgot to remind Peggy about that NAME thing.... so I spent the night getting bag after bag of IV fluids a total of 6 and they had me drink aprox 5 gallons of other fluids water, juice and some electrolite stuff nasty tasting in my opion. The next day I was sent home to rest and drink more fluids and take a steriod and something to help with the itching... more Dr. appts this week also, it begining to be a drag to see them again and again. I am still recovering and feel tired all the time but I am improving and NOT DYING tomorrow so to speak.

I do have to say the the evening with Nay-Kibbler was indeed enjoyable I found his friend Trent to be a breath of fresh air and I can remember a time when I was as gitty as he or can I **rotflol** he did buy drinks which was nice and for which I did not get to thank him for so if you speak to him NAY-KIBBLER please pass that along. As I was getting ready to leave he was distracted by a man whom he saw as attractive... I would have to agreed #


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