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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Mark E. Brown Flies

Peacock Leech 


Peacock Leech, Black


Pattern: Peacock Leech, Tied by: Mark E. Brown

Species: Kings, Cohos, Browns and Steelhead

Hook: Streamer #4-2 1.5X or 2X

Thread: Waxed 6/0

Tail: Dyed rabbit tip (black) with a few strands of crystal flash

Body: Four strand flat floss (black) take pains to keep the floss flat when rapping on the hook

Rib: Medium vinyl rib (black)

Head: Bell eye painted white with black pupil (match size to hook)

Wing: Bunny strip (black) one and a half times the length of hook tied in over a generous amount of crystal flash

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