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Welcome Bob Kenly

Bob Kenly

New Contributing Fly Tyer, Bob Kenly, would like you to take an interest in tying Tube Flies. Read about Bob and see his flies at The Flies of Bob Kenly.

Steelhead Fly of the Week

TUBE 'Electric Leech'
TUBE 'Electric Leech'
Designed and Tied by Scott Howell

"There is virtually no end to the range of sizes, colors, and shapes for Leech and Bugger-type patterns."

Fly Tying Books

Fisherman's Bible

Nothing grows fater than a fish from the time he bites until the time he gets away.

Fisherman's Saying

August Picture of the Month

A classic shot of a chrome bright spring steelhead caught in May on a 1/0 Deep Purple Spey .

A classic shot of a chrome bright spring steelhead caught in May on a 1/0 Deep Purple Spey.

Pacific Salmon Fly of The Week

Foxbat Shrimp
Foxbat Shrimp
Designed and Tied by Bob Kenly

"Designing the FOXBAT came to me after my friend, Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov , introduced me to his "Russian Bullet" method of tying flies."

Atlantic Salmon Fly of the Week

Lady Caroline
Lady Caroline
Tied by Monte Smith

Unfortunately, this is the last in the Monte Smith series of Spey Fly presentations. We hope Monte will grace us with another series of flies in the near future.

Orvis Steelhead Flies

Steelhead Hammer
Rusher's Steelhead Flies
Starlite Leach Fly
Meg-A-Egg Sucking Leech
Flesh Fly
Great Lakes Selection
Steelhead Fly Selection


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