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Salmon Spawn

Salmon Spawn and Other Egg Imitations

By Steve Burke

Last week we skipped ahead a bit and displayed some "Alevin", imitations of the newly hatched salmon. This week we are concentrating on the first stage, the "Egg". As large King Salmon make their spawning runs, many bait fisherman have great success drifting large egg clusters through their deep runs and holes. Here are some imitations and tips for fishing some large egg cluster imitations for fly fisherman. During and after the salmon spawning runs, fly fisherman have had great succes on Steelhead, King Salmon, and Silver Salmon with single and double egg imitations. There are also some single and double egg imitations here. You'll find a mixture of older, well-established patterns and newer, but exciting new patterns. I have asked Leon Guthrie, who developed those amazing Alevin imitations to collaborate with us on some "Egg Cluster" and "Single Egg" imitations, using his techniques. Again, he has come up with some exciting new originals.

Featured Flies

Leon Guthrie Designs

LEONS ?Dead Egg Sperm? LEONS ?Fritz Egg Sperm Cluster? LEONS ?Fritz Glister Egg?

Egg Cluster Designs

Salmon Spawn Ron's King Egg Special Kunz King Killer Fat Freddie

Single and Double Egg Designs

Glo-Bug Double-Egg Sperm Fly The Puff Eldon's Two-Egg Fly

For more more egg patterns, also see Pacific Salmon Egg Patterns, Page 1 and Pacific Salmon Egg Patterns, Page 1a


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