Saturday, March 23, 2002
      ( 2:34 PM ) Carolyn Pietala  
Nathan announced to me last night that he wants to redesign the computer keyboard. He wants to reduce the size of the space bar and move it into a corner of the keyboard, say, like where the tab key is. And then move the tab key to where the space bar currently is. Can you imagine how strong your "a" finger would be if it had to hit the space bar too? I don't think he would actually prefer that. I think it was a metaphor for expressing frustration with amatuer Word users, like myself, who overuse the space bar for formatting when there are other, better, faster ways in the program to do the tasks that the space bar is overused for. Then he has to come along and, to get his good-friend points, help these space bar overusers clean up this formatting in their documents and it takes hours.

My document took hours last night, but it is clean now.

And I owe Nathan a number of good-friend points, now. Because that was just a cap on what must have been a fairly wretched evening for him. First I made him volunteer to take the smaller piece of chicken at dinner. And then when he was cutting it, his plate slid on my glass table top and fell off the table onto the floor, face-down. He cleaned up the mess, like a trooper, and then I got on his case for putting the remains of his dinner in the wrong garbage. (Well! If you don't put wet garbage with your dry garbage you can let it pile up longer.) Clean up here, clean up there. Crimony!

He did become more animated when he was helping me clean up the document, though. It's challenging to explain things to the technologically empaired, and he enjoys that. Even if he sometimes wants to redesign the keyboard. #

Friday, March 22, 2002
      ( 12:03 AM ) Carolyn Pietala  
So, like, um, where's Nancy's post? She said she had written something here. Just finished watching the men's finals for the World Figure Skating Championship. Kind of a moot ceremony, in an Olympic year. But it does give you one more hit of the stuff if you got addicted during the Olympics. Alexei Yagudin wins again. Alas, no flashes of skin like we got at the exhibition program for the Olympics when the NBC cameraman followed Alexei backstage and caught him undressing for a quick-change. Exhibition indeed. Nathan is betting that some enterprising person who caught that on video is going to upload it to the net so that all may enjoy that flash of bare chest and underwear. Will I watch it again if they do? Don't know. It was worth seeing once, though. Nice chest. The boy works out. #

Thursday, March 21, 2002
      ( 10:49 AM ) Ja'son Styles  
Well hello all and by the time stamp on the first entry by our host Na-Kibler *pronounced nay-kibler* he was up til the wee hours of the morning for once I was in bed by 11pm. With my vacation almost over I still have a few things I wanted to do and hope that I will have some company to do them with ?? I shall be calling Na-Kibler shortly to see if he has met the day with a smile or a frown... hope to see others post here as well. #

      ( 1:20 AM ) Nathan Kibler  
Welcome one and all to my community blogger. I hope you all will be posting interesting links and notices. Remember, this is the internet and anything posted here is not likely to remain private for long, so if its private, don't post it here. I'm going to invite just a few people at first and see how this whole thing works, so if you haven't been invited, just send me an email and prompt me to send you an invitation. Let's make this a great collaborative effort. #


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