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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Mark E. Brown Flies

Peacock Leech 


Peacock Leech, Purple


Pattern: Peacock Leech, Tied by: Mark E. Brown

Species: Kings, Cohos, Browns and Steelhead

Hook: Streamer #4-2 1.5X or 2X

Thread: Waxed 6/0

Tail: Dyed rabbit tip (purple) with a few strands of crystal flash

Body: Four strand flat floss (purple) take pains to keep the floss flat when rapping on the hook

Rib: Medium vinyl rib (purple)

Head: Bell eye painted white with black pupil (match size to hook)

Wing: Bunny strip (purple) one and a half times the length of hook tied in over a generous amount of crystal flash

Note: This pattern works very well in pissing-off the King Salmon while on the redds. Drift this fly across the spawning redds and you'll see just what I mean. The male will almost always give chase. Once the King Salmon is on the chase drop the fly dead to the bottom (stop all stripping action; that's when most of the strikes occur. If he doesn't pick up then try again. Remember Salmon are not chasing this fly out of hunger, but anger, so the more you harass, the better chance these fish will hammer this fly! The only advise I can offer is this: When you go out to stalk King Salmon you had better have the best gear you can afford. These fish will absolutely annihilate any lesser quality gear.

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