Friday, April 05, 2002
      ( 7:37 PM ) Ja'son Styles  
Well I have sort of just returned to from the endium the flux of the time stream there prevented me from seeing much of anything... the waves of energy that are wasted when one is in endium without the proper equipment or prepration for the nighmares or the reality of it all suddenly can wear ones mental ties to here down. What the hell I am I talking about well.. I have been weaning myself of 2 different types of medications that I am on in the hopes to see which one might be causing my most recent sickness! On top of that I managed to catch some flu bug that keep me ill runing temps at night of 103.4 at times. So needless to say that while trying to cut back on some of my neurological meds and being ill I did have some rather fightful dreams... one which sticks with me was about thinking my arms somehow might when touching generate enough heat to cause my blankets to burst into flames... it never happened but I do remember asking Greg if he thought that it might happen, needless to say he was concerned but did manage to lighten the atomsphere by saying I was crazy with the fever and the blankets would not start on fire... I am better now but still having vivid dreams that I cant really recall. Today after ANOTHER doctor visit I needed to eat so I stopped by Nay-Kibler's apartment in hopes that he would have a Thai restraunt he and I could share a meal @ and as he has yet ! to disappoint me we did have an enjoyable meal @ the Noodle Place good food and then it was back to home for me. #

Thursday, April 04, 2002
      ( 12:29 AM ) Carolyn Pietala  
Babble 17: a monthly science fiction and fantasy book discussion group. The name is a sideways salute to a novel by sf writer Samuel R. Delany. The name also helped us choose our (usual) meeting day: the 17th.

As I noted before I have already read this month's Babble book, so I've been on the prowl for that Something Else that I now have time to read. I think I found it at the bookstore Monday. (Bookstore? Bookstore? What is she doing in bookstores with her cash flow?) (Yes, I know, it was a pure Alex moment: inability to resist the siren call of the desired purchase even in the face of financial difficulty.) The book had a big fat "I've been hearing about this" cachet to it. Meet Me in the Moon Room by Ray Vukcevich was nominated for the Philip K. Dick award (an award for good sf that has its first publication in paperback) this year. The description of it at Amazon sounded very intriguing. When I was confronted with the actual item at the bookstore Monday, I couldn't not walk away with it. So, that's my purse book now. #

Wednesday, April 03, 2002
      ( 10:05 PM ) Nathan Kibler  
Because I've made noises in regards to the current Babble book(...okay, I think we are going to need to explain what Babble is for those poor unfortunate souls who just wander in here, any takers?), Carolyn has graciously loaned me her copy and I guess I have until the seventeenth of this month to read all of its...710 pages! I polished off the intro last night and took a bite on the first chapter. Note: spoilers ahead, but I don't think you'll miss to much outside of the fact that half the joy of reading is discovering the strangeness of worlds on your own.

The intro throws you right into China Mieville's language with a first person ramble with some unknown film noir character who seems slightly paranoid that he finds the city he's just moved to dark, smelly and generally in disrepair. Not too surprising, (at least not for me unless the narrator of that section turns out to be a woman) but a good start to a novel that Carolyn has raved about and turned several people onto.

The beginning of the first chapter was familiar because I remember Carolyn reading it at Thanksgiving (yet again at John Pearce's place, bless his hosteria deluxe) and so we are presented with a fat horny late middle-aged man eating an odd breakfast with another denizen of this fictitious city, called a "khepri", half human (only female?), half insect. One is given the impression that this creature finds humans as interesting and repulsive. Not much to get an impression from, but if my memory of other sections Carolyn read last Thanksgiving serve me there are lots of other anthropomorphic insects developed on later pages, in an especially rich and paranoid "pulp noir" vein.

I'll try to be a little more delicate with my spoilers and hopefully my reading will take off in a few more pages and I will be able to finish the novel before I have a chance to elaborate the details, blow-by-blow. Anyone else reading interesting books? Jason? #

Tuesday, April 02, 2002
      ( 4:16 AM ) Nancy McCann  
i can't sleep
i can't read
i alternate between
computer games and
my tear stained pillow #

Monday, April 01, 2002
      ( 1:53 AM ) Carolyn Pietala  
I feel like I have been all over the web tonight following links. Sometimes nobody's talking in the forums I go to and sometimes I can't get offline.

The first link I found that I thought I should post is a Branagh alert for Nancy: Shackleton. I haven't been by A&E in awhile. I can tell. I hadn't heard anything at all about this *in a way that registered* and here it is nearly upon us. William may have sent out a heads-up about this awhile ago, but I thought he was talking about the documentary.

The other link is here because it's part of an anecdote. Someone in the GenX Music thread at Utne said nice things about SomaFM so I thought I would wander by and check it out. They have eight programs you can choose from, mostly various flavors of electronica. I clicked through most of them, finding tunes of moderate interest but nothing I wanted to stick with until just about all that was left was the program with the silly name. Ok, I'll bite, what is "Secret Agent" like? I clicked on it and the first song I heard was by Massive Attack (originators of the wonderful chilled out tune in the soundtrack of The Matrix). Well, well. Let's loiter here for awhile. How appropriate, I thought. The Scorpio goes for the "Secret Agent" soundtrack. It's a little heavy on the instrumentals for my taste. But the programmer has the interesting (or annoying, depending on how you look at it) habit of intercutting the tunes with soundclips from movies.


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